Wednesday, September 23, 2009


With less vomiting, I started to get more appetite to eat... and started to have different cravings. Sad part is that many of my cravings are not available here in Spain. Hubby gets frustrated too as he doesn't want me to get frustrated not being able to eat what I want... but both of us are helpless. I guess it's something I have to live with being pregnant and away from my beloved Pinas.

The other day though, I suddenly had cravings for Jamon Serrano. The famous Spanish cured-ham. I was never a big fan of it but I like it just in a normal way. It actually cost me big guts to get used to it. At the beginning I felt like it is raw and had icky feeling eating it. People here couldn't believe why I don't see it as something mouth watering. I must say, it does have big fame as Spains' national treasure. It is more than just a Spanish delicacy. There is nothing more Spanish than a Jamon Serrano. And it is also widely appreciated by other countries and is considered as a very expensive good outside Spain.

Anyways, it was a big surprise when suddenly, I craved for Jamon Serrano. It took me a few minutes to really assimilate that it is Jamon Serrano I am craving for. I told hubby I want some Jamon Serrano. With eyes wide and mouth open for a couple of seconds, he said "Really?". At that time, we were at my in-laws' house so he asked his mom if they have Jamon Serrano. Then we all laughed together.

How obvious it is that I am carrying a half Spanish little one in my tummy. Making me crave for something that can never be more than Spanish but Jamon Serrano.

Then my husband exclaimed: "Wait till he makes you crave for rabbits!!" (I don't eat rabbits.... I consider it as a pet and not food!!! Although here in Spain, it is a different type of rabbits... not the ones we have at home that are really cute, fluffy and white... they are wild rabbits from the forest... but even so, I can't and won't make myself eat rabbits!)

So I told hubby... no, not with rabbits! I will have a big fight with this half Spanish if he makes me eat rabbit... just can't be! He can eat all the rabbits he wants if he wishes to but not while inside my tummy!

And we all had a good laugh.

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  1. haha, that was really funny indeed, and mamá when we told her yesterday about it, about the rabbits and so, she said, of course! i am going to give rabbit to my grandson as soon as he can eat it :D , that was really funny, with that face of her like a rascal


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