Monday, December 7, 2009

The First " ¡Hola papá! " from Little Spanish Pinay

Dec 7, 2009 1:35am. Hubby and I were already on the bed waiting for sleep to come in while watching tv a little bit more. I felt my little one kicked so I took hubby's hand for him to feel the next one. I have started feeling my baby from week 16 but hubby hasn't really felt it even if he puts his hand on my belly as the kicks are still subtle. But tonight, hubby was up for a big surprise. As I put his hand on my belly, little Spanish Pinay kicked again but still very subtle. Hubby didn't feel it, so we waited some more. Suddenly the kick was really strong, in fact it was one of the strongest I felt so far and hubby got really suprised - almost scared - that he immediately retrieved his hand and jolted on the bed. I laughed so hard. He was so happy and suddenly nervous and couldn't believe what he just felt. His eyes were as big as his smile while he exclaiming his excitedness. It was a very precious moment for the three of us. One of the many that we have already experienced and one of the many that are yet to come.
Earlier on, my hubby and I, together with my friend Sandra, who was here over the weekend for a visit, went to watch Planet 51. While in the movie house, I felt some kicks but hubby wasn't able to feel them. The kicks were strong enough for me to feel them, but not hubby. Sandra tried to feel them too but nothing. Little Spanish Pinay probably thought, the next time daddy tried to feel my kicks, I'll make it so hard he'd never ever forget about it. And so she did :)

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