Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lazy and Big Headed

At two months, little Spanish Pinay was scheduled for another visit to her pediatrician. It's also time for her vaccines... poor one she screamed and wailed like never before in her two-month life. She was placed belly down to see how she'd hold up her head. She was weighed, measured, scrutinized from head to her tiny vag. She's all good and normal except that she's lazy and big headed. My little smart-rear is lazy to do push-ups. Sometimes she does but most of the times she just doesn't want to. And mami goes all poor-my-baby everytime she started crying during her tummy time so she'd pick her up at once. Bad parenting.

And what do you know, big headed she is. Literally. Hubby and I got stomach-tied when we saw the worried look of the pediatrician the moment the nurse reported that her head measurement is above the normal curve. So they measured again and yet again. In the end, her head measurement is normal but boundering the max. To be on the safe side, the doctor told us to come back after a month instead of after two months. We forgot to tell the pediatrician though that little Spanish Pinay came from a family of modest type of big headed people... my hubby for one! Anyways, we'll see in a month. These things about head, brain, skull, etc, gives me creeps and I'm pretty sure it won't let me sleep well at night if I think too much. Knowing how paranoid mom I am.

So what's the assignment after the check up? More tummy time and less lying down flat on her back. Nurse said this can make the head go flat and thus make it look bigger. So more tummy time it is. In just a matter of minute, she's all "mami I'm tired already pick me up, please", and I'm all "my poor baby... come to mami's arms". But I had to suck it up. After 3 days, she's gotten more used to it. She'd still complain but after a longer time.. like 3 minutes :-).

So ladies and gentlemen, we got stronger neck, arms and shoulders!

And we also want to add this picture showing off her fluffy tushy!

I love her reusable diapers. Makes her butt so fluffy, it's funny. Hey, that's a good rhyme!  Look at her arching her back with her two legs up.  We may be having a gymnast soon ;-)

About the big head, I hope there's also some exercise to not make the head grow above the normal curve... but there's none so, we'll just see in a month's time.   Ta-ta for now!

Monday, June 28, 2010

10 weeks! Really.

10 weeks has passed since that traumatic at the same time fulfilling day in my life.  Has it really been 10 weeks already? Or should I say just 10 weeks?  If I am to think about what's left of my maternity leave, then I'd say gosh, 10 weeks already!!  But If I am to think about the time when little Spanish Pinay wouldn't be so demanding anymore and she'd be more independent playing on her own, probably already eating baby food aside from breastmilk that'll make her really sleep through the night, then I'd say shux, just 10 weeks...

In fairness to our little one, she's been really good at night.  On lucky nights, she's sleep for 5-6 hours straight then feeding time, then another 4 hours, feeding time then another 2-3 hours maybe.  On normal nights, she'd sleep 3-4 hours straight then feeding time, then 3-2 hours then feeding time, then another 3-2 hours.  On a not so lucky nights, she'd wake up every two hours asking for her mami's milk.  Right after she gets fed, she'd easily go back to sleep.  Sometimes, she's too sleepy that she'd only drink from one breast and there's just no way she'd latch on to the other breast.  That makes her only sleep for 2 hours.  The next morning, every morning, even though I've been waking up every now and then to feed her, I get my biggest, warmest thank-you-mami smile from our little one.  She doesn't fail on waking up with big smile for me.  The moment she makes I'm-awake-I'm-not-sleepy-anymore noises, I'd slowly open the window to let the light in, she'd blink her eyes to adjust, then I'd tell her good morning, she'd look at me and there she is all smiles, all giddy moving her head from side to the other showing off her toothless gums.  Every morning.  No fail.  Tiredness eased.  Ready for the whole day's carrying and feeding and playing and ssshh'ing Tala.

good morning my shining star!

As of me, I'm still in a big adjusting mode.  I am doing a lot better now that I am well into getting healed from being sliced and diced.  Baby blues... it's now just in my rear view mirror.  One day, it'll be completely out of my sight.  I just have too many thoughts going on my mind that I just can't shut them even at night they keep me awake.  They are my excitements, worries, things I want to do, things I want to have for my family and the list just goes on. Work. Tala's room.  Bunny dusts.  Jeans. Beach. Going out for a walk with Tala without her suddenly screaming along the way.  My family oceans away.  There's just too many of them. I really have to slow it down.

I am so thankful I have a loving husband who's always supporting me with everything.  He's always there with his bloomers and pom-poms cheering me up (now that's an interesting sight to imagine... uhm, interesting, no. Hilarious!)

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