Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old McMami Had Enough Ee I Ee I Oh!

With a poop-poop here, and a poop-poop there. 
Here a poop, there a poop
Everywhere a poop-poop

Today is Tala's pooping-everywhere day.  She was all quiet in her bouncer and suddenly made funny sounds.  Her face was funny with all the effort she's been doing.  I let her finish her business.   She took a good 5 minutes before her face shows some relief from the serious business she's been doing.  I took her out the bouncer and prepared to change her.  Since she was being breastfed, her poop is watery.  Always.  But never this huge quantity!  As I laid her down on the sofa with a changer mat underneath, her poop was squished up to her back so her shirt was stained with poop.  I held her feet, put them up, cleaned her tush and removed the nappy slowly.   I don't know how long Tala was in that feet-up position but she seemed to be enjoying it.  She was just quiet with her hands together while eyes locked on me.  I feel like she was observing my desperate-diaper-changing abilities! 

And did she test me even more?  Oh yes, she did.  With a wipe on a hand, I leaned closer to her tush making sure everything was cleaned up, I suddenly noticed her tush crunching and before my brain processed what was about to happen, there goes more poop splashed out.  She did such a big effort that I had poop on the sofa, poop on the changer mat,  poop on the floor, poop on my hand, poop on my thigh and most fortunately, poop on my face!  I was tongue-tied for a second and then I let out a loud "Taaaaaalaaaaaa!!!".  Tala was startled with my scream so she kicked hard and her feet escaped my hand... and there goes the feet dipped in the poop!  OH EM GEE! Can it get even worse???

And there was the little Spanish Pinay, smiling and laughing while her mami was cramming to clean all the poop everywhere.   What a brat!  I couldn't help but laugh.  Real joy of motherhood.  Comedy-real.

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