Monday, September 21, 2009

10th week

I'm on my 10th week of gestation now. I almost wouldn't like to say that I am feeling better as every time I blog about this, nausea would suddenly hit hard on me and I would start vomiting like crazy. But yes, compared to last week, I am feeling a better. I still have the queasiness all day, I feel dizzy from to time and most of all, I feel sooooo tired like as if I've climbed a mountain. Lately, I am feeling some pains in my abdomen as well. I've read that this is normal though. Uterus is growing bigger and thus the ligaments that supports the uterus is stretching causing the cramp-like pain. I just need to watch out for spotting and stronger pain as it may be a pre-term contraction. So far, no spotting and pain is nothing near unbearable. Inspite of having all these symptoms, I still feel good as I haven't been vomiting for a week now. I had to increase my medicine intake from one pill a day to 2 pills a day, otherwise, by afternoon, the vomiting is uncontrollable again.

10th week... just 2 more weeks and the first trimester is over! I really wish things will be a lot better by the second trimester. I'll be having my first ultrasound this coming Thursday. I can't wait. I read that the first ultrasound should have been done by the 7 or 8 week. At this time, possible problems can already be detected. I am quite worried that I wasn't asked to an ultrasound during that time of my gestation but I just have to be positive that there's nothing wrong with my little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay. Just 3 more days and I'll have my first glimpse of this wonderful gift.

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