Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day for 3Ds

Thursday - Jan 28, 2010, last day of our 28th week, we had another sneak peak of Little Spanish Pinay in 3D-4D. She graced us with a very nice smile and different gestures during the ultrasound. My heart was aflutter while I watch her over the monitor doing her little antics. I looked at my hubby while he was holding my hand and I can see his glowing smile... kept on claiming that Little Spanish Pinay just looks like him. He's simply very proud of the miracle before his eyes. And I am simply elated and warmth by the love around me.

At the beginning, little Spanish Pinay's face was being covered by her arms... the moment the gynecologist applied the cream for the ultrasound on my tummy, I felt her kicked. She probably felt the cold cream so she tried to cross her arms in front of her face as a form of self defense.

After a few more minutes, she started to become more cooperative and showed us her face.

I was so happy I saw her pronounced nose, I exclaimed "Tiene nariz!" (She has a nose!). The gynecologist and the nurse laughed so I kind of explained that since I have such a flat nose, I am glad my baby has one... and for sure she got it from her papi :)

We also caught her practicing her sucking ability. She's oh so ready for her yummy milk :)

And then she suddenly had her mouth wide opened that caused a big awww sound inside the ultrasound room.

Here's our little Spanish Pinay's precious smile. It wa very brief but just a few split of seconds is all I needed to understand her message. She's ok, everything will be ok and she couldn't wait to finally greet the world while cuddled in the arms of her mami and papi.

Outside the clinic, we just had to take a picture of the happy, excited and proud parents-to-be.

We celebrated the day by watching Avatar. It was a nice movie though the plot may already be too used. It reminded me a lot of the cartoon FernGully, The Last Rainforest (which is one of my fave, by the way) Still, we enjoyed it especially the 3D effect and the food we ate inside the theater. We pigged out!

There goes my diet! With the big popcorn and the big soda (plus hotdog and nachos), I've gone waaaaaay past my 1500-calorie diet plan.

But a day is a day... we've got plenty to celebrate and it just had been a wonderful day for all three of us :-D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where Are My Toes?

From a standing position, I can't see my toes anymore. That's how large my tummy is now. All I can see is my little Spanish Pinay - literally and figuratively. The desire to finally hold her in my arms, see her open and close her eyes, hear her make little noises, feel her soft breath while she sleeps and so on, just keeps growing and growing in me.
My toes, I'll be seeing them soon... but right now, I am not missing them at all. Looking down and seeing my belly with my baby inside, is for me, a sight to behold... there, in its warmth, little Spanish Pinay is safely being cradled and prepared for its grand reveal.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Full Time Jobs

I am currently working with a full time job and I love what I do. I may also say, I'm good at it (no intention of blowing my own horns... I just say I'm good at it not, extremely good at it, you know? :-D) With my tummy getting bigger and my due date getting nearer, I am about to enter into another full time job - being a mom.

I know for sure that I am going to love this new full time job - in fact, I've been looking forward to this and my heart just fills with so much joy everytime I think about this wonderful gift and opportunity. But will I be good at this new full time job as well? Who could really tell? I am fully certain though that I will intend to be. Lucky me I have a good start as per having a good role model. My mom has been a wonderful mom to all of us. I fear that I will never be able to live up to how she has taken care all 6 of us... but I am really focused on being the mom that my child would need me to be. I do pray for the necessary wisdom and patience that I may be able to perform this full time job with excellence and bring up my little one to become an honest and good child of God.

I could go on and on about how I'd want my little Spanish Pinay to be, what are the things I'd want her to learn and do when she grows up and what kind of life I'd want her to have... but in the end, I believe what I can do best for her is help her become what she wants to be. And hopefully one day I'd be able to tell myself I've done a good job.

At 27 weeks and 5 days.

Petit Patapon

As I was browsing some baby stuff online, I came across this brand name Petit Patapon. Caught my attention, why? because I'm a Filipina and patapon in our language means a waste or something that has no value and worth throwing away. The brand name sound like French so I tried to check what does it mean and apparently, patapon doesn't mean anything in French. The name Petit Patapon was taken from French nursery folk song - Et Ron Ron Petit Patapon - and patapon is just a word to add rhyme and fun within the lyrics; which normally happens with nursery songs.

Turns out that this specific Portuguese brand of children's clothing is popular in Europe - England, France, etc. And, take note, they are not exactly for middle class shoppers. They are also quite popular in the US especially for those richy rich moms.

Anyways, I was just amused by the brand name... I'd feel awkward if I see this tag on my baby's clothes... it's like tagging my baby with "Little Go-to-waste".... very silly isn't it? But it's also quite interesting how a certain word would have different meanings in different language... and sometimes the difference is like the difference between white and black, heaven and hell, etc.

Petit Patapon's clothes designs are uber cute though... I feel like those are some styles I would want to wear myself :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

27 Weeks Today

We're 27 weeks today and little Spanish Pinay has been really active. I swear, sometimes the kicks and the jabs make me twitch. I can already imagine how it's gonna be as we go nearer to our DDay. I learned though that my little one can already start having hiccups. Now, how cute that can be? I didn't realize it until I've read something about it. There are times that I'd feel some rythmic movements in my tummy... I'd thought my baby's doing some rythmic exercise not realizing that, that could very well be her, having some hiccups. They said these hiccups are normal and that they don't hurt my baby so there's nothing to worry and there's nothing that needs to be done either.

On the other hand, I am bigger than ever. I feel so heavy and just feels tired many times. I do try to walk around from time to time to get me some exercise but was really never a big fan of doing exercise. Good thing is that so far, I'm doing good controlling my weight gain through the dieatary plan my midwife has given me. Blood pressure is also ok and I am not having water retention.

As we enter our third trimester, hubby and I are really getting more and more excited. We've started visualizing how we'd want our nursery room but we've still got a long long way to go. It's just so nice to start looking around for cribs, changer, strollers, and other cute baby stuffs. There's so many to choose from, they get my head spinning. It's also amazing how these stuffs are so expensive so we really gotta do a good planning so things can fit in our budget. We'll see how we'd do with budgeting... something tells me I'm up for a good challenge :-D

Friday, January 8, 2010

We're Counting Kicks!

Pregnancy is a very mysterious process but at the same time with much paranoia around the pregnant woman. I for one, have been a paranoid preggo. I often wonder how's my baby doing inside and when should I start to feel her movements and just can't stop worrying. Perhaps my little one has felt all these and pitied her mami so she made me physically feel her presence quite early.

I have started her slight movement since week 16. I must say that's too early for a first time pregnant women like me... but there's no doubt about it, it was her, telling me she's so alive and kicking.

As early as week 20, she has let her papi feel her activeness already. It was such a precious moment for the three of us.

Now that we are on our 26th week, we say it's time to count kicks. Although Little Spanish Pinay is a very active baby, we thought it's still a good idea to start counting kicks. This way, we'd notice right away if we are having less and less kick as the days pass and be notified at once if we need to go to the doctor to get an expert's opinion.

As early as now, she never stops to amuse me with her antics inside my belly. It feels like she's doing a lot of summersaults in there. When my belly touches the cold sink, I would suddenly feel a loud kick as if trying to push me away from the cold sink. Also, when she hears a rough loud voice, she'd start kicking and jabbing. At night, before going to bed, I would giggle with her actively doing her acrobats. Sometimes it takes a while that I would plea her to sleep already. One night while my husband is already sleeping, and me, half-asleep, Little Spanish Pinay started punching and jabbing and kicking. It was too strong that I can't sleep so I caressed my tummy and told her to go and sleep already. My husband heard me talking and started murmuring thinking I was talking to him.

One afternoon, as I was trying to rest from all the work of the day, I had my palm resting on my tummy. I was already sleeping when suddenly I was awaken by a very distinct and special movement in my tummy. I felt a bump suddenly growing in one area of my tummy and it slowly goes down like it's caressing my hand. I was so moved and could just utter "Hi baby. yes, mami knows you're there and she loves you too"

This feeling is simply synonymous to absolute bliss.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Babies Don't Come With a Set of Instructions

Hubby and I walked around downtown yesterday. We dropped by a bookstore and saw this really cute book.

The Baby: Instructions for Use

The title sounds funny and cute at the same time. It has very useful information and really nice colorful pages inside. What's also nice is that it comes with the baby's diary.

Right book: The Diary of My Baby

It's a diary with full of useful tips and tricks to plan the day to day activities/things to do and to take note of the best moments with the baby (or any moment for that matter.. as any moment with the baby is for sure something really really special).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Totatlly Busted

25 weeks and 3 days. I had my 4th prenatal check up with my midwife. As usual, she asked me to lay down on the bed to check for the baby's size and heartbeat. Everything's perfect. My blood pressure is also good... a little lower than normal but she said that may even be better. So, she was all happy I'm being a good girl. Little did she know.

Then she asked me to step on the weighing scale. 64 kg and 800 g. Note taken. She was still calm and doesn't have a clue on what she was about to discover. Then she asked for my pregnancy booklet and started writing down the data. I saw it coming. Her face turned red and she almost had a heart attack while exploding angrily... "What is this??? You gained 5 kgs in a months' time!! Do you realize that? This can't be! This can't be! This can't be! You are putting your baby in a big risk. This can't be! Only you can take care of your baby! Only you! Not even your husband so, you better watch out and be more responsible. You perfectly know why people get fat, so you perfectly know what to do, well, absolutely no bread, no potatoes... " and so on and so forth. She just wouldn't stop.
I just kept quiet, scratching my head with a guilty smile on my face. She encircled my latest weight with red ink and wrote in all caps "DIETA" with two underlines on my pregnancy booklet. She also gave me a sheet of paper with a dietary plan. My mother in law who was with me sat quiet too while my midwife exhaled her fumes. When she calmed down a bit, my poor mother-in-law asked her... "Are dried fruits like peanuts and walnuts good for her to eat?... it's just that she likes them a lot... " and she was cut off right there and then by my midwife. With more frustration this time, my midwife fired back... "Señora, you do know very well the answer to that question. Everybody knows. You know as much as I do... " and my mother-in-law replied with apologetic voice... "No, I'm sorry, I am not very informed about these things... "... So my midwife exhaled and ranted some more and in the end said, dried fruits can cause weight gain too... so no to dried fruits or just a very minimal amount.

Oh boy, this is going to be a big challenge. With my growing appetite, and slower metabolism, it'll be a whole lot of struggle. But for my little Spanish Pinay, I will do my very very best, so help me God.

waist line 96cms
25 weeks and 3 days
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