Friday, January 8, 2010

We're Counting Kicks!

Pregnancy is a very mysterious process but at the same time with much paranoia around the pregnant woman. I for one, have been a paranoid preggo. I often wonder how's my baby doing inside and when should I start to feel her movements and just can't stop worrying. Perhaps my little one has felt all these and pitied her mami so she made me physically feel her presence quite early.

I have started her slight movement since week 16. I must say that's too early for a first time pregnant women like me... but there's no doubt about it, it was her, telling me she's so alive and kicking.

As early as week 20, she has let her papi feel her activeness already. It was such a precious moment for the three of us.

Now that we are on our 26th week, we say it's time to count kicks. Although Little Spanish Pinay is a very active baby, we thought it's still a good idea to start counting kicks. This way, we'd notice right away if we are having less and less kick as the days pass and be notified at once if we need to go to the doctor to get an expert's opinion.

As early as now, she never stops to amuse me with her antics inside my belly. It feels like she's doing a lot of summersaults in there. When my belly touches the cold sink, I would suddenly feel a loud kick as if trying to push me away from the cold sink. Also, when she hears a rough loud voice, she'd start kicking and jabbing. At night, before going to bed, I would giggle with her actively doing her acrobats. Sometimes it takes a while that I would plea her to sleep already. One night while my husband is already sleeping, and me, half-asleep, Little Spanish Pinay started punching and jabbing and kicking. It was too strong that I can't sleep so I caressed my tummy and told her to go and sleep already. My husband heard me talking and started murmuring thinking I was talking to him.

One afternoon, as I was trying to rest from all the work of the day, I had my palm resting on my tummy. I was already sleeping when suddenly I was awaken by a very distinct and special movement in my tummy. I felt a bump suddenly growing in one area of my tummy and it slowly goes down like it's caressing my hand. I was so moved and could just utter "Hi baby. yes, mami knows you're there and she loves you too"

This feeling is simply synonymous to absolute bliss.

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