Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Months and a Late Post

So Tala is 5 moths now! Actually, she's 5 months and 2 weeks. As usual my blog post is late. One reason is because I am tremendously busy nowadays and the only way I could write is while breastfeeding Little Spanish Pinay and not working of course. Thanks to a little gadget called smart phone. I write with it, save the blog as draft and then just proofread and/or add photos as needed whenever I have time to sit in front of my laptop. Another reason is that I got diverted with other blog topics while I was composing this one.

Anywhooo... Tala is 5 moths and a half! How cool is that? Time passes by reeaally fast. She's more and more precious every day. Me being proud is an understatement. A stage mom in the making. She gets attention just everywhere we go. And she loves attention. Oh, she loves it!  So does mami! She's so willing to give her sweetest toothless smile to people showing funny faces and silly sounds just to make her smile. And she rarely disappoints.  It's funny how people are in front of babies.  Baby-talk using high-pitched voice or that of when you inhale helium, silly smiles, distorted faces... picture what I'm talking about? I am one of those people.  It's just that making a baby smile is such a warm, fun and satisfying feeling.

What I don't get is that sometimes there are people (like strangers) that would blow on Little Spanish Pinay's face... Uhm what is awkward? That is! Not to mention a little unhygienic too. Hellooo! Virus! They think that's funny for babies? Or funny for them as babies would suddenly close their eyes.  Ok, babies are cute when they blink their eyes many times... and I do that to Tala, I confess.  But I'm the mom, not a stranger! And then, as I hold Tala I get a fare share of the stranger's breath being blown. Flips me out. Where do they get the idea that babies enjoy smelling someone else' breath? Flips me out. And where do they get that much confidence to honor another stranger of smelling their breath? Flips me out!!!

Soooo I got diverted again. I meant to talk about Tala's 5 months milestones and not strangers' breath. So here we go.

* She has started learning how to sit by herself.
* Started eating mashed fruits (apple and pear).  Just a few bites though.  We're just letting her experience different taste.  So she's not yet really into solids.
* She is talking A LOT! She says ma-ma, pa-pa, ba-ma, ba-ba, bui-mi, something like niw-niw and makes a lot of rare sounds.
* She has mastered grabbing hair with such precission and speed. (Grabs other things too but she especially like to grab and pull hair).
* She has mastered rolling over a little before she turned five months.
* She started doing some efforts to crawl. She'd end up crawling like those military soldiers but would just move few centimeters.
* She now knows her name is Tala. She responds and turns her head whenever she hears her name being called.
* She kisses her papi and I. Specially me ;-). It's like she's thanking me for the yummy milk heehee.
* She loves to hug.
* She's full of smiles and laughter. A happy baby definitely!
* She loves to be in her high-chair with us in the dining table.
* She loves now-mami's-gone-now-mami's -back game.
* She learned that dropping or throwing things is fun.
* She raises her arms whenever she wants to be picked up.
* Oh, and hear this.... She's getting more hair! :-D

Whew! That's quite a list. She's growing up so fast and she's demonstrating a lot of changes every day. She gets new facial expressions, new mouth movements, new sound.... in short, something different everyday. Always something to look forward everyday. And it's going to be like that for the next 5 decades(or more) of my life.

Just woke up. Good Morning, mami!


  1. She's gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading Tala's milestone. As you noticed before, my son was born on April 22nd :). So both, Tala and Matias, are going through the same phace. There are some differences. Mati is not as talkative as Tala. Yesterday he tried apple but he didn`t like it. He loves pulling my hair! He is trying to crawl as you discribed it. Mati is not as conscious of his name. But this is our fault. We tend to call him by sweet nick names and not so much by his proper name. We are working on this!
    And it fills my heart with joy to see what a happy baby he is :)

  2. Thanks, Florencia! Nothing really makes a mom happier than seeing her baby happy :)

    I'm looking forward to reading more on Matias from your blog especially that he was born on the same day as my precious one!


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