Monday, December 28, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Check up with the head doctor today due to my persistent dry cough. My doctor gave some homemade solution for the dry cough. Good news is that, it's only some irritation within my throat and no infection or whatsoever so no medication necessary. A teaspoon of bicarbonate and some lemon drops on a lukewarm water, gargle with it 3 times a day and that should do it in 3 or 4 days... if not, I should call him.

Another good news is that my O'Sullivan test checked out. Glucose level is normal after the test. Bad news, is that I have low Iron, hemoglobin, etc. Looks like my little Spanish Pinay is needing more iron than my body can produce now. I had plenty of iron during the previous 5months but now, either because my little one is demanding more iron for her growth or, something is not sufficient in my diet. Either way, my doctor gave me an iron supplement. Tardyferon. It's a ferrous sulfate supplement. I was warned that this may give me some acidity so I better take it before lunch time so tummy won't be empty.

Funny that my hubby keeps on saying that our little one is sucking up too much of my iron so he'll take care of talking to her and of putting her to diet so I won't lack iron for myself too. My poor little Spanish Pinay. Papi's being silly, isn't he?

6 months and 3 days
waist line: 95cm weight: 62kg

Monday, December 21, 2009

Approximately 13.6kg More Until Due Date!

Wow... I am approximately going to weigh 13.6kgs more until my due date! So, if I was 56kg before getting pregnant, I'll be around 70kg before until I give birth! It can even be more if I don't mind my diet... :-O

I'm gonna get big, big, big! :)

Christmas is here!

Click image for bigger size

Friday, December 18, 2009

23 Weeks Today

It's our 23rd week today. Little Spanish Pinay is more active than ever. I've been feeling her kicks from time to time. Not a single day that I don't feel her kick even for just once. She's probably dancing with bubbling sound of gases I have in my tummy :-D

93 cm waist line. It didn't really grew that bigger since 2 weeks ago but I still feel it bigger and heavier. Must be because it's getting cold already and my muscles are all getting tensed up and somewhat heavier... ugh, whatever. I don't have explanation, really.

I've gained 4kgs in 5months and 3 weeks. Not bad. Let's see what my midwife would tell me about my weight gain. Unfortunately, I would have to wait until 4th of January for my monthly prenatal visit. It has been a little bit too late when we requested for a prenatal schedule. December is all out... so, we'll have to wait till January.

Little Spanish Pinay should now weigh half a kilo more or less. Not only that I can already feel her movements but she does feel mines too. I guess I better work on my dance moves... I'm sure she'll like it and maybe she'll be a good dancer when she grows up :-)

The above picture is possibly my baby's position in my uterus. My uterus has obviously expanded more and can pressure the veins that sends back blood back to the heart. This can cause swelling on my toes and ankles. In my language, it is called manas, so I have to watch out for that.

I'm sure a little more exercise would help. Walk around the block (ugh, it's already getting cold outside)... maybe not too often. I guess we'll really have to work on those dance moves, huh. It'll be a nice and fun way to exercise a bit ;-)

We're 3 On Our 3 Years

December 16 - Hubby and I celebrated our 3-yr anniversary with our little one. I woke up in the morning and was surprised to see a big plant on top of the table.

A card was on it. I read the card and couldn't just stop the tears. I was greatly moved by my hubby's words so I rushed going up to our bedroom and gave my sleeping hubby a big hug. Couldn't stop telling him how much I love him. Hubby cuddled me so warmly. I was just in pure bliss. I felt my little one kicked. I felt even happier and told my little one, yes, baby, papi and mami are celebrating their 3-yr anniversary... and you just made it even more special. I felt another kick.

Late in the morning, we went out to meet my mother-in-law. We agreed to go to the mercadillo as I wanted to buy some thick stockings for the winter. I got so much good deal with 3euros each :-D I also bought 3 scarfs. I just love the mercadillo for good items you can find in a really cheaper price.

Later on, hubby and I with our little one, headed to go for our anniversary lunch. We went to a restaurant called A Vaca. I looove the place and I looove their food. Little one feasted with the croquetas and the crepes I ate.

I had one of the best lunch with my loving husband. I forgot about the bad weather on that day - freezing cold and raining at the same time. As my little one and I walked back to our home with my hubby sharing an umbrella with us, I see the sun up so high instead of the dark clouds pouring rain on the ground.

O' Sullivan Test

Yesterday, I just had my O' Sullivan test. This test detects if a pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes. 8am was the schedule and naturally, hubby and I arrived around 8:20am. Good thing they still administered the test but the nurse sweetly warned me "You should be here at 8am...." I just apologized.

The nurse gave me a bottle of orange liquid that contains 50g of sugar. I heard a lot of horror story about this liquid but surprisingly, I didn't find it that bad. It's not a fun drink of course, but I didn't have a hard time drinking it. It's very sweet and somehow bitter but very manageable to drink.

After drinking the said liquid, I was asked to sit outside to rest for an hour. Can't drink anything, can't eat anything. I was advised not to move but if I need to go to the bathroom then I can go but I was asked to walk slowly. After a few minutes of drinking the liquid, I felt a sudden head rush. I feel a little bit hot and I feel a little bit dizzy. I wasn't aware that the liquid gives some reaction after drinking it so I didn't know if it was the liquid or it was just me. Good thing I was with hubby so I wasn't worried at all. Minutes after, another pregnant woman was brought in a hospital bed. Apparently, the woman felt really dizzy after taking the liquid. Another one was in a wheelchair. I was like "what's going on". I overheard people talking about the effect of taking this liquid that it can produce some reactions like dizziness and vomiting. I stayed calm but I feel sorry for the other woman. My gal bladder demanded for me to go to the bathroom and so I did. After I came back, the woman who was in the hospital bed was up and seated on the bed. Another woman was carrying a bag of unidentified liquid. I found out that the same woman vomited after a few minutes. She was really feeling bad. The nurses asked told her that they can't continue with the test so she would have to go home and come back again another time to do the test. That is really unfortunate.

After an hour, I went inside the extraction room and the nurse took 3 bottles of blood from my right arm. That ends the test for now. They told me that in a few days, they'd call me if the result of the test shows that I have high glucose level: > 140mg/dl. And then, I would have to do another test. This time, it'll be a longer than the first one. I really do hope I won't have to do this. I don't know if it is the test but after coming back from the hospital, I felt like 10 horses kicked me. I was sooooooo tired. The moment I slouched in our sofa, I was totally knocked out. I slept like a log. I woke up with my whole body aching and still tired. I was falling asleep the whole day. Terrible day.

Most importantly, I really hope that the test will come out negative as I don't want any complication for my baby. Gestational diabetes can cause the baby to produce high level of insulin that will lead to over production of body fat. This can make the baby grow excessively big and can cause damage to the shoulders during birth giving. This can then lead to a caesarian delivery. Other problems can be respiratory problems, obesity after birth, etc.

I'm really praying for the test to come out negative.

Update:  I almost forgot to update that the test came out negative! :)  But little Spanish Pinay is still going to be a big baby... just slightly bigger than normal... so far...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Woman Wonders

As a woman, I often wonder in awe about how women, at some time of their life, would have this immense need and want to have a baby of their own. It's as if their womb is calling and pleading for a new life to cradle. I know I don't speak for every single woman out there but I am sure that I speak for many, many women out there.

The most wonderful thing is that every woman knows the difficulties that getting pregnant would bring not to mention the actual birth giving, and yet, the desire for becoming a mom is much, much stronger than any fear of sufferings due to child bearing and giving birth. Talk to women who are already moms... talk to them about hardships during pregnancy and the immediate answer will be, Everything's worth it.

Being a woman and a soon-to-be-mom myself, I do understand this need, this wanting and this feeling for the little life that is yet to be born. There is no logical explanation about it, though. It's just something so marvelous that always keeps me in awe every time I think about it.

Last night was one of the hardest night for me. I'm being troubled by back pain everyday even before getting pregnant due to my scoliosis. And now that I'm pregnant, the pain is much worse. Most probably due to the additional weight that my back has to support due to my growing tummy. But last night was especially difficult. I could find the right position for me to be able to sleep comfortably. By the second, the pain is getting intense. I tried to endure it but I just couldn't... with growing frustrations, I suddenly burst into tears. My hubby was awaken and was so worried. He started giving me back massages until I felt a little bit better. I was still in tears when I tried to lie down again to see if this time I can get some sleep. I suddenly felt my little one gave me a subtle kick once, and then again. I chuckled in between sobs. I feel like my little one is telling me "I'm sorry mami, I'm giving you this pain". I caressed my tummy assuring my little one that there's nothing to be sorry about, mami is just a cry baby. I was in pain and will be in pain for some time but I am not suffering because of it. I am gladly and willingly undergoing all these physical pains for my little one. I will cry a river from time to time but it's just a way for me to somehow exhale the pain... My tears are only for the physical pain. My face may frown and may twitch because of discomfort, but inside, I am in a bliss.

I've got the most wonderful blessing I so desire and this physical hardships is nothing at all compared to the greatness of joy and fulfillment of being a mother.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back Track - 18th week

On my 18th week - still in the Philippines for vacation - hubby and I wanted to have a 3D ultrasound for little Spanish Pinay (back then, we still didn't know her gender). As I called In My Womb in Mall of Asia for an appointment, they suggested me that it is not yet worth it to get a 3D ultrasound on the 18th week as the baby will still be small. We're kind of disappointed as we are really looking forward for one but just agreed with having the normal 2D ultrasound. We're also thankful to In My Womb as they were very honest about the result of the 3D ultrasound instead of just accepting our request and in return, spend a good amount of money for something not really worth it.

Hubby and I were accompanied by my mom and my sister Kring. They were all in the room watching our little Spanish Pinay in the big screen. She's so precious inside my womb gently moving her limbs. We even caught a glimpse of her sucking as if drinking something. She's already practicing for her milk once she's out :)

I can't remove my eyes from the monitor and I just wanted the moment to last for the whole day. We've seen her head moving, mouth open, arms and legs move. It was really funny and cute when hubby exclaimed "She looks just like me". The nose is already pronounced so she's definitely going to inherit her papa's nose.

The OB/Gyne tried to check for the gender but little one's legs were always crossed - just like a fine lady. So at that time, we never got a peek of her gender. It remained a surprise until we came back here in Spain and went to have my scheduled ultrasound.

The ultra sound session has concluded and we await for the print outs excitedly. They have given us 3 copies but only one is clearly visible. So behold, our little Spanish Pinay princess:

Monday, December 7, 2009

The First " ¡Hola papá! " from Little Spanish Pinay

Dec 7, 2009 1:35am. Hubby and I were already on the bed waiting for sleep to come in while watching tv a little bit more. I felt my little one kicked so I took hubby's hand for him to feel the next one. I have started feeling my baby from week 16 but hubby hasn't really felt it even if he puts his hand on my belly as the kicks are still subtle. But tonight, hubby was up for a big surprise. As I put his hand on my belly, little Spanish Pinay kicked again but still very subtle. Hubby didn't feel it, so we waited some more. Suddenly the kick was really strong, in fact it was one of the strongest I felt so far and hubby got really suprised - almost scared - that he immediately retrieved his hand and jolted on the bed. I laughed so hard. He was so happy and suddenly nervous and couldn't believe what he just felt. His eyes were as big as his smile while he exclaiming his excitedness. It was a very precious moment for the three of us. One of the many that we have already experienced and one of the many that are yet to come.
Earlier on, my hubby and I, together with my friend Sandra, who was here over the weekend for a visit, went to watch Planet 51. While in the movie house, I felt some kicks but hubby wasn't able to feel them. The kicks were strong enough for me to feel them, but not hubby. Sandra tried to feel them too but nothing. Little Spanish Pinay probably thought, the next time daddy tried to feel my kicks, I'll make it so hard he'd never ever forget about it. And so she did :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

21 Weeks

How time flies and I'm already halfway my pregnancy. As I sit right now in our couch browsing through my emails, I have my left hand on my belly and suddenly I felt a subtle kick. I giggled. Then another 3 kicks came with an interval of about 5 seconds. My baby's constantly moving.

According to the studies conducted, a baby at this gestational age, normally moves about 50 times a day, even while he/she's sleeping! But of course, mommies won't feel all those moves especially during the day that they have more activities. I do feel movements though during my potato couching moments and before sleeping.

What I am enjoying right now is to browse pictures of nursery rooms and dream about how we'd want our nursery room to look like. It's still a bit early to actually start working on it but it's never too early to start planning and get some ideas :)

They said that this is the period of pregnancy when everything is smoother and pregnant women are more comfortable. In general, that's how I feel. I feel so much better from my first trimester. The only nuisance I have is the constant gas that gives me hard pang just right below my left chest. I burp like a dinosaur a hundred times a day. The pain is so annoying as it won't just go away no matter how much I burp and... I won't tell other details regarding gasses as it can be embarrassing (rofl) except that it's a big pain in my arse!

I'm also now starting to really feel my big tummy now. I feel like it just suddenly get a log bigger out of nowhere. It's getting heavier for me and gives me a hard time trying to sit down on a little bit low chair. Whenever my hubby sees me struggling my way to sit down, he'd laugh and tease me and call me "barrigona!" (big tummy). He's too adorable it makes me want to throw a big pillow on his face!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Could it be Little Spanish Pinay

Nov 27, 2009. We've had the scheduled ultrasound to get a more detailed information about the baby's growth, size, gestational age, level of amniotic liquid, structures inside the baby's head, the heart and other internal organs. Apart from these important information, now is the time to find out if our little one is a little Lhot or a little Manuel.

Little rascal has been giving us a hard time taking a peek on the key to knowing the gender. On the day of the latest ultrasound, my OB told us that it is more probably a girl. The legs of my sweet one has always been crossed and on the times that they were uncrossed, my OB couldn't see anything. There were 3 lines in the genetal area which, normally indicates a baby girl. my OB told us though that it's not 100% accurate. But it could be that my OB, my bestfriend, my grandmother and hubby's uncle are right on the money... we are expecting a little Spanish Pinay! :)

We'll have another ultrasound in about less than 3 weeks. I hope by this time, my OB will be able to confirm the accuracy of our precious' gender. I'm all excited to start planning for baby stuff shopping!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little One Meets the Big Family for the First Time

It has been the loooongest flight ever of my life. It was Oct 29 when we flew to Madrid. I haven't been able to sleep well a couple of nights prior to that. We reached Madrid at past 10am and slept over at a friend's house and prepare for the next day's flight to Manila. Again, I just tossed and turn in the bed. The next day came and we're off to Manila. I sat restless on all the connecting flights. I couldn't rob a single second of sleep. I feel so nervous and anxious, I feel like there are tons of butterflies flying inside my whole body. So that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling? That's just a small portion of what I was feeling the whole flight. I kept on touching my tummy and telling my little one to be patient with mami as I can't really contain this kind of emotion. I just wish I can pop some pill and make me knocked down in a split of seconds. But no, I can't do that... not even some relaxing tea. I tried talking to my little one to please, please help me get some sleep. On the last leg of the flight, from Korea to Manila, with body really, really tired, I managed to get an hour of sleep. I woke up and we were almost there. My body shook and I couldn't stop from crying. I cried with so much happiness that after more than 4 years, I am finally going to see and hug my family. With this precious life developing in my womb, I am even happier. Oct 31, 11:05pm Manila time, the plane has finally landed and tears just kept falling. There is just no way to stop them. As we go down the ramp towards the waiting area, I already saw my youngest brother from a far, standing taller than the rest of the crowd. Then I heard my papa yelled my name. By then, I can't stop jumping up and down and crying like a little girl. We crossed the street and the whole family was there waiting for us. My mom, all my sisters and my brother, even a close uncle of mine and one of my cousins were all there. It was a sweet reunion and the first introduction of Spanish pinoy/pinay to the big family we have in the Philippines. Everyone gave our little one a warm welcome and I know our little one is giving them a big hello from my womb.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Kick

Nov 4, 2009 around 9am in the morning, I was on my 16h month and we were still in the Philippines and I was already half awake in bed but still had my eyes closed. I suddenly felt a slight yet noticeable thug inside my womb. My heart was aflutter realizing our little one just made a statement of his presence. I was sure it was our little one. I couldn't contain my excitement to tell hubby but he was still sleeping and really needs much rest for we have been all bruised up with the travel and all. So I just contented myself by caressing my tummy and talking to little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay that I recognize his/her call... then I said hi back to him/her.

I didn't feel another movement the whole day but with that one gentle kick, I already feel elated the whole day and was looking forward to feeling more of the baby's movements. After that, I'd feel our little one from time to time and would jolt with excitement. I would scream with delight and call hubby to tell him I felt our little one again. He was all jealous and wants to feel it himself too. I told him he would have to wait till my tummy is a lot bigger... he was all pouty.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Three of Us in Pinas!

The first few days of our stay in the Philippines has been very tiring. Meeting friends and relatives, non-stop catching up, non-stop eating, etc. But we are very happy and excited. I do feel that little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay is enjoying all the Filipino food I am devouring myself with. Let's see what my midwife will tell me about the weight I gained after this trip. I might give her a heart attack. I'd worry about that once we're back in Spain.. for now, the three of us will enjoy our long-awaited trip in my native land :)

In Tagaytay

I have so much to blog about but I don't have much time to go online so that would have to wait a bit more :-D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prenatal Visit before the Grand Reunion

Oct 26 - I had my prenatal check up to see how little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay is doing. I gained one kilo from the last visit which is very ideal. Blood pressure 100/50. Baby's heartbeat is very good. The midwife's words for overall evaluation: "Mejor imposible" - Can't be any better. I am so thrilled.

We are so ready for our grand reunion with our family in the Philippines. Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will hear non-stop tagalog and I do hope he'd pick up words as early as now :-D He'll have his first taste of authentic Filipino food as well... my mouth is already watering just by the thought... mmmm... My mom's ampalaya, paksiw na pata, lechon paksiw, ihaw-ihaw, squid balls, real sweet corn, real green mango and all other tropical fruit we have in the Philippines that're not available in this part of the world, sinigang na baboy with okra!, bopis, goto, lugaw with tokwa't baboy, chocnut, Filipino chuchiriyas... I have to stop or I am just going to get frustrated by not satisfying my cravings.

So, my little one, get ready for the first longest travel you are about to have!

That's like half of the world!

Friday, October 23, 2009

15 weeks!

15 weeks today. My baby should be about 10cm big by this time. He's now breathing through the amniotic liquid where he floats as this will help him develop his lungs. Although his eyes are still closed, he can already feel too much light. So if I try to put a lamp on my belly, he will for sure try to get away. But mami won't do that... I don't want to want little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay get uncomfortable with too much light.

Another interesting fact is that the taste or flavor of the food I eat can end up in the amniotic liquid. That means as early as now, I can already train little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay to get used to tastes of healthy food like veggies and fruits. Never early to start training babies! :) But then, what about my junk foods? I am a super headache when it comes to junk food... I like chips, chocolates, chips, and did I say chips? Cheetos! Doritos! Cheese curls! Potato Chips! and anything of this kind. I'm even munching on one of these while blogging. Oh no.

Well, little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will eat potato chips, corn chips, cheese curls, that's fine. We'll just work it out to be not on the excess and balance it out with other healthy food :) Deal, little one?

I heard him yell "Deal!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paranoid Preggo

They said it is normal for pregnant women to worry a lot about the baby and its well-being. Especially first time moms as everything is new and exciting and scary at the same time. I say, in this very unpredictable world, who wouldn't worry?

I worry a lot that's what my hubby always tells me (and he would even add: "Actually you worry a lot about everything not just about the pregnancy). How comforting isn't it? Well, I don't worry A LOT about EVERYTHING! (my hubby always exaggerates) but I must admit, I do worry a lot about my baby. I often stare at my belly and wonder "Is everything ok in there?". I stop and roll my eyes from left to right trying to concentrate and understand every little thing that I'd feel different. If I feel a little pain somewhere in the abdomen, my heart would skip and think, is this some sign something's not going ok in there? Then I'd rummage through the internet and see what other pregnant women's experience about this. Then I'd make note of it and make sure to ask the OB on my next prenatal visit. Paranoia, ignorance whatever that is called... that's me! If I don't gain weight for a period of time or so, I'd worry. But I'm pretty sure that if I gain weight more than what's recommended for a month, I'd worry more too. I am soo keen to following every letter that my midwife or OB tells me to do... sometimes, overly keen that I worry if I am doing things the right way. Craziness, isn't it? I just feel so responsible for my baby's health and well-being and I don't want any mistake that will harm him... but I do realize sometimes that worrying too much wouldn't help either... probably would even make things worse.

I notice this when I started to suddenly wake up in the morning, would abruptly look at my belly and wonder where's my baby? what happened? Lying in my back, my tummy feels small at this time and waking up so suddenly looking at my seemingly flat belly just scares me and would make me think my baby's gone. Of course I'd snap out of it after a few seconds and realize that's just silly of me. But all day long, I would just wish I have my own ultra sound unit to look at my baby and see how he's doing anytime I want to. Or just watch him all day moving around my tummy.

I know. Bad. I am really trying not to worry. But it's just so inevitable for me. The least I can do is talk it out. I tell my husband whatever worry I have and no matter how silly it may sound. He'd laugh at me many times and would always tell me "Believe me, the baby's doing OK. I can feel the baby is doing just fine. I can imagine him having the time of his life inside, dancing and kicking. Being the father, I just know. So stop worrying" How valiant, isn't he? I would just sigh. But I know he's right.
He worries too though. Only, not as absurd as I do. One day while he was about to leave home for work, he heard me coughing while I was still in the bed. He had already closed the door by that time. He went down the elevator, entered the garage with uneasiness in his tummy. He couldn't go as he was thinking what if I was coughing and having too much hard time or what if I choked. So he hurried back to our apartment, went upstairs and checked on me in our room. I was sleeping and was awaken by his gentle kisses on my shoulder. He was asking me "Are you OK, hon?" I just said yes and didn't really realize that he was asking if I was ok because of the coughing. Later on that day he told me how he got worried and had to go back to check on me. I think he worries too much just like me but at the same time, it's really sweet of him.

Now that this worrying-too-much thing is in the air, I'll really try even more not to be a paranoid preggo. My baby's going to be fine... we will be fine. I always have to remember over and over what my midwife has told me from the last prenatal check up I had. The baby is healthy developing well. That should be my chant every morning I wake up :)

Tummy's getting bigger now and I am getting more excited. With tummy getting bigger, I developed a new habit... caressing my tummy :) ... while worrying. Joke!

at 13 weeks and 5 days

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Onset of the Second Trimester

That's more or less the size of the little Spanish pinoy/pinay now on the first week of the second trimester. I am now starting to notice the little bump in my tummy. Although it's not yet that obvious to others especially if I am wearing a bit lose clothing. The most difficult part of the baby's development has already passed and that also means lesser risk for miscarriages now. Have I really passed the most difficult period of pregnancy? I have yet to find out. They said that some women have the same condition as of the first trimester throughout their pregnancy but I am really hoping that is not my case.

Little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay now measures about 7.6 centimeters and ha a size of a big shrimp! My little one is now completely formed and much more proportionate than few weeks before. I remember the first time we have the ultra sound, my little one's head still looks bigger than the body so I tease my husband that the baby's going to be like him - big head! What's amazing is that I've read that by now, my baby's baby's fingerprints are already formed. Can't wait for the time to finally touch those little fingers and feel their grasp on my finger....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

¡Dichosa hormona!

Until now I am so amazed what hormonal revolution can do to a pregnant woman's body. Every change on a woman's body (except for the big bump :) ) is practically caused by sudden spike of hormones. I do make sure to mention to my OB whatever strange thing I experience to know if it is something expected or something that we need to look at. I would also normally search the internet about these things to see what other experts say and to know first hand info from other pregnant women. What I have been learning is just fascinating. How the body works 24/7 to prepare everything for the new life that's about to be welcomed by the world, is something more than wonderful.

Although many of the effects of this hormonal changes is something that doesn't help a pregnant woman makes her life easier (I, for one!!), just knowing that all these things are just secondary to a more ethereal purpose, I think it helps one to endure all these effects.

Some of the effects of these hormonal changes are the following: (Some I've read and some I've personally experience)

1. Mood changes - this is very common to most pregnant women... so hubbies, just be more patient to your loving pregnant wives as this is something beyond their control.
2. Nausea and vomiting - one of the very common pregnancy symptoms as well. Although there is nothing in concrete that can explain the nausea and vomiting, many experts contribute this to nothing else but hormones.
3. Fatigue - as the body works 24/7 to accommodate all these changes(no wonder about the fatigue), the body also produces more hormones particularly progesterone which is primarily produced by the placenta. I've read that a body of a woman is working as hard as the body a non-pregnant woman climbing a mountain... isn't that fascinating?
4. Acidity - progesterone helps inhibit the smooth muscle in the uterus from contracting and decrease prostaglandin formation, both of which allow the fetus to grow with the expanding uterus. Bad thing is this same progesterone also affects other part of the body that causes acid reflux and heartburn.
5. Pain on hips - progesterone is also responsible for softening cartilages in the bones particularly in the hips that causes pain for pregnant women
6. Darker spots on the skin - what else to blame? hormones! dark areas becoming darker... horrible. Estrogens and progesterone stimulate melanin cells in the skin to produce more pigment.
7. Breakouts! - What else can I say... becoming an adolescent once again.
8. Linea Negra - This is what they call the normally white line running from the navel to the pubic bone. Many times, it is not noticeable but during pregnancy, this line becomes darker... this is the least to worry about though, as it is not seen and will probably be gone after giving birth.
9. Spider veins - Those much-discussed pregnancy hormones, along with the increased blood volume cause those tiny, squiggly red or purple capillaries just below the surface of the skin to branch out and become more visible during pregnancy.
10. More hair - to some women, too many production of hormones not only increases the amount of hair on their head, but also generates extra hair on the face, breasts, back, stomach and arms... ugh hideous!

And there are more! more changes due to these hormones. I am complaining yes. But I do understand that all these changes (both good and not-so-good) are needed to produce a healthy baby. This must be understood and accepted by pregnant women so as not to feel bad about all these changes in their body and start to hate it. At this point there's really not much to do. I do admit that there are some times that I worry about these changes and I feel ugly... but my supporting husband really helps. He has always seen me as a beautiful woman. His words and his eyes tells me so. And being the woman that's carrying his child, I've never been more beautiful to him than before. So during those depressing times, (that obviously is brought by this raging hormones), I just look at my husband and I feel prettier than ever and more excited about this wonderful gift in my tummy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

12th Week

12 weeks and so far, so good. First trimester is almost over. Just after 6days, I'll be starting with my second trimester. My widwife told us that the baby is developing well. My OB has called and gave us a good news about the triple screening (consist of blood extraction for analysis) result. The baby has low risk for any malformation such as down syndrome and that I don't have to do any other test about the matter. That was a big relief for us and for our family. I knew my little one is going to be a healthy baby :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

11 +6

I'm on my 11th week and 6 days - just one more day and I'll be saying goodbye to my first trimester. In general, I am already feeling better but there are still days that I feel really bad with nausea, gas, acidity and vomitting. Not as often as before though.

I had my second visit with the midwife last Monday and I was given a good news that my little one is developing well. We also heard the heartbeat of the baby and my little kung fu started kicking from time to time a few seconds after the midwife put the instrument to hear baby's heartbeat on my abdomen. It might have felt the cold creme that was applied on the instrument and didn't like it. I was in between tears and giggles while listening to the heartbeat and the loud thugs from the kickings.

Today, I attended a short seminar (about 2hrs) for pregnant women in the first trimester. The midwife who sat in the seminar told us a loooot of things about pregnancy. Too much information for my head and maybe and maybe too much words for my hungry tummy. I do am glad to attend the seminar though as it gave hubby and I useful information about pregnancy and what to expect. I also feel better having surrounded with other pregnant women sharing questions and experiences in this important part of my womanhood. Plus we were given another box of gifts :)

I also get to consult the midwife about the future long travel my hubby and I will be doing in a month-time. The midwife was honest about the risk of doing long travel but considering that I haven't seen my family for almost 5yrs, she said that the depression, anxiety and/or frustration about not being able to see them while I am pregnant may be even worse. So she gave us advices about what to do while traveling and what to be aware of. She also asked me to go back days before the travel for them to check if there's any problem or just to see how my pregnancy is doing. She also asked me to go back and see them right after I come back from the long Philippines. They want to make sure everything is fine. Lastly, she gave me a numbet to call for any question or doubts I may have.

So far, I am glad with the service and attention I am getting from our social security here. I hope that this continues until my delivery :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silent Prayer

A candle and a silent prayer for those affected by the typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Glimpse of the Miracle

The day has finally come for us to have a visual of the little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay. It was such a marvelous experience to say the least. As this is our first time, we never knew what exactly to expect. Based from pregnancy articles I read, at 10weeks, the size of the baby should be like a walnut... so we thought we'll see something like that with the ultra sound. I remember the series Friends where Rachelle got pregnant and when they did the first ultra sound, Rachelle couldn't even decipher where the baby actually is. So, I imagined something like that.
To our utmost suprise, we actually saw little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay constantly moving around. At the beginning it wasn't moving that much but the doctor wanted to get a view of its side profile but little rascal doesn't seem to like this, so the doctor asked me to cough a few times. The baby suddenly jumped and moved around some more this time. With the arms moving around the top of the head as if dancing some 70s step and the legs constantly kicking like the movement of someone swimming.
We can't contain our emotion to finally meet our little one through a digital image. As I stare at the monitor trying to record everything I see in my memory, I noticed my little one's little toes. My little one has little toes already! My heart was simply over-filled with joy. My husband in between tears, kept on exclaiming an excited laugh everytime our little one made his movements.
The only disappointment we have is that we were not given a copy of the images. The doctor said they are not allowede to give copies of these. Had we know this beforehand, my husband could have made some photos using his mobile... but too late for that.
Then again, we are overjoyed just seeing how our little one move and seem to be enjoying the environment where is.
I was asked to go back tomorrow for a blood analysis. This will determine the risk for Down Syndrome. The thought of that is a little terrifying but I am positive about my little one... seeing how he dynamically moved around, there is no doubt, he'll be a healthy baby :)
I'd like to look for a private clinic where we can do another ultra sound and provide us copies of the result... I hope we find one and won't charge us an arm and a leg.
See you soon, little one!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


With less vomiting, I started to get more appetite to eat... and started to have different cravings. Sad part is that many of my cravings are not available here in Spain. Hubby gets frustrated too as he doesn't want me to get frustrated not being able to eat what I want... but both of us are helpless. I guess it's something I have to live with being pregnant and away from my beloved Pinas.

The other day though, I suddenly had cravings for Jamon Serrano. The famous Spanish cured-ham. I was never a big fan of it but I like it just in a normal way. It actually cost me big guts to get used to it. At the beginning I felt like it is raw and had icky feeling eating it. People here couldn't believe why I don't see it as something mouth watering. I must say, it does have big fame as Spains' national treasure. It is more than just a Spanish delicacy. There is nothing more Spanish than a Jamon Serrano. And it is also widely appreciated by other countries and is considered as a very expensive good outside Spain.

Anyways, it was a big surprise when suddenly, I craved for Jamon Serrano. It took me a few minutes to really assimilate that it is Jamon Serrano I am craving for. I told hubby I want some Jamon Serrano. With eyes wide and mouth open for a couple of seconds, he said "Really?". At that time, we were at my in-laws' house so he asked his mom if they have Jamon Serrano. Then we all laughed together.

How obvious it is that I am carrying a half Spanish little one in my tummy. Making me crave for something that can never be more than Spanish but Jamon Serrano.

Then my husband exclaimed: "Wait till he makes you crave for rabbits!!" (I don't eat rabbits.... I consider it as a pet and not food!!! Although here in Spain, it is a different type of rabbits... not the ones we have at home that are really cute, fluffy and white... they are wild rabbits from the forest... but even so, I can't and won't make myself eat rabbits!)

So I told hubby... no, not with rabbits! I will have a big fight with this half Spanish if he makes me eat rabbit... just can't be! He can eat all the rabbits he wants if he wishes to but not while inside my tummy!

And we all had a good laugh.

Monday, September 21, 2009

10th week

I'm on my 10th week of gestation now. I almost wouldn't like to say that I am feeling better as every time I blog about this, nausea would suddenly hit hard on me and I would start vomiting like crazy. But yes, compared to last week, I am feeling a better. I still have the queasiness all day, I feel dizzy from to time and most of all, I feel sooooo tired like as if I've climbed a mountain. Lately, I am feeling some pains in my abdomen as well. I've read that this is normal though. Uterus is growing bigger and thus the ligaments that supports the uterus is stretching causing the cramp-like pain. I just need to watch out for spotting and stronger pain as it may be a pre-term contraction. So far, no spotting and pain is nothing near unbearable. Inspite of having all these symptoms, I still feel good as I haven't been vomiting for a week now. I had to increase my medicine intake from one pill a day to 2 pills a day, otherwise, by afternoon, the vomiting is uncontrollable again.

10th week... just 2 more weeks and the first trimester is over! I really wish things will be a lot better by the second trimester. I'll be having my first ultrasound this coming Thursday. I can't wait. I read that the first ultrasound should have been done by the 7 or 8 week. At this time, possible problems can already be detected. I am quite worried that I wasn't asked to an ultrasound during that time of my gestation but I just have to be positive that there's nothing wrong with my little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay. Just 3 more days and I'll have my first glimpse of this wonderful gift.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where's The Lady In Me?

There had been small changes in my body due to my pregnancy. These changes I have heard and read from other pregnant women and women who have been pregnant. But one thing I wasn't warned about is that the sounds that one can only hear from men and boys when they are full from eating too much or when they just gulped down a whole bottle of beer bottoms up, will be my very own too! I remember how I would get annoyed with my youngest brother when he'd fake his loud burp and would do it over and over again to get an ewwww! reaction from her sisters. I would often reprimand him and then he'd do it in a less frequent manner and would tell me that he's not faking it this time (but I can see the sinister smile in the corner of his lips).

Back to my horror. My digestion process has just probably overly slowed down that's why my stomach's producing too much gases. I can hardly control myself from not making too much noise whenever I have to burp. Sometimes I am even caught by surprise. I must admit burping as loud as I can gives me a big relief from this gas causing me to feel soooo bloated and sometimes even causes pain in my chest. Of course in public I try my best to be as discreet as possible... but I don't get the same relief.

I am never a girly person and I don't consider myself as a very fine lady (nor mahinhin) but this, this dinosaur-like sound that comes out from me, it's beyond me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 12

Yesterday was my birthday. I was overwhelmed by greetings from family and friends. I feel so blessed. My cute hubby surprised me with his very very artsy happy birthday banner posted one of our living room window. Very original and comes from the bottom of his heart, I must say. I couldn't stop my tears from falling from laughing too hard.. er, from being really touched by the gesture :)

When I saw it, I was surprised and my husband started to blush and very sheepishly, he said "I too can make a banner. I did all my best to make that banner! And look, the color even matches the window." (history: he said he can also make a banner because I did a big banner for her sister's birthday celebration last month).

I couldn't stop laughing from utter joy from my cute husband's work of art dedicated to no one else but me.

After that, we went to my in-laws and had lunch with them. I did get to blow my candle :) I love my little cute cake(s)

It was hard to think of a wish as I've already gotten my wish.... it was a very wonderful advance birthday gift from the Mightiest. In less than 7months time, the little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will be here with us filling our house with joy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Struggle with Clothes

As early as now, I have certain clothes that I cannot wear anymore :( particulary my jeans! I love wearing tight enough jeans so now that my hips have grown a little bit wider, it's already uncomfortable for me to wear those jeans. They press my bloated tummy too much and I don't want that for my little one. My chest have grown bigger as well (no, I am not complaining about that... in fact, I am loving that part of new me... from nothing to something har har har), so I have some button down blouses that just looks awkward on me now.

Calls for a little little shopping shopping? Yummy. Just a couple of comfortable casual dresses promise. I do have to save up for the little one's things soon! Just so I won't look like I wear a uniform for wearing the same set of clothes every time I have to go out :-D

Friday, September 11, 2009

9th Week

I'm on my 9th week today. Physically, nothing much has changed on my body but inside, everything seems to be on a revolution. My hormones are exploding like fireworks. That's probably the culprit why I feel so bloated and feel like a big machine for producing gases. Not to mention my mood swings! My husband can give all the details about it.

On the other hand, my baby has already grown to a size of a grape! Should be around 2.5 cm already. Now my little one looks like more of a baby (than a tadpole hehe) that after some more months, will already be in my arms. The earlobes should now be visible from the outside and has started to form from the inside. My baby will be hearing me soon. I better start talking to him in my mother tongue. I really would want him to learn our language and be proud of his cultural heritage :)

The little Spanish Pinay/Pinoy has now formed its nose at this time as well. My husband and I always argue about this. He want's it to be small like mine and of course, what would Filipinos wish for, but a bigger nose? :) But seriously, we know we'll love that nose small or big.

Just barely 12 days to go and I'll have my first eco. We are really excited about it. My only worry is that my husband won't be able to join me on that day. That's going to be really sad! But I am keeping my fingers crossed and my heart positive. We'll be seeing little Spanish Pinay/Pinoy for the first time and hearing the heartbeat... It'll be wonderful, I can already imagine.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The last 2 days has been better. Yesterday, I reduced my medicine intake from 2 pills (one in the morning and one at night) to just one pill. I wanted to check if taking just one pill a day plus wearing the sea band all day will be effective. So far so good. I do think that the sea band helps a lot. I try to remove it at night though, to rest my wrists... I am getting marks due to the pressure from the sea band.

It does get itchy too after removing the band. But it's just something very minor compared to the relief it gives me from nausea. Viva acupuncture!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bitter Defeat

I am weak. After another big battle with nausea and vomiting, I gave in to taking the medicine. Last night I took one and another the following morning after breakfast. It did help. I was nausea free the whole day except around the night... it was just slight nausea though. I feel queasy but not the usual feeling accompanied by dizziness and feeling weak. In general I do feel better with the medicine. I guess I just have to have faith with my doctors that the medicine doesn't have side effect.

In addition, my hubby bought the wrist band that apparently helps with nausea. It is normally used to fight sea-sickness or nausea caused by any type of traveling and also for nausea caused by pregnancy. According to the manufacturer, this has been clinically tested to be effective... so we thought maybe it's worth trying.

I immediately tried and placed it on my wrist. It has to be worn in such a way that the button is pressing against the Nei-Kuan point.

I put them on immediately and after a while, I do feel a little bit better. Is it pyschological? I am not sure. I'll know as days pass. I've read much about this and many even doctors are saying that this has been proven effective for 70% pregnant women... so I am really hopeful about this. As of now, I drink one capsule of cariban at night and another in the morning. Once I feel better, I will stop taking the medicine in the morning and will just take one at night... and if I still feel ok, I will completely stop taking the medicine and will just keep wearing my sea band. I do hope this works as I really prefer not to take any medicine at all.

Now I look like Erap Estrada.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Worst Nausea

The past two days has been really difficult. I was doing good with nausea and acidity following a strict diet but something went wrong... I suffered a lot for the last two days. Vomited a lot and felt so dizzy and weak. Hubby was desperate and was trying to convince me already to take carivan. The medicine that the midwife has suggested for me to take to fight nausea and dizziness. I've been trying to be strong about it as I really don't want to take any medicine during my pregnancy (even though they have indicated that this is completely safe for the fetus, I still couldn't take any minute risk :-S ). Hubby tried to research for natural ways to fight nausea and dizziness and here are a few he found and I tried.

1. Lemon sherbet. It helps calm down nausea. I hate lemon sherbet or lemon ice cream (nor lemon cake... not that this also helps. I just want to make a statement). But it does help! At least for me, it seems to have its charm calming down my nausea.
2. Sparkling water. It also helps calm down nausea. It may have a downside of causing more gases (one of my problems too) but so far, I didn't feel like I am having too much gases due to drinking sparkling water.
3. Cotton waste bands with acupuncture button for the wrist. These are available in pharmacies. This is normally used by people who gets sea sick or has motion sickness while on a bus, car, etc. But according to experts, this may also help pregnant women with nausea. It seems like the acupuncture button that puts pressure on a certain part of the wrist also controls the part of the brain that perceives nausea. I haven't tried this one since my husband forgot to buy it when he went out for the lemon sherbet and sparkling water. He did go to the pharmacy but he only remembered the medicine. He bought it just in case all the other natural options we have will not help.

I hope that the natural ways we have tried continue to be effective and that I wouldn't have to resolve to the medicine. So help me God.

Friday, September 4, 2009

2nd Month!

I'm officially on my second month... just one more month and the pains and hardships of my first trimester will hopefully be at lot less if not gone totally.

I have been a lot better for the past 2 days due to the strict diet I was following but today something went wrong. I feel so nauseated the whole day and I actually came to vomiting by the afternoon. It's taking my whole strength away.

But I'm on my second month! My baby has grown more for sure and now, is moving a lot more. Although I am not feeling it at all yet, I know my baby's there moving, changing position and tumbling. All right, maybe not tumbling :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slight Pain in the Abdomen

I've started feeling pain in my lower abdomen as well as a little bit down below my belly button. According to experts, this is normal as by this time, my uterus has started to grow and is putting pressure in my ligaments. The only thing to watch out is if I start to have spotting; which so far, I haven't had any... so everything's normal and looking good so far :)

Strict Diet

I'm on strict diet. This is to avoid too much gases and acidity that I am normally experiencing everyday. Lately it has been really tremendous that I suffer all throughout the day and worst at night. It doesn't allow me to sleep well. I don't want to take medicine for this as our doctor told us the lesser (or none at all) medicine intake, the better for the baby. So, I chose to follow a strict diet instead and a couple of tricks to help me combat too much acidity and nausea. These are the things that my midwife has suggested:

Avoid fatty foods

Grill food instead of frying or better yet, just steam and/or boil them

Try to eat more salty food - this helps with nausea. Later on after the first trimester and I'm feeling better, we'll start controlling my salt intake.

Do not eat in big quantity. Eat five times a day in small quantities instead.

Do not talk while eating. Chew the food slowly. Do not drink water while eating.

Avoid citrus fruits

Avoid coffee and chocolates

More calcium intake. I have grown to be lactose intolerant so I am taking soymilk instead.

In the morning, before getting up from the bed, have something solid to eat (preferably soda cracker). Then stay on the bed on an upright position for 30mins and then slowly get up. This helps combat nausea.

Try to seep in a slightly seated position - put enough number of pillows on the back to raise upper body. This helps control acidity to go up the heart and throat and cause discomfort.

I have been trying to follow this for a couple of days now and it does help. Although I still have enough gas, it's not too much to give me pain in the chest and back. Acidity has subsided as well. There are times that I don't feel the acidity at all. Nausea has tremendously improved too. No more frequent vomitting but from time to time, I still feel a little nausea. In general this regime has been helping me a lot. I hope I don't get tired with the limited type of food I can only eat. I have never put myself on a diet so it's a little bit hard for me to control my cravings for junk food... but I'm getting by :) All for my hubby's guisante :-D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Prenatal Checks

Some more dates with the healtcare!

Sept 24 - Prenatal checkup with the ob/gyn
Setp 28 - Another check up with the midwife
Sept 30 - Prenatal seminar at noon and prenatal dental check up in the afternoon

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 Wonders of 7 Weeks

I'm about to memorize the tile patter in our bathroom already with my frequent bathroom trips - be it because of nausea or bladder getting easily full. But I know all these are worth it as these are all due to my little one rapidly growing in my yet little tummy.

I learned that at this week, my little one is the size of a coffee bean!.. he's not a guisante (green pea) anymore as what my silly husband calls my little one. But no, he refuses to stop calling him guisante... he's really silly deep down to the bones ha ha.

I also learned that by now, my little one's arms and legs are already forming. I can't wait for those little hands to grab my finger...

Another wonder of this week is that my baby's brain is now rapidly maturing. I'd like to know what's going on on the little head.. what's he thinking... what's amusing him...

Could he be moving now? Yes! this week, little one has already started to move around! You haven't even completed your arms and legs and you're already moving? Just how can you do that, little one?

During this week, all the important organs such as hair, eyelids, nostrils, tongue, intestines, pancreas and nipple follicles have also started to develop already. Aren't those just too many for a coffee-bean-sized little one? Amazing!

They said that by this time, the head is growing bigger and is slightly bigger than the trunk. My poor angel looking like a tadpole? :-O Don't worry my little one.. just take your time developing and forming... you'll be more than wonderful once you have completely developed and ready to meet the world.

Lastly, at this phase, my little one is about to enter the second phase of this gestacion... he'll pass from being an embryo to a fetus! Yay! :) My baby's really growing so fast... soon he'll be going to school... and would like to decide on his own.. aww, stop.

First Prenatal Checkup

I just had my first prenatal check up. It was a nice experience. The midwife who took my health information and pregnancy data was really nice. She gave us advices and answered our questions willingly.

The result of my blood and urine analysis all came out good. I need to do several checks more. One for the dental check up, one for the ultra sound, another one with the midwife... and another one for prenatal "chat". I suppose they are going to orient me together with the other women about pregnancy. I can't wait to do all those. And this time, I was given something that I can take for acidity... if it becomes too unbearable.. .as well as something to help me ease down vomiting. Yay! I'll try not to take anything as much as I can... only during desperate times... I don't want any minute risk for my sweet little baby :).

I have this little book now to record all the check ups and data about this wonderful experience. This is provided by the hospital... the only thing about is... it's in Gallego!!! The local language in the province were we live in... why not in Spanish I ask... oh well.

At the end of the check up, we were given a box full of welcome freebies for the baby. We were thrilled :-D

Isn't that sweet?

Monday, August 31, 2009

7 weeks with Burning Acidity

I have been suffering from too much acidity and gases. This is really killing me and making me feel depressed during my pregnancy. My doctor didn't want to give me anything for the gases nor for the acidity :( ... says the lesser the medicine I take, the better. I have to try to put up with it for now... and if not, then I can go back and we can talk again... oh well, I wouldn't want to take anything that can harm my little one either so, what else to do, but just endure it for now. My hubby needs to put up with my crying and bad mood too at the same time, he's too worried and yet there is really nothing that can be done... I can feel his frustrations as those are my very own frustrations too plus the queasiness, acidity and gases.

You see my little one, Mami is trying to put up with all this just to make you safe and healthy... so promise me, you'll hold on tight, ok? I know you are strong my dear small one. Mami and Papi loves you so much.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mother's Words for the New Mom To Be

Today I made an overseas call with my mom. She asked me how am I doing with my first trimester of pregnancy. I told her I am experiencing the normal symptoms, morning sickness, etc but what's difficult most of the time is the vomiting. She told me not to worry about anything as everything will be fine. The most touching part was when she told me these words:

When I was pregnant with you, I was under so much stress... I was going through so much problems and difficulties but look at how you came out and look at how you are now. You have been wonderful. You've survived all those stress and difficulties while you were inside my womb because you are strong. So you have nothing to worry. You'll do just fine.

My tears welled up. I miss my mom more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tests Day

Today I had my blood test and urine analysis. I can't wait to see the results!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6th Week!

Today I learned that the actual counting of weeks of pregnancy starts on the first day of the last period... thus, I am already in my 6th week! So my little one should already look like this:


I can't wait for my own ultrasound... and see how my little one actually looks like. I am getting emotional already... well, I am really emotional these days. I cry for now reason at all or everytime I remember my mom, thinking that I'd like her to be here with me. I normally feel a lump in my throat that makes me feel like crying. I think this is what they call hormonal revolution!

I also started to notice that I normally wake up in the middle of the night either because I need to take a bathroom trip or because I am suddenly feeling uneasy. The uneasiness comes from my tummy... it is hard to explain but in an attempt to do so, it's like emptiness in the tummy similar to feeling nervous or anxious. It makes me toss and turn in the bed. This happens twice within the night... around 2 or 3am and then around 5 or 6am. This is weird.

What's up with you my little one? Are you telling mami something?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Weight Gain

After 14 days, I didn't gain weight. I feel a little bit paranoid. I read that in the first trimester, I should be gaining from 0.5 to 2.2kg. But it has been 14 days since the last time I weighed, and yet no weight gain! Not a single gram.

My friends who have been pregnant were telling me that it's normal and there's nothing to worry about it. I just couldn't help it. I think I should stop reading articles about pregnancy for a while so I can rest myself from being paranoid. It's hard not to... there's just so much questions in my mind... so much wonderings... so many things I need to know now. Alright stop.

Little one, I'll just trust that you are there holding on tight and developing at your own pace. Take your time, baby. Mami wants you to be really, really healthy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It has been 5 days since my husband and I found out we are going to be parents soon. We are still in ecstatic mode. We've been busy telling the good news to our family and friends and we couldn't just stop from smiling. Our family and friends are all very happy and excited for us too. They've been giving us a lot of well wishes.

As for me, I am suffering the normal early pregnancy symptoms. If my calculation is right, I'm a little more than my first month now. The baby is probably 1/6 to 1/4 inch now. My silly hubby calls the baby 'guisante' which in spanish means grean pea. He'd say "You have to take care of the poor guisante..." and so on and so forth.

I have also started to be hyper sensitive. I cry for whatever reason. I always feel like I have a lump in my throat and have the need to cry. These are all very odd to me and yet exciting. These things tell me I really am pregnant :)

I can't wait till we are able to visit the doctor again and get over with all the analysis I have to do. I'd like to know the baby's exact status as soon as possible and start to undergo recommended diet and activities by the doctor.

I can't wait to hear baby's heartbeat! Right now, I do feel my heartbeat becoming stronger and stronger... sometimes I feel like I hear extra heartbeat but perhaps it's just my imagination and excitement for this little life inside me.

Hold on tight, my little one...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Next Phase

Aug 19, 2009 5:47am... the two purple lines did confirm I am on the next phase of my life, and my husband and I are on the next phase of our relationship... we are now forming a family. As I walk through this phase with my husband, here's is something to journal my thoughts and sentiments along the way. It'll be perplexing and exciting journey. I'm pretty sure, I'll be learning a lot from this.

I went out the bathroom and woke up hubby. He knows I'd be doing the test already. He squinted his eyes getting blinded by the light I just turned on. All smiles, I gave him the little pregnancy test. He uttered with a sleepy yet happy voice: Awww baby, estas embarazada! Awww hon, you're pregnant! We hugged and kissed and held each other in the bed.

I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. So I went online hoping to see my bestfriend Ayin online. She was not. Then I checked if Dianne, my closest friend from my first job, is online. She wasn't either. I sent her an email asking her to go online and after few minutes, she did go online. I told her the news. She was ecstatic. I was ecstatic. I also sent emails to my girlfriends about the news. After a while, I started to feel sleepy so I went back to bed. Husband was asleep... or so it seemed. Later on in the morning, he mentioned that he couldn't sleep after the news. He was too excited. After breakfast, we started calling his parents and then his sister. And then I called my family in Manila. They were all sooo happy. My mom told me that she just had a novena praying for this bundle of gift to come our life soon and here it is... answered prayer and cannot be any earlier than this!

The rest of the day is full of excitemnt, laughter, teasing and dreaming for my hubby and I. It was just a perfect day.

Inside I was thinking, so this is it. This is finally it is. I am going to the next phase in my life. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time. I know there'll be so much to it. But with my hubby beside me, everything will be alright :)
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