Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Star Was Born

April 22, 2010 at 13:55 with 3kg and 890g, 50cm - Tala our very own star and angel was born.

On my 40th week and 5 days, hubby and I went to the hospital for the weekly checkup - that was April 21.  At this point of pregnancy, I should be ready to give birth anytime.  The last time I was checked, I was still far from dilating.  Cervix hasn't even softened yet.  Amniotic fluid was also getting scarce although it wasn't in a risky level yet.  Due to this, my OB decided to admit me in the hospital so they can monitor me closely and start inducing the labor if over 24 hours labor wouldn't start yet.  I was given something to provoke contractions - which up to that day, I haven't had any.

The following morning, I was given yet another one of those things that induces contractions.  I was monitored again.  Baby's heartbeat was ok, I was having little contractions but I'm not even feeling them.  Cervix was still "raw".  Mid-day, hubby has just stepped out the hospital to take a bath while my mother-in-law stayed with me.  Time to be monitored again.  Baby's heartbeat still doing good, small contractions almost nothing.  This went on for about 20mins and suddenly, the monitoring machine started making loud beep sounds.  Mother-in-law rushed out to call the nurse while I was kind of confused.  I can feel my baby moving a lot in my tummy so I didn't know why the machine was making all the noise.

Midwife and OB came rushing.  OB keenly watching the machine as it records baby's heartbeat.  I saw it was dropping.  I though there must be something wrong with the machine.  My baby's very active.. she's constantly moving.  OB told me to try to change my position to see if baby's heartbeat will recover.  After a couple more minutes, I saw the look on OB's face... sent my heart to skip a beat.  I nervously asked the doctor if there's something wrong.  He looked at me with face almost pale and sweating.  Told me baby's heartbeat is dropping... she's getting tired.  I didn't understand.  My baby's moving a lot how could she have her heartbeat dropping.  I've started trembling with fear for my baby's safety.  Then I heard OB's firm voice telling me we have to do an emergency CS.  A split of seconds after, I've got a nurse and a midwife preparing me for CS.  With my trembling voice, I asked if I can call my hubby first. I called him and asked him to rush back at the hospital.  

Just few more seconds after, they started moving me out the room.  My mother-in-law kissed me and tried to calm me down.  But I felt she was also trembling.  I was crying and uttering non-stop about my baby.  Everything was happening really, really fast.  Voices around giving orders, confirming something, reciting steps to proceed with.  People telling me to do this and that and all I can say is no, I can't move, I am trembling so hard.  I never stopped crying and asking the doctors if my baby is going to be ok, if I will see her right after, if they will allow me to have her in my chest right after she's out and again, if she's going to be ok a hundred times.

They never stopped assuring me that my baby will be fine.  In a matter of few minutes,  I heard our little Spanish Pinay cry.  Her head was raised over the tapestry that covers my tummy and there I saw her face still soaked in blood.  I cried louder than her.  I felt so much joy and relief.  I've never felt so scared for someone else that much.  Then they took her away to be cleaned and examined.  I cried even more.  I wanted to see more of her and longed to touch her.  But I can't.  I was there lying in the operating bed with my arms stretched on each side like Jesus Christ in a cross.  I can barely move.  I was still trembling and crying.  I kept pleading that I want to see my baby again.  Patiently, the doctors were telling me baby's ok and she's being cleaned.  After a few minutes, she was brought back to me all clean and bundled up.  The nurse holding her brought her face close to mine and I felt her soft cheek. I kissed her and smelled her.  I told my baby mami's here and we'll be fine.  She seemed calm. She opened her mouth and I felt like she was also kissing me back.  I was in plain bliss.  I smelled her angelic breath.  Our baby's finally here.  I thought about my hubby and wanted him to be there with us that very moment.  I longed for him so much.

My baby was taken away yet again.  I helplessly said please no, although I know very well that they'd have to take her away again.  I was still crying and trembling.  After closing me, I was brought to the rehabilitation room where I was monitored and examined.  There I waited for more than 2 hours to gain back some sensations on my legs.  I felt really, really cold.  I asked for an extra blanket.  It wasn't enough so I asked for another one.  Still not enough.  I was feeling extremely cold.  I stopped crying frantically but was still sobbing.  I can't stop thinking about my baby and my husband. I so wanted for them to be there with me.  I tried to close my eyes and imagine about them.  Minutes later, I opened my eyes and there was my hubby standing by the side of my bed wearing a doctor's robe.  I cried so hard upon seeing him.  A doctor who's a friend of hubby's parents accompanied him to the rehabilitation room and made him wear a doctor's robe so he would be allowed exceptionally to go inside the rehabilitation room and be with me for a while.

Hubby held my hand the whole time until I gained sensation on my legs.  I kept thinking about my little baby girl.  I long to see and touch her so much.  It pains me knowing that I will not see her until the following day.  When doctors were sure that I can already bend my knees, I was sent to my room where I will be staying for 7 days.  While a nurse pushed the hospital bed where I was lying going to my room, hubby followed.  My parents-in-law were already in my room waiting for me.  I cried upon seeing them and told them I want to see my baby.  They tried to assure me that it won't be long.

My mother-in-law and hubby already had a glimpse of our little one, while father-in-law hasn't seen her yet so I told hubby to accompany his father in the nursery room so he can see his very first granddaughter.  I can see the excitement in his eyes.  I told them I couldn't see her just yet but at least they can and then they could tell me later on how she is doing and how does she look.

Hubby and his father left while I try to stop myself from sobing.  I closed my eyes.  After about 15mins, they came back.  Hubby got this big smile on his face and said "Sorpresa!!".  I didn't know what was the surprise but upon seeing a nurse coming inside the room with them, pushing a transparent cart, I sobbed so hard.  It was my little one.  They made an exception and brought my baby to me.  The nurse reminded us that she can only stay for 5mins.  She let me held her.  I was in heaven.  She's the most beautiful thing I've laid my eyes on.  Precious is an understatement.  I didn't want those 5 mins to end.  But of course, it did.  This time though, my body's calmer.  I know my baby's ok and that the following day, I will see her again.

Tala, our star was born.   With that thought in mind, I surrendered to sleep.


  1. You are a great story teller Lhot. I'm glad things went well in the end, makes the whole ordeal even more special. :) Many blessings to you and your family. She is a star. Mwah!

  2. you made me cry again with that experienced...
    as if i'm also there. great story, lhot!

  3. ang galing mo naman magsulat :) nakakaiyak. congrats ulit!

  4. a very wonderful and touching story mommy dear.

    please see also my post here:

  5. I feel you. I also cried when I read your story. I had almost the same situation that you were in. It's difficult to imagine how was our baby. How she looks like, is she ok? I think these questions are commonly asked by mother who gave birth... Yes, I could feel the pain when you are in recovery room. When you are asked to raise the legs, with the bag of ice in your womb to keep the wound closed. Ah! what an experience especially with the first encounter of our baby!

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    Mapeh Org

  6. Su hija es muy preciosa. You'll treasure this moment and bond with her all the more, I'm sure of that. You also chose a lovely name for her. (First time visitor here, now following you.) :)

  7. Such a great story! My baby Ziggy's heartbeat also dropped when I was in labor. The doctor and nurses kept reassuring me that everything will be ok but I was still very worried that I'd end up having a C-section. Turns out my Ziggy's umbilical cord was tied twice around his neck. Luckily I still delivered him normally. Here's my story,

  8. babies indeed our very own star and moon and angel..hehe

    Hope you can come and visit my MM: Preggy Tale too.

  9. My eldest's heartbeat stop too when I was in labor so I was rushed for a c-sec. Scary but its all worth it.

    My Preggy Tale, happy mother's day!

    PS.. May I invite you to join Nostalgia? It is every Thursday sis, you can read it at my MM post.

  10. That's an amazing story. It was wonderfully written ...

    Happy mother's day!

    Here’s my preggytale

  11. Your story is touching...
    Here's my MM . Hope you can also join Messy Go Round . Thanks and see you around.Happy Mother's day!

  12. What an amazing story! I can imagine how distraught you were when it seemed that you were about to lose your child. My pregnancies were also quite difficult ones. Read more about them here

  13. You're blessed, Mommy! Your Tala is a fighter! She really wanted to be so much a part of your family, and God made it all possible. Happy Mother's Day! Here's my entry:

  14. Happy Mother's day!
    You are one brilliant storyteller. I could feel all the emotions in your entry.

    Hope you can visit My Preggy Tales

  15. wow! that was the most detailed story about 'giving birth' i've read. i can almost feel how you were feeling during that time..

    a visit from Kimmy!

  16. this is such a moving story. I,too, was induced but I was already in the delivery room when my little girl's heart beat started to drop.

  17. what an amazing story.. so glad that everything turned out fine.. it is great to reminisce about a wonderful moment in our lives! happy mommy moments!

  18. This is such a beautiful birthing story.
    My heart started beating fast and so did my brain when I reached your 4th paragraph. Pwede pala yun no? :) I was teary eyed, too. Oo, mejo mababa ang luha ko. hehe. After you gave birth, i had a sign of relief. Praise God, Tala was fine.

    Time flies so fast, biruin mo, in a few months time, your little start going to Daycare na :)


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