Friday, October 9, 2009

The Onset of the Second Trimester

That's more or less the size of the little Spanish pinoy/pinay now on the first week of the second trimester. I am now starting to notice the little bump in my tummy. Although it's not yet that obvious to others especially if I am wearing a bit lose clothing. The most difficult part of the baby's development has already passed and that also means lesser risk for miscarriages now. Have I really passed the most difficult period of pregnancy? I have yet to find out. They said that some women have the same condition as of the first trimester throughout their pregnancy but I am really hoping that is not my case.

Little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay now measures about 7.6 centimeters and ha a size of a big shrimp! My little one is now completely formed and much more proportionate than few weeks before. I remember the first time we have the ultra sound, my little one's head still looks bigger than the body so I tease my husband that the baby's going to be like him - big head! What's amazing is that I've read that by now, my baby's baby's fingerprints are already formed. Can't wait for the time to finally touch those little fingers and feel their grasp on my finger....

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