Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby, my bladder is not a trampoline

8 months and little Spanish Pinay is becoming even more active. Articles I've read mentioned that by this time, baby's movement may be lessened as they grow and the space they move around gets smaller. Apparently, not the case for my little one.

I enjoy watching my big tummy dance to little Spanish Pinay's rhythm. I am always amazed how my tummy moves like something is boiling inside or when it takes a very funny shape because little Spanish Pinay seems to be stretching or just practicing her vogue pose. I tried to capture it through a video many times but it's just not the same seeing it with my own eyes and feeling the movement at the same time. I would often talk to her and would sometimes get responses of sharp kicks. Makes me burst out laughing.

That is the joyous part. On the other hand, she also seems to love jumping up and down on my bladder. Gives me sharp pains and the feeling of an emergency nature's call. It's not only my bladder that she enjoys jumping around but she also loves to do some Jacky Chan moves that make me jump with a sudden sharp pain on the sides or the area where my lungs are at. Sometimes, I also feel like I can feel her kicks on my rectum.... oops, no intention of grossing out anyone.

In general I do enjoy the baby movements and wouldn't change it for anything in the world... but boy, they do hurt sometimes.

It did came to me one time that this tremendous amount of baby movements might not be normal. So, as what I usually do, I scouted the online world for an answer. As expected, I am not the only one having the same question in mind. Every article I've read says this is completely normal and is actually a very good thing, because healthy and happy babies love to move (that is when they are not napping...). I smiled about the thought. My little Spanish Pinay is a happy baby. I'm dying to see her smile and hear her giggle.

I shared this happy baby article to hubby and he laughed with contentment. More so, he kind of stopped calling our little one as rasculina (little rascal). He now knows better ;-). Little Spanish Pinay is not being rasculina... she's just happy. She's a happy baby and we are her happy papis :)

Tomorrow, during my scheduled prenatal checkup, I will confirm more with my midwife. She'll probably laugh at my question but it doesn't matter. I prefer to look ignorant by asking silly questions than getting eaten by paranoia.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And The Single-Number Countdown Begins

9 weeks to go!! I feel like the time has passed by sooo quickly. From the time that hubby and I were monthly hoping that I'd have my delay soon, the time when we finally confirmed we're pregnant, my tormented first trimester, the first ultrasound, so on and so forth. Although I am already excited to finally have our little one in our arms, I do believe I am going to miss the feeling of being pregnant :-D. The look of my big tummy and little Spanish Pinay's movement inside my belly are one of those that I will definitely miss. I'd laugh when my tummy moves in a ridiculous way. I'd often wonder how little Spanish Pinay actually does her movements inside as she gives me funny feeling with her movements. Well, sometimes not so funny as they hurt.

As the single-number countdown begins, I started to feel a much better with the cervix pain I mentioned from the previous blogs. With the help of 2 things:

Maternity belt

Kegel exercise

Right now, I am feeling much better with the cervical pains. I walk better now and feel better overall. So, the gynecologist was right after all... there's nothing to be worried about the pains I was having... they're really one of the joys of pregnancy :)

I've read about Kegel exercise that it does wonders. It's basically a pelvic-floor strengthening exercise. It helps you give better support for the growing uterus, bladder and bowels. It also can ease pregnancy and postpartum symptoms such as hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence. Another really good benefit of Kegel exercise is that it can help you avoid episiotomy during delivery. I do have to be faithful with my Kegel exercise especially that it seems like my pelvic cannot support my growing uterus that much as I had those pains that sent me running like mad pregnant to the emergency section of the hospital. So wish me luck with keeping the discipline on doing Kegel exercise.

So there, 9 weeks to go... let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reusable Diapers? ¿Pañales Lavables?

The environment has becoming more and more of a concern these days. People are getting more aware and responsible about their role to helping mother nature not to fall into comatose.

With the global warming effects slowly taking its toll on earth, it's really about time to be more conscious on what we ditch to the earth's ground.

Our little own way is to make sure we separate our garbage between biodegrable, plastics, papers, bottles. I also collect oil to be thrown on special containers for oils. There are companies that reuse oil to create other products (like soap, maybe). Batteries are also thrown to their respective containers.

Now to extend effort on this a little bit more, we are greatly considering reusable diapers (called pañales lavables here in Spain) for our soon to be born little Spanish Pinay. Disposable diapers contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Talk about the perfumes they contain, the plastic, toxic bleaches used to make the diapers bright white, etc. Reusable diapers nowadays are far from the cloth diapers (lampin in my language) that our grandmoms (or moms) used to put on their babies. They are very much like the disposable diapers only that, well, they are reusable! Although it's starting to become popular, there are still a lot of people that would cringe just by the thought of "reusable diaper".

Obviously, I do not have any experience about using these modern reusable diapers so I can't give much opinion on it. But I am excited about the thought of the benefits it has for the environment and more so, for little Spanish Pinay. Oh, and not to mention the great savings in the long run. I've been digging more information and opinion about these so-called reusable diapers and so far I am getting more and more convinced about it. Although from different forums, it's obvious that it is not the popular choice between moms.

The biggest argument is the convenience of the disposable diapers over reusable diapers. Most moms are working moms and they are too busy to think about more items to stash on the their already piled up laundry bin. Also they are grossed out by the thought that you'd have to clean up the diaper from the solid waste and have them sit there till they get the time to wash them. Not to mention the fact that there are moms that bring their babies to daycare and having them use reusable diapers might be a reason for the daycare to reject their babies.

Those are very valid reasons... but could it be that, these moms are just not well informed about reusable diapers and are just having prejudice about the reusable diapers?

I've found one forum and someone has detailed out her personal experience about using reusable diapers. I am very glad I've stumbled upon this forum and I have in fact sent her a personal message asking more about her experience. She has gladly responded to my questions and even encouraged me to just send her personal message if I have more questions about reusable diapers. She had been very happy with the reusable diapers and never had problems from the daycare people. They only had one problem though... they said it's hard to detect if the baby had the poopoo time since it doesn't stink at all! How cool.

When it comes to economical savings, disposable diapers will never beat the reusable ones. They say a child can use 5000-7000 disposable diapers until they potty train. So let's be conservative and use 5000 diapers at 0.3 € each, that solves to 1,500€ already. While a 20 reusable diapers that you'll ever need until potty train can costs about 500€. That's already a pretty attractive savings. Not to consider baby's no rush butt! The same reusable diapers can also be used for the next child.. hmmmm.

I do think I will try this. Perhaps 4 to start with and see how little Spanish Pinay gets comfortable with it and for me to get a real feel on how easy they are to use. Now, my problem is that there's just too many colors and prints to choose form! Decisions, decisions...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Los Padrinos

Padrino and madrina are the terms used here in Spain for godfather and godmother respectively. In my language, we use the terms ninong and ninang. The custom of choosing godparents here in Spain is slightly different than in the Phililppines. Here, each child can only have one pair of godparents, unlike in the Philippines where parents can choose as many pairs as they want. Sadly, sometimes the baptism already look a bit ridiculous having too many godparents lined up in the altar. On the other hand, just one pair of godparents is a little bit sad for me being accustomed to maybe at least 2 or 3 pairs of godparents per child. But then again, the concept becomes more intimate, important and sacred. I suppose having just one pair of godparents to choose for your child in this manner, would make the parents have to carefully choose the godparents-to-be and they would probably the people whom the parents would really, really, really trust their child with in their absence. The relationship as well can become more exclusive between the parents and the sole godparents as well as between the godchild and the sole godparents.

A little bit of a history about padrinos: padrino comes from the latin word patrinus which refers to someone not being the real father, funcions as a father. Same thing goes for madrina (gomother). During the first centuries of the history of the Church, los padrinos (godparents) are the guarantors of the faith of the one being baptized. The godparents are the ones who presents the newly converted Christian to the Christian community. The godparents are also the ones responsible to help the parents provide Christian education to the child - or guide the child himself to walk his faith when he becomes an adult.

As parents-to-be, we have already elected the godparents for our little Spanish Pinay and we are very sure little Spanish Pinay will be very delighted with our choice. None other than my unica sister-in-law and her husband. Little Spanish Pinay is going to be my sister-in-law's first niece and I can feel her excitement to meet our little one. Being here in Spain, I couldn't think of anyone else that would love our little one like her own child than my sister-in-law. She will be a very wonderful madrina I'm sure. Same goes for her husband. We are very fond of him and there is no one else more fitting than him to be our little one's padrino.

My hubby and I have a very good relationship with his sister and his brother-in-law. We love to spend time with them chatting, playing wii, singing karaoke and going to places. Having them as the padrinos of our little one will just strengthen the bond we have as family.

Just wait till you meet your padrinos my little one. You will aboslutely love them.

30 Weeks, 10 To Go

At 63.5kgs, my midwife has cleared me off the diet!! Wooohooo! I can now eat normally... uhm, normally like a normal person and not the normal me who gulps a whole bag of cheetos in say, 3 gulps? Thanks to my mother-in-law, my midwife found out about my nasty little a addiction to junk food. So my midwife was so adamant about me staying away from those. According to her, If I really do crave for them, I'd have to limit myself to just an amount fit on my palm and ONLY once a week... on a Saturday, for instance! I never had problems with weight gain due eating to too much junk food before I got pregnant... but I guess pregnancy does change one's metabolism... and apart from that, I have a little one inside me to think about... so I must be more responsible now and try to stay away from my junk foods.

30 weeks... just 10 more to go. We're really getting nearer to our due date. I'm excited and nervous at the same time... but really, more on excited. I can't wait to see my little Spanish Pinay and held her in my arms and smell her baby scent.

I've been a little bit better from the pains I've been having around the cervix area for the past 2 weeks. I still have the pains especially when I am on foot for a long time.. but it is not as unbearable anymore as before. I guess my efforts to do Kegel exercise is paying off as well as being able to walk more over the weekend. Looks like the pain was caused by little Spanish Pinay's pressure on the certain part of my cervix and being seated for too much time in a day due to work. The doctor also told me that as time goes by, the baby's head will decend more and will avoid that part of the cervix that might be giving me more pain so things will get a little bit better. Although, as the baby grows, I can feel more pressure down there that may give me some other uncomfortable sensations. I just need to avoid to be on foot for too much time. Walking is good but I should pace properly so I won't be carrying the weight for more than the required time.

I'm also getting ready for my preparatory class for the DDay. The class will be every Friday at 9:30am to 11am. It'll be nice to meet other pregnant women in town and listen to their own unique stories about the joys of pregnancy :-D

with 97cm waist line!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bummers on Third Trimester

At the beginning of my 28th week, I have started feeling some pains on my cervix area. Not a big of a deal pain, but it has called my attention. Very similar to the pains a woman would normally feel during her period. Like gravity is focusing right there to pull it down. I thought I was just tired, so I tried to rest as much as I can. But comes the 29th week, the pain has worsen. It's realy difficult to stand up from a sitting or lying down position. First few steps are just unbearable. Rolling over while in bed has turned out to be a nightmare. I do not walk like a normal pregnant woman anymore... I have converted into a human penguin. My paranoia has even bloated more when I started to consult the internet and found different cases and variety of opinions. I wanted to think this is just normal... afterall, I'm already almost in my 30th week. But pain this strong... this couldn't be just normal.

Good thing that may scheduled prenatal check up was already nearby so I waited till the day. My midwife, upon seeing me walking slowly with difficulty, immediately asked me, "What happened to you?" I just said, I am in so much pain.

She started checking up on me, asking questions but couldn't really find out what's wrong. She asked me to take urine analysis just to eliminate the possibility that it could be UTI... but it is very unlikely. I don't have the symptoms of someone who has a UTI. She also asked me to go to the emergency later today so they can check up on me more. She is worried about what could be causing me this too much pain. And I am triple worried.

So in the afternoon, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law brought me to the emergency. I was attended at once and they had me submit a urine sample and then later on was asked to lay down the bed to they can monitor the baby's heartbeat and to see if there's any contraction. I spent about 30mins in the bed hearing my little Spanish Pinay's heartbeat and kicks at the same time. As usual, she's really active and seems to be very curious about what was connected in my tummy. She kept on moving and poking the area where I had a stethoscope-like aparatus connected to my tummy.

Then the time for the gynecologist to check on me has come. I was asked to go to another room to see the gynecologist. After checking the result of the urine, the heartbeat and contraction monitor, he was utterly convinced everything is normal. I told him I don't know up to what intensity of pain is considered normal. He also briefly checked the baby via ultrasound. Measured the head and the tummy and then told me everything is perfectly fine. After giving me a book-length explanation of anatomy and pregnancy, I just gave up and told him ok.

Honestly, one part of me is really happy that everything seems to be really good for my little one... but I am still left with the same question in my mind. Is this kind of intense pain really is still normal for a pregnant woman like me at this time of gestational period? Some women I know who had been pregnant didn't have this kind of pain... some women I know and heard of also had even the worst kind of pain and some other worst experiences. Each pregnant woman is really a whole new different world. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Right now, I just have to take my doctors' words, try not to worry and bear the seemingly unbearable. Most of all, I just have to trust God with all this. He's been taking care of this little angel in my belly and I do know He has already assigned a guardian angel to protect her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I too am will be fine, as little Spanish Pinay needs the orginal Spanish Pinay to be healthy and strong. There's more to come so I better gather more guts until the big day.
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