Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thirty First and Some Other Firsts

I'm celebrating my 31st birthday today and It's my first birthday to celebrate as a full-fledged mom! It's been both tough and phenomenal. Mostly phenomenal. It hasn't been very easy for me but every tear I shed is being compensated by a thousand joy brought by this so called bundle of joy. Two days ago, Little Spanish Pinay said mama for the first time. I was sooo elated. I was trying to put her to sleep and was feeding her. But after feeding from one breast, she dislatched and wanted to play. I pretended I wasn't interested and didn't pay attention to her. She started blabbering, almost like singing. Then suddenly she said it. Mam-a. I looked at her and she continued blabbering. Then again... Mam-a. She smiled seemingly pleased with the new sound she just learned. I immediately grabbed my phome and started a voice recording. She repeated the word mama for like three times in between ahhha-aahs and mmmbbbffs. I rushed to call my husband who was downstairs watching US Open match. I told him Tala said mama. He couldn't believe it. So I played my proof. He was all so proud with her little one. But felt defeated at the same time. We were kind of having a bet for Tala's first word and obviously, I won! Har. Har. Happy birthday to me :-D

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  1. I lost miserably... but I am sooo happy anyways when I hear those mama sounds ! : D


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