Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Full Time Jobs

I am currently working with a full time job and I love what I do. I may also say, I'm good at it (no intention of blowing my own horns... I just say I'm good at it not, extremely good at it, you know? :-D) With my tummy getting bigger and my due date getting nearer, I am about to enter into another full time job - being a mom.

I know for sure that I am going to love this new full time job - in fact, I've been looking forward to this and my heart just fills with so much joy everytime I think about this wonderful gift and opportunity. But will I be good at this new full time job as well? Who could really tell? I am fully certain though that I will intend to be. Lucky me I have a good start as per having a good role model. My mom has been a wonderful mom to all of us. I fear that I will never be able to live up to how she has taken care all 6 of us... but I am really focused on being the mom that my child would need me to be. I do pray for the necessary wisdom and patience that I may be able to perform this full time job with excellence and bring up my little one to become an honest and good child of God.

I could go on and on about how I'd want my little Spanish Pinay to be, what are the things I'd want her to learn and do when she grows up and what kind of life I'd want her to have... but in the end, I believe what I can do best for her is help her become what she wants to be. And hopefully one day I'd be able to tell myself I've done a good job.

At 27 weeks and 5 days.

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  1. When it comes to motherhood, our role models are almost always our own mothers.
    Now I see that you are enjoying your job of being a mom. You deserve a pat on the back for that :)


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