Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Kick

Nov 4, 2009 around 9am in the morning, I was on my 16h month and we were still in the Philippines and I was already half awake in bed but still had my eyes closed. I suddenly felt a slight yet noticeable thug inside my womb. My heart was aflutter realizing our little one just made a statement of his presence. I was sure it was our little one. I couldn't contain my excitement to tell hubby but he was still sleeping and really needs much rest for we have been all bruised up with the travel and all. So I just contented myself by caressing my tummy and talking to little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay that I recognize his/her call... then I said hi back to him/her.

I didn't feel another movement the whole day but with that one gentle kick, I already feel elated the whole day and was looking forward to feeling more of the baby's movements. After that, I'd feel our little one from time to time and would jolt with excitement. I would scream with delight and call hubby to tell him I felt our little one again. He was all jealous and wants to feel it himself too. I told him he would have to wait till my tummy is a lot bigger... he was all pouty.

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