Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Petit Patapon

As I was browsing some baby stuff online, I came across this brand name Petit Patapon. Caught my attention, why? because I'm a Filipina and patapon in our language means a waste or something that has no value and worth throwing away. The brand name sound like French so I tried to check what does it mean and apparently, patapon doesn't mean anything in French. The name Petit Patapon was taken from French nursery folk song - Et Ron Ron Petit Patapon - and patapon is just a word to add rhyme and fun within the lyrics; which normally happens with nursery songs.

Turns out that this specific Portuguese brand of children's clothing is popular in Europe - England, France, etc. And, take note, they are not exactly for middle class shoppers. They are also quite popular in the US especially for those richy rich moms.

Anyways, I was just amused by the brand name... I'd feel awkward if I see this tag on my baby's clothes... it's like tagging my baby with "Little Go-to-waste".... very silly isn't it? But it's also quite interesting how a certain word would have different meanings in different language... and sometimes the difference is like the difference between white and black, heaven and hell, etc.

Petit Patapon's clothes designs are uber cute though... I feel like those are some styles I would want to wear myself :)


  1. yup! in italian PATAPON means "when you are walking and your trip and all of a sudden ... PATAPON ... you land on the floor! and they have like 30 shops there!

  2. Hi Cristina, thanks for the additional info! :) Now I feel like I am ready to just ditch it's meaning in my language and buy something for my little one once I find a good sale! :-D


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