Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Skinny Jeans,

I miss you.  I miss you a lot.  How long has it been? Almost a year, probably?  I'm sorry I've abandoned you that long and I'm sorry I just can't get back to you again just now.  I'm actually back to my weight before I got preggy but my hips, my golly, my hips are still wider than it was.  That's not the real problem though, coz for you I can hold my breath and squeeze my everything to fit you in.  You know well I could and I would...but I just shouldn't.  You see, my dear skinny jeans, I was cut for little Spanish Pinay's safety.  The cut was done way down below the abdomen.  They call it bikini cut.  Apparently it is done as such, so later on I can still wear bikini without the scar being seen by the public.  But honestly, I don't know what's more horrible to see; the scar or the bulgy tummy that can go bouncy bouncy out of the bikini.  Eeeeneeeweys,  I'm still healing from my cut.  It gets uncomfortable tightening around the area and I'm scared the cut would break open (of course it's not gonna happen since it's already scarred but I get that sensation... and I tell ya, it's not a very good sensation).  This is my first time to be sliced and diced so I am all squeamish about anything that has to do with it. 

So my dear skinny jeans,  I'm asking you to not lose hope on me.  I don't know when but I know one day, we'll get the chance to become one again.  In the meantime, just chill out where you are now.  It's nice and cozy in there.

Please keep in touch.

Your owner.

P.S.  Do you think I need to do exercise?  I was never the type and I don't think I will be, anytime soon so, be really, really patient.  It might take some decades before we get reunited again...


  1. hon! you move me with this letter to the skinny jeans.
    For sure, they are waiting for you all happy, you will see.
    There will come the time when we can spend some time with our friend Wii Fit, yoga, relaxing and exercising stuff, even running, it will be nice, we just need a little patience to put things in order.
    I cannot conceive a bigger change in life now than having a baby, it turns your life upside down, and it tests your strength to the limit.
    The light is near, almost to the reach of our hands, I can feel it.

  2. Baby, I was just being funny in this blog :). You're too cute!! :-P I know, the light is near and it actually has been better so we'll get there! Love you hon!


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