Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where's The Lady In Me?

There had been small changes in my body due to my pregnancy. These changes I have heard and read from other pregnant women and women who have been pregnant. But one thing I wasn't warned about is that the sounds that one can only hear from men and boys when they are full from eating too much or when they just gulped down a whole bottle of beer bottoms up, will be my very own too! I remember how I would get annoyed with my youngest brother when he'd fake his loud burp and would do it over and over again to get an ewwww! reaction from her sisters. I would often reprimand him and then he'd do it in a less frequent manner and would tell me that he's not faking it this time (but I can see the sinister smile in the corner of his lips).

Back to my horror. My digestion process has just probably overly slowed down that's why my stomach's producing too much gases. I can hardly control myself from not making too much noise whenever I have to burp. Sometimes I am even caught by surprise. I must admit burping as loud as I can gives me a big relief from this gas causing me to feel soooo bloated and sometimes even causes pain in my chest. Of course in public I try my best to be as discreet as possible... but I don't get the same relief.

I am never a girly person and I don't consider myself as a very fine lady (nor mahinhin) but this, this dinosaur-like sound that comes out from me, it's beyond me.

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