Monday, December 28, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Check up with the head doctor today due to my persistent dry cough. My doctor gave some homemade solution for the dry cough. Good news is that, it's only some irritation within my throat and no infection or whatsoever so no medication necessary. A teaspoon of bicarbonate and some lemon drops on a lukewarm water, gargle with it 3 times a day and that should do it in 3 or 4 days... if not, I should call him.

Another good news is that my O'Sullivan test checked out. Glucose level is normal after the test. Bad news, is that I have low Iron, hemoglobin, etc. Looks like my little Spanish Pinay is needing more iron than my body can produce now. I had plenty of iron during the previous 5months but now, either because my little one is demanding more iron for her growth or, something is not sufficient in my diet. Either way, my doctor gave me an iron supplement. Tardyferon. It's a ferrous sulfate supplement. I was warned that this may give me some acidity so I better take it before lunch time so tummy won't be empty.

Funny that my hubby keeps on saying that our little one is sucking up too much of my iron so he'll take care of talking to her and of putting her to diet so I won't lack iron for myself too. My poor little Spanish Pinay. Papi's being silly, isn't he?

6 months and 3 days
waist line: 95cm weight: 62kg

Monday, December 21, 2009

Approximately 13.6kg More Until Due Date!

Wow... I am approximately going to weigh 13.6kgs more until my due date! So, if I was 56kg before getting pregnant, I'll be around 70kg before until I give birth! It can even be more if I don't mind my diet... :-O

I'm gonna get big, big, big! :)

Christmas is here!

Click image for bigger size

Friday, December 18, 2009

23 Weeks Today

It's our 23rd week today. Little Spanish Pinay is more active than ever. I've been feeling her kicks from time to time. Not a single day that I don't feel her kick even for just once. She's probably dancing with bubbling sound of gases I have in my tummy :-D

93 cm waist line. It didn't really grew that bigger since 2 weeks ago but I still feel it bigger and heavier. Must be because it's getting cold already and my muscles are all getting tensed up and somewhat heavier... ugh, whatever. I don't have explanation, really.

I've gained 4kgs in 5months and 3 weeks. Not bad. Let's see what my midwife would tell me about my weight gain. Unfortunately, I would have to wait until 4th of January for my monthly prenatal visit. It has been a little bit too late when we requested for a prenatal schedule. December is all out... so, we'll have to wait till January.

Little Spanish Pinay should now weigh half a kilo more or less. Not only that I can already feel her movements but she does feel mines too. I guess I better work on my dance moves... I'm sure she'll like it and maybe she'll be a good dancer when she grows up :-)

The above picture is possibly my baby's position in my uterus. My uterus has obviously expanded more and can pressure the veins that sends back blood back to the heart. This can cause swelling on my toes and ankles. In my language, it is called manas, so I have to watch out for that.

I'm sure a little more exercise would help. Walk around the block (ugh, it's already getting cold outside)... maybe not too often. I guess we'll really have to work on those dance moves, huh. It'll be a nice and fun way to exercise a bit ;-)

We're 3 On Our 3 Years

December 16 - Hubby and I celebrated our 3-yr anniversary with our little one. I woke up in the morning and was surprised to see a big plant on top of the table.

A card was on it. I read the card and couldn't just stop the tears. I was greatly moved by my hubby's words so I rushed going up to our bedroom and gave my sleeping hubby a big hug. Couldn't stop telling him how much I love him. Hubby cuddled me so warmly. I was just in pure bliss. I felt my little one kicked. I felt even happier and told my little one, yes, baby, papi and mami are celebrating their 3-yr anniversary... and you just made it even more special. I felt another kick.

Late in the morning, we went out to meet my mother-in-law. We agreed to go to the mercadillo as I wanted to buy some thick stockings for the winter. I got so much good deal with 3euros each :-D I also bought 3 scarfs. I just love the mercadillo for good items you can find in a really cheaper price.

Later on, hubby and I with our little one, headed to go for our anniversary lunch. We went to a restaurant called A Vaca. I looove the place and I looove their food. Little one feasted with the croquetas and the crepes I ate.

I had one of the best lunch with my loving husband. I forgot about the bad weather on that day - freezing cold and raining at the same time. As my little one and I walked back to our home with my hubby sharing an umbrella with us, I see the sun up so high instead of the dark clouds pouring rain on the ground.

O' Sullivan Test

Yesterday, I just had my O' Sullivan test. This test detects if a pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes. 8am was the schedule and naturally, hubby and I arrived around 8:20am. Good thing they still administered the test but the nurse sweetly warned me "You should be here at 8am...." I just apologized.

The nurse gave me a bottle of orange liquid that contains 50g of sugar. I heard a lot of horror story about this liquid but surprisingly, I didn't find it that bad. It's not a fun drink of course, but I didn't have a hard time drinking it. It's very sweet and somehow bitter but very manageable to drink.

After drinking the said liquid, I was asked to sit outside to rest for an hour. Can't drink anything, can't eat anything. I was advised not to move but if I need to go to the bathroom then I can go but I was asked to walk slowly. After a few minutes of drinking the liquid, I felt a sudden head rush. I feel a little bit hot and I feel a little bit dizzy. I wasn't aware that the liquid gives some reaction after drinking it so I didn't know if it was the liquid or it was just me. Good thing I was with hubby so I wasn't worried at all. Minutes after, another pregnant woman was brought in a hospital bed. Apparently, the woman felt really dizzy after taking the liquid. Another one was in a wheelchair. I was like "what's going on". I overheard people talking about the effect of taking this liquid that it can produce some reactions like dizziness and vomiting. I stayed calm but I feel sorry for the other woman. My gal bladder demanded for me to go to the bathroom and so I did. After I came back, the woman who was in the hospital bed was up and seated on the bed. Another woman was carrying a bag of unidentified liquid. I found out that the same woman vomited after a few minutes. She was really feeling bad. The nurses asked told her that they can't continue with the test so she would have to go home and come back again another time to do the test. That is really unfortunate.

After an hour, I went inside the extraction room and the nurse took 3 bottles of blood from my right arm. That ends the test for now. They told me that in a few days, they'd call me if the result of the test shows that I have high glucose level: > 140mg/dl. And then, I would have to do another test. This time, it'll be a longer than the first one. I really do hope I won't have to do this. I don't know if it is the test but after coming back from the hospital, I felt like 10 horses kicked me. I was sooooooo tired. The moment I slouched in our sofa, I was totally knocked out. I slept like a log. I woke up with my whole body aching and still tired. I was falling asleep the whole day. Terrible day.

Most importantly, I really hope that the test will come out negative as I don't want any complication for my baby. Gestational diabetes can cause the baby to produce high level of insulin that will lead to over production of body fat. This can make the baby grow excessively big and can cause damage to the shoulders during birth giving. This can then lead to a caesarian delivery. Other problems can be respiratory problems, obesity after birth, etc.

I'm really praying for the test to come out negative.

Update:  I almost forgot to update that the test came out negative! :)  But little Spanish Pinay is still going to be a big baby... just slightly bigger than normal... so far...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Woman Wonders

As a woman, I often wonder in awe about how women, at some time of their life, would have this immense need and want to have a baby of their own. It's as if their womb is calling and pleading for a new life to cradle. I know I don't speak for every single woman out there but I am sure that I speak for many, many women out there.

The most wonderful thing is that every woman knows the difficulties that getting pregnant would bring not to mention the actual birth giving, and yet, the desire for becoming a mom is much, much stronger than any fear of sufferings due to child bearing and giving birth. Talk to women who are already moms... talk to them about hardships during pregnancy and the immediate answer will be, Everything's worth it.

Being a woman and a soon-to-be-mom myself, I do understand this need, this wanting and this feeling for the little life that is yet to be born. There is no logical explanation about it, though. It's just something so marvelous that always keeps me in awe every time I think about it.

Last night was one of the hardest night for me. I'm being troubled by back pain everyday even before getting pregnant due to my scoliosis. And now that I'm pregnant, the pain is much worse. Most probably due to the additional weight that my back has to support due to my growing tummy. But last night was especially difficult. I could find the right position for me to be able to sleep comfortably. By the second, the pain is getting intense. I tried to endure it but I just couldn't... with growing frustrations, I suddenly burst into tears. My hubby was awaken and was so worried. He started giving me back massages until I felt a little bit better. I was still in tears when I tried to lie down again to see if this time I can get some sleep. I suddenly felt my little one gave me a subtle kick once, and then again. I chuckled in between sobs. I feel like my little one is telling me "I'm sorry mami, I'm giving you this pain". I caressed my tummy assuring my little one that there's nothing to be sorry about, mami is just a cry baby. I was in pain and will be in pain for some time but I am not suffering because of it. I am gladly and willingly undergoing all these physical pains for my little one. I will cry a river from time to time but it's just a way for me to somehow exhale the pain... My tears are only for the physical pain. My face may frown and may twitch because of discomfort, but inside, I am in a bliss.

I've got the most wonderful blessing I so desire and this physical hardships is nothing at all compared to the greatness of joy and fulfillment of being a mother.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back Track - 18th week

On my 18th week - still in the Philippines for vacation - hubby and I wanted to have a 3D ultrasound for little Spanish Pinay (back then, we still didn't know her gender). As I called In My Womb in Mall of Asia for an appointment, they suggested me that it is not yet worth it to get a 3D ultrasound on the 18th week as the baby will still be small. We're kind of disappointed as we are really looking forward for one but just agreed with having the normal 2D ultrasound. We're also thankful to In My Womb as they were very honest about the result of the 3D ultrasound instead of just accepting our request and in return, spend a good amount of money for something not really worth it.

Hubby and I were accompanied by my mom and my sister Kring. They were all in the room watching our little Spanish Pinay in the big screen. She's so precious inside my womb gently moving her limbs. We even caught a glimpse of her sucking as if drinking something. She's already practicing for her milk once she's out :)

I can't remove my eyes from the monitor and I just wanted the moment to last for the whole day. We've seen her head moving, mouth open, arms and legs move. It was really funny and cute when hubby exclaimed "She looks just like me". The nose is already pronounced so she's definitely going to inherit her papa's nose.

The OB/Gyne tried to check for the gender but little one's legs were always crossed - just like a fine lady. So at that time, we never got a peek of her gender. It remained a surprise until we came back here in Spain and went to have my scheduled ultrasound.

The ultra sound session has concluded and we await for the print outs excitedly. They have given us 3 copies but only one is clearly visible. So behold, our little Spanish Pinay princess:

Monday, December 7, 2009

The First " ¡Hola papá! " from Little Spanish Pinay

Dec 7, 2009 1:35am. Hubby and I were already on the bed waiting for sleep to come in while watching tv a little bit more. I felt my little one kicked so I took hubby's hand for him to feel the next one. I have started feeling my baby from week 16 but hubby hasn't really felt it even if he puts his hand on my belly as the kicks are still subtle. But tonight, hubby was up for a big surprise. As I put his hand on my belly, little Spanish Pinay kicked again but still very subtle. Hubby didn't feel it, so we waited some more. Suddenly the kick was really strong, in fact it was one of the strongest I felt so far and hubby got really suprised - almost scared - that he immediately retrieved his hand and jolted on the bed. I laughed so hard. He was so happy and suddenly nervous and couldn't believe what he just felt. His eyes were as big as his smile while he exclaiming his excitedness. It was a very precious moment for the three of us. One of the many that we have already experienced and one of the many that are yet to come.
Earlier on, my hubby and I, together with my friend Sandra, who was here over the weekend for a visit, went to watch Planet 51. While in the movie house, I felt some kicks but hubby wasn't able to feel them. The kicks were strong enough for me to feel them, but not hubby. Sandra tried to feel them too but nothing. Little Spanish Pinay probably thought, the next time daddy tried to feel my kicks, I'll make it so hard he'd never ever forget about it. And so she did :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

21 Weeks

How time flies and I'm already halfway my pregnancy. As I sit right now in our couch browsing through my emails, I have my left hand on my belly and suddenly I felt a subtle kick. I giggled. Then another 3 kicks came with an interval of about 5 seconds. My baby's constantly moving.

According to the studies conducted, a baby at this gestational age, normally moves about 50 times a day, even while he/she's sleeping! But of course, mommies won't feel all those moves especially during the day that they have more activities. I do feel movements though during my potato couching moments and before sleeping.

What I am enjoying right now is to browse pictures of nursery rooms and dream about how we'd want our nursery room to look like. It's still a bit early to actually start working on it but it's never too early to start planning and get some ideas :)

They said that this is the period of pregnancy when everything is smoother and pregnant women are more comfortable. In general, that's how I feel. I feel so much better from my first trimester. The only nuisance I have is the constant gas that gives me hard pang just right below my left chest. I burp like a dinosaur a hundred times a day. The pain is so annoying as it won't just go away no matter how much I burp and... I won't tell other details regarding gasses as it can be embarrassing (rofl) except that it's a big pain in my arse!

I'm also now starting to really feel my big tummy now. I feel like it just suddenly get a log bigger out of nowhere. It's getting heavier for me and gives me a hard time trying to sit down on a little bit low chair. Whenever my hubby sees me struggling my way to sit down, he'd laugh and tease me and call me "barrigona!" (big tummy). He's too adorable it makes me want to throw a big pillow on his face!

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