Monday, January 4, 2010

Totatlly Busted

25 weeks and 3 days. I had my 4th prenatal check up with my midwife. As usual, she asked me to lay down on the bed to check for the baby's size and heartbeat. Everything's perfect. My blood pressure is also good... a little lower than normal but she said that may even be better. So, she was all happy I'm being a good girl. Little did she know.

Then she asked me to step on the weighing scale. 64 kg and 800 g. Note taken. She was still calm and doesn't have a clue on what she was about to discover. Then she asked for my pregnancy booklet and started writing down the data. I saw it coming. Her face turned red and she almost had a heart attack while exploding angrily... "What is this??? You gained 5 kgs in a months' time!! Do you realize that? This can't be! This can't be! This can't be! You are putting your baby in a big risk. This can't be! Only you can take care of your baby! Only you! Not even your husband so, you better watch out and be more responsible. You perfectly know why people get fat, so you perfectly know what to do, well, absolutely no bread, no potatoes... " and so on and so forth. She just wouldn't stop.
I just kept quiet, scratching my head with a guilty smile on my face. She encircled my latest weight with red ink and wrote in all caps "DIETA" with two underlines on my pregnancy booklet. She also gave me a sheet of paper with a dietary plan. My mother in law who was with me sat quiet too while my midwife exhaled her fumes. When she calmed down a bit, my poor mother-in-law asked her... "Are dried fruits like peanuts and walnuts good for her to eat?... it's just that she likes them a lot... " and she was cut off right there and then by my midwife. With more frustration this time, my midwife fired back... "Señora, you do know very well the answer to that question. Everybody knows. You know as much as I do... " and my mother-in-law replied with apologetic voice... "No, I'm sorry, I am not very informed about these things... "... So my midwife exhaled and ranted some more and in the end said, dried fruits can cause weight gain too... so no to dried fruits or just a very minimal amount.

Oh boy, this is going to be a big challenge. With my growing appetite, and slower metabolism, it'll be a whole lot of struggle. But for my little Spanish Pinay, I will do my very very best, so help me God.

waist line 96cms
25 weeks and 3 days

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