Saturday, November 28, 2009

Could it be Little Spanish Pinay

Nov 27, 2009. We've had the scheduled ultrasound to get a more detailed information about the baby's growth, size, gestational age, level of amniotic liquid, structures inside the baby's head, the heart and other internal organs. Apart from these important information, now is the time to find out if our little one is a little Lhot or a little Manuel.

Little rascal has been giving us a hard time taking a peek on the key to knowing the gender. On the day of the latest ultrasound, my OB told us that it is more probably a girl. The legs of my sweet one has always been crossed and on the times that they were uncrossed, my OB couldn't see anything. There were 3 lines in the genetal area which, normally indicates a baby girl. my OB told us though that it's not 100% accurate. But it could be that my OB, my bestfriend, my grandmother and hubby's uncle are right on the money... we are expecting a little Spanish Pinay! :)

We'll have another ultrasound in about less than 3 weeks. I hope by this time, my OB will be able to confirm the accuracy of our precious' gender. I'm all excited to start planning for baby stuff shopping!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little One Meets the Big Family for the First Time

It has been the loooongest flight ever of my life. It was Oct 29 when we flew to Madrid. I haven't been able to sleep well a couple of nights prior to that. We reached Madrid at past 10am and slept over at a friend's house and prepare for the next day's flight to Manila. Again, I just tossed and turn in the bed. The next day came and we're off to Manila. I sat restless on all the connecting flights. I couldn't rob a single second of sleep. I feel so nervous and anxious, I feel like there are tons of butterflies flying inside my whole body. So that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling? That's just a small portion of what I was feeling the whole flight. I kept on touching my tummy and telling my little one to be patient with mami as I can't really contain this kind of emotion. I just wish I can pop some pill and make me knocked down in a split of seconds. But no, I can't do that... not even some relaxing tea. I tried talking to my little one to please, please help me get some sleep. On the last leg of the flight, from Korea to Manila, with body really, really tired, I managed to get an hour of sleep. I woke up and we were almost there. My body shook and I couldn't stop from crying. I cried with so much happiness that after more than 4 years, I am finally going to see and hug my family. With this precious life developing in my womb, I am even happier. Oct 31, 11:05pm Manila time, the plane has finally landed and tears just kept falling. There is just no way to stop them. As we go down the ramp towards the waiting area, I already saw my youngest brother from a far, standing taller than the rest of the crowd. Then I heard my papa yelled my name. By then, I can't stop jumping up and down and crying like a little girl. We crossed the street and the whole family was there waiting for us. My mom, all my sisters and my brother, even a close uncle of mine and one of my cousins were all there. It was a sweet reunion and the first introduction of Spanish pinoy/pinay to the big family we have in the Philippines. Everyone gave our little one a warm welcome and I know our little one is giving them a big hello from my womb.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Kick

Nov 4, 2009 around 9am in the morning, I was on my 16h month and we were still in the Philippines and I was already half awake in bed but still had my eyes closed. I suddenly felt a slight yet noticeable thug inside my womb. My heart was aflutter realizing our little one just made a statement of his presence. I was sure it was our little one. I couldn't contain my excitement to tell hubby but he was still sleeping and really needs much rest for we have been all bruised up with the travel and all. So I just contented myself by caressing my tummy and talking to little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay that I recognize his/her call... then I said hi back to him/her.

I didn't feel another movement the whole day but with that one gentle kick, I already feel elated the whole day and was looking forward to feeling more of the baby's movements. After that, I'd feel our little one from time to time and would jolt with excitement. I would scream with delight and call hubby to tell him I felt our little one again. He was all jealous and wants to feel it himself too. I told him he would have to wait till my tummy is a lot bigger... he was all pouty.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Three of Us in Pinas!

The first few days of our stay in the Philippines has been very tiring. Meeting friends and relatives, non-stop catching up, non-stop eating, etc. But we are very happy and excited. I do feel that little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay is enjoying all the Filipino food I am devouring myself with. Let's see what my midwife will tell me about the weight I gained after this trip. I might give her a heart attack. I'd worry about that once we're back in Spain.. for now, the three of us will enjoy our long-awaited trip in my native land :)

In Tagaytay

I have so much to blog about but I don't have much time to go online so that would have to wait a bit more :-D
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