Friday, April 16, 2010

40 Weeks and Still Preggy!

She's a late bloomer, alright.  We're still pregnant and apart from very rare strong contractions, we are still very intact.  I am more anxious now than ever.  I am actually just a bit worried about little Spanish Pinay getting too big that she won't fit in my pelvis and we'd have to undergo CS.  I shouldn't be thinking about that... no worrying thoughts.. just happy thoughts of a beautiful birth.  Little Spanish Pinay and I had a serious talk last night.  She was moving so much giving me head butts on my cervix and bladder that kept me from catching up on sleep.  So I decided for us to have a serious talk.  Told her she should really consider going out really soon and that she'd have to perform well for our natural birth.  She answered me with even stronger head butts and louder elbow jabs and karate kicks.  What a character.

So now, I am trying to walk some more  even if it is just around the house.  I'd stop a moment whenever I feel my back cannot support the weight anymore and then try to walk again.  I also tried to eat pineapple as they said it helps for the dilation - there is actually no scientific tests or study performed about this but they said pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to soften the cervix and so can bring on labor.  Whether there is truth about it or not, I love pineapple so there's no harm in trying :)

My midwife has warned me though that pregnancy can reach up to 42weeks and there is nothing wrong about that.  She said it would be better if we just allow the birthing process to start naturally.   There is nothing to worry as long as we can see that the placenta is getting old and that water is still intact.   Our hospital here supports for natural birth as possible as can be.  Medical intervention is only considered either or both the mom and the baby is facing some danger.   That works for me.

So I guess, I'll just try to relax some more for now and wait for little Spanish Pinay to finally decide she's ready.  Mami will keep persuading her though not to take longer :)


Friday, April 9, 2010

The World is Ready

Spring has come with a promise in her hand.
The cherry and almond trees have delicately blossomed.
The sun has awakened with its might and strength.
The doves are back and hungrier than ever.
The earth has sprung to life in warmer colors.
Kids are back in the park, running and screaming with joy.
Longer days are winning over the dark and cold nights.
The sands are getting filled with towels and footsteps.

You see, Little Spanish Pinay,  The whole world is now prepared for your arrival.   Your parents, even more.  So, don't wait too long... there's a bunch of wonderful things waiting for you out here :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

She's a Big Bundle of Joy

She's a bundle of joy, alright.. but she's gonna be a big one!  We had our pre-labor check up today and our OB/Gyne told us that her size is normal but is more of gearing towards "big".  She's 3kg and 800g now (300g +/- margin).  I bit my lips.

We'll have 39weeks tomorrow and looks like I am nowhere near going into labor just yet.  Our little one is enjoying her last moments in the warmth of my belly - that's for sure.   She'd come out whenever she's ready and whenever she feels like it.   An attitude innate to her mom.  Would she inherit most of my character?  If so, her papi would better get ready :-D

She did wonderful though during our pre-labor check up.  We were being monitored for her movements and cardio frequency.  At the beginning though, she was very inactive and didn't want to cooperate.  The nurse gave me an orange juice to drink to poke little Spanish Pinay to move but it didn't work that much.  I sat down and told my husband to talk to her and see if she can be stimulated.  Hubby tried but nothing.  He told me that I should talk to her because what happens when he talks to her is that she calms down but when she hears my voice, she gets excited and happy.  So I started talking to her gently in my native language.  What do you know, just after a few seconds, she started moving... gently.   As if she just woke up.  I felt her stretches.   I continued talking to her and she responded every time.  Her monitor showed a lot of activities.  Hubby and I were so thrilled.  I was so elated.  I felt connected to my little Spanish Pinay more than ever.  I kept telling her she's being a good girl and mami is very proud of her.  She seemed to really like that.

I had to be in this position as I just couldn't keep a lying position.  It pains me.  Main reason why I sleep in the couch at nights and not in bed.... 

So we finished our monitoring session shortly after.  The we were off have our ultrasound.  The OB/Gyne told us more details about our pre-labor term.  Everything's good and normal so far.  Placenta level is good;  I haven't dilated at all, which is stil normal; little Spanish Pinay is on an anterior position - not ideal but she still has time to turn around.  

We'll have to have some serious talk about her assuming the perfect position, about not gaining more weight and about coming out sooner than later!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No to No-Pain?

From the beginning of our pregnancy, I had it clear.  I don't want this popular epidural for our delivery.  No, I'm not aiming for a martyr-award nor wanting to prove I'm a strong and invisible woman.   It's just that I have a great fear over this drug and the way it is administered.  I've heard unfortunate stories about epidural and some side effects of it (though percentage is really low).  Some friends also swore by it and expressed that without it, they could have probably died with pain during labor.  Probably due to ignorance, I am just not comfortable about it.

I am not saying either that whatever happens, I won't take epidural.  After all, this is our first pregnancy.  I don't have an idea how low or high my threshold is about labor pain.  I am trying to keep an open mind.  In fact, I just went through some tests to know if I can be administered with epidural just in case I ask for it.  I also had a talk with the anesthesiologist about epidural, how it is administered and for her to answer my questions and doubts.  She had been accommodating with all my questions hence but still in the end, I am on the side of hopefully not wanting epidural for the delivery. 

My mom gave birth to 6 children, one even came out with her butt first, all natural child-brith and no epidural or whatsoever.   That IS amazing.   Though it is not necessary that if she was able to do that, I too can do that.  But at least I'd like to think of that as something out there in the world of possibilities that can very well happen to me.  Sort of inspiration.

Then again, who can tell how the delivery is going to be.  Each childbirth is unique to every woman... the experience, the pain management, the physical and emotional status, etc., and these things can't just be used as a reference to one's own delivery.

Maybe I am going to dilate fast and would be at 7cm already at the time we arrive in the hospital... maybe the anesthesiologist is not available to administer epidural and so they can't give it to me even if I gave in and ask for it... just maybe there will be certain circumstances that epidural is just not an option for me, then I don't really have no choice but to go through childbirth without the help of this drug... then probably that's easier for me to take the decision, ehrm, that's not actually taking any decision.   Maybe that's better.

Right now, what I am trying to do is imagine a beautiful birth for our little Spanish Pinay.   I know too that hubby will be there in every step of the way and that he will be my natural pain reliever (that is, if he doesn't faint in the delivery room :-D).  As part of this birthing orchestra, Little Spanish Pinay will be as wonderful as a bright star early in the morning.  I have no doubt about that.  She has been a very good girl this whole pregnancy.  Good girl but fierce!!  (Her nightly head butting, punching, kicking and most especially stretching is still on going).  

So, little one, whenever you want, mami and papi are ready for you! (Hey, give me enough warning though, OK?  Thanks, baby!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

We're on our 38 weeks! I am going stir crazy with so much anticipation.  When will the big day gonna be?  I know it's very very soon but it just seems like I've been waiting for like forever.  Only one week has gone by since our full term has passed but I feel like it has been a month!

My tummy has grown too heavy for my scoliosis-afflicted lower back - making almost every movement very difficult.  Walking up a plight of stairs is a big calvary.  I would end up running out of breath after a short shower.  My doctor has given me temporary disability due to my back problems and other difficulties.  I just can't continue working anymore.  In spite of physical exhaustion I feel everyday, my mind is always up and about.  I have so many thoughts going on in my head, different emotions filling up my chest - adds up to the reasons why sleep evades me at night.

38 weeks, 66kg, 104 cm

This waiting game is becoming a fountain of anxieties for me and hubby.  But it's all very exciting.  I am trying to enjoy the end of my pregnancy now in spite of all the physical pains I am experiencing.  I'm pretty sure I will miss this.  My hubby and I have been on the look out for the signs that labor is on its way.  As a first-time-mom-to-be, I am so unsure whether I am already getting some early signs of labor or not... obviously, as of this moment, I haven't had any signs of labor yet but I'd always think(imagine) some signs are already manifesting.

I still have some schedule for check ups with the midwife and OB\Gyne - not to mention one more day of preparatory class.  Sometimes I just want everything to be done and over with so I can focus on my waiting game.  I just want to sit in the sofa, stare at my belly and wait till I start to notice the signs of labor (what a cuckoo).  Good thing I have people around me that distracts me and make me think of something else.

I really miss my family back in Manila more than ever.  They are all very excited about little Spanish Pinay.  They are also astounded by my enormous tummy.  This size wasn't expected at all.  All my family and relatives keep telling me that during my mom's and older sister's pregnancies, their tummy was just half the size of mine.  I'd often tell them, blame it on the genes of hubby... he was a whopping 5kg-baby when he was born.  Oh God help me that little Spanish Pinay won't be as big as he was.

So the waiting game is on.... and I do, do, do hope it won't be for long.  
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