Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day for 3Ds

Thursday - Jan 28, 2010, last day of our 28th week, we had another sneak peak of Little Spanish Pinay in 3D-4D. She graced us with a very nice smile and different gestures during the ultrasound. My heart was aflutter while I watch her over the monitor doing her little antics. I looked at my hubby while he was holding my hand and I can see his glowing smile... kept on claiming that Little Spanish Pinay just looks like him. He's simply very proud of the miracle before his eyes. And I am simply elated and warmth by the love around me.

At the beginning, little Spanish Pinay's face was being covered by her arms... the moment the gynecologist applied the cream for the ultrasound on my tummy, I felt her kicked. She probably felt the cold cream so she tried to cross her arms in front of her face as a form of self defense.

After a few more minutes, she started to become more cooperative and showed us her face.

I was so happy I saw her pronounced nose, I exclaimed "Tiene nariz!" (She has a nose!). The gynecologist and the nurse laughed so I kind of explained that since I have such a flat nose, I am glad my baby has one... and for sure she got it from her papi :)

We also caught her practicing her sucking ability. She's oh so ready for her yummy milk :)

And then she suddenly had her mouth wide opened that caused a big awww sound inside the ultrasound room.

Here's our little Spanish Pinay's precious smile. It wa very brief but just a few split of seconds is all I needed to understand her message. She's ok, everything will be ok and she couldn't wait to finally greet the world while cuddled in the arms of her mami and papi.

Outside the clinic, we just had to take a picture of the happy, excited and proud parents-to-be.

We celebrated the day by watching Avatar. It was a nice movie though the plot may already be too used. It reminded me a lot of the cartoon FernGully, The Last Rainforest (which is one of my fave, by the way) Still, we enjoyed it especially the 3D effect and the food we ate inside the theater. We pigged out!

There goes my diet! With the big popcorn and the big soda (plus hotdog and nachos), I've gone waaaaaay past my 1500-calorie diet plan.

But a day is a day... we've got plenty to celebrate and it just had been a wonderful day for all three of us :-D

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