Friday, April 16, 2010

40 Weeks and Still Preggy!

She's a late bloomer, alright.  We're still pregnant and apart from very rare strong contractions, we are still very intact.  I am more anxious now than ever.  I am actually just a bit worried about little Spanish Pinay getting too big that she won't fit in my pelvis and we'd have to undergo CS.  I shouldn't be thinking about that... no worrying thoughts.. just happy thoughts of a beautiful birth.  Little Spanish Pinay and I had a serious talk last night.  She was moving so much giving me head butts on my cervix and bladder that kept me from catching up on sleep.  So I decided for us to have a serious talk.  Told her she should really consider going out really soon and that she'd have to perform well for our natural birth.  She answered me with even stronger head butts and louder elbow jabs and karate kicks.  What a character.

So now, I am trying to walk some more  even if it is just around the house.  I'd stop a moment whenever I feel my back cannot support the weight anymore and then try to walk again.  I also tried to eat pineapple as they said it helps for the dilation - there is actually no scientific tests or study performed about this but they said pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to soften the cervix and so can bring on labor.  Whether there is truth about it or not, I love pineapple so there's no harm in trying :)

My midwife has warned me though that pregnancy can reach up to 42weeks and there is nothing wrong about that.  She said it would be better if we just allow the birthing process to start naturally.   There is nothing to worry as long as we can see that the placenta is getting old and that water is still intact.   Our hospital here supports for natural birth as possible as can be.  Medical intervention is only considered either or both the mom and the baby is facing some danger.   That works for me.

So I guess, I'll just try to relax some more for now and wait for little Spanish Pinay to finally decide she's ready.  Mami will keep persuading her though not to take longer :)


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