Saturday, November 28, 2009

Could it be Little Spanish Pinay

Nov 27, 2009. We've had the scheduled ultrasound to get a more detailed information about the baby's growth, size, gestational age, level of amniotic liquid, structures inside the baby's head, the heart and other internal organs. Apart from these important information, now is the time to find out if our little one is a little Lhot or a little Manuel.

Little rascal has been giving us a hard time taking a peek on the key to knowing the gender. On the day of the latest ultrasound, my OB told us that it is more probably a girl. The legs of my sweet one has always been crossed and on the times that they were uncrossed, my OB couldn't see anything. There were 3 lines in the genetal area which, normally indicates a baby girl. my OB told us though that it's not 100% accurate. But it could be that my OB, my bestfriend, my grandmother and hubby's uncle are right on the money... we are expecting a little Spanish Pinay! :)

We'll have another ultrasound in about less than 3 weeks. I hope by this time, my OB will be able to confirm the accuracy of our precious' gender. I'm all excited to start planning for baby stuff shopping!

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