Friday, January 15, 2010

27 Weeks Today

We're 27 weeks today and little Spanish Pinay has been really active. I swear, sometimes the kicks and the jabs make me twitch. I can already imagine how it's gonna be as we go nearer to our DDay. I learned though that my little one can already start having hiccups. Now, how cute that can be? I didn't realize it until I've read something about it. There are times that I'd feel some rythmic movements in my tummy... I'd thought my baby's doing some rythmic exercise not realizing that, that could very well be her, having some hiccups. They said these hiccups are normal and that they don't hurt my baby so there's nothing to worry and there's nothing that needs to be done either.

On the other hand, I am bigger than ever. I feel so heavy and just feels tired many times. I do try to walk around from time to time to get me some exercise but was really never a big fan of doing exercise. Good thing is that so far, I'm doing good controlling my weight gain through the dieatary plan my midwife has given me. Blood pressure is also ok and I am not having water retention.

As we enter our third trimester, hubby and I are really getting more and more excited. We've started visualizing how we'd want our nursery room but we've still got a long long way to go. It's just so nice to start looking around for cribs, changer, strollers, and other cute baby stuffs. There's so many to choose from, they get my head spinning. It's also amazing how these stuffs are so expensive so we really gotta do a good planning so things can fit in our budget. We'll see how we'd do with budgeting... something tells me I'm up for a good challenge :-D

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