Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best of The Breast

How many women obsess about having beautiful breasts? They want them big.  They want them plump.  They want them to show off sexy cleavage. ETC.  Why is that so? - Only an extremely naive person would ask.  Well that is to look beautiful and sexy and be attractive to the opposite sex!  But here's a little anthropology review, big breasts (like big hips) are naturally attractive to the opposite sex to denote a good ability of a woman to reproduce. And the purpose of breasts does not just end on attracting "reproduction"... they also serve a greater purpose AFTER reproduction.  To nurse, protect and comfort the by-product of the reproduction act. 

I'm a fan of breastmilk ::If that is not yet too obvious::. I've seen my mom breastfed all my younger siblings and back then all I know is that, it's the natural and the only way of feeding a baby. We were all breastfed until 2yrs old minimum. I was never aware that breastfeeding has tons of amazing benefits for both mom and especially the baby but was already fascinated just by the plain image of my mom nursing my younger siblings. I'd always watch. I saw how happy and peaceful my younger siblings every feeding time. My mom? Full of love and satisfaction painted all over her face (except when she was being bitten hehe... but even then, she takes it with good humor). And somehow the peacefulness radiates to me so I'd look forward every nursing time to be there beside my mom and watch. I never saw my mom had a problem with breastfeeding or perhaps I was too young by then and just never understood. If there were, my mom has surpassed all those.  I never thought there are a lot of obstacles a mom can face at the beginning, until I got pregnant and started reading articles about breastfeeding.

Since I grew up in a family that breastfeeding was the only way babies were fed at the beginning, I was never aware that there had been a growing battle between breastmilk and formula milk. These kind of topics were not in my radar until I was given the turn to be a mom myself. Moms in this modern times are losing awareness on the real benefits of breastmilk and are often driven(both by self and most often than not, by society and circumstances) to use formula milk. Moms had lost the natural instinct as well on how to properly nurse the baby to avoid problems and to be able to successfully continue breastfeeding. So, when encountered with these obstacles, the common solution is to give up on breastfeeding and resort to formula. Not to mention that there are more and more moms nowadays that are working moms and doesn't have a good facility and help to be able to continue breastfeeding. Sometimes circumstances just make it almost impossible to continue breastfeeding inspite of a mom's willingness to continue.

Lately, there are various studies showing hundreds of amazing benefits of breastfeeding and hence, different social groups and sectors incuding governments on different countries have started comprehensive promotions and campaigns for breastmilk. There is a great need now to promote breastfeeding and to offer support as clearly, moms are now tending to substitute breastfeeding with formula for perceived convenience and other circumstances.

I, for one, would like take part on this move (in my own littlest way) so I'd like to start a series of blog entries that talks about benefits of breastfeeding. Especially those that are not too known by many. In the hope that a mom or a mom-to-be might accidentally stumble upon this blog and get inspired (or enticed perhaps) to breastfeed or if already breastfeeding, to continue breastfeeding until baby weans by him/herself, inspite of some challenges that come along the way.

Sometimes, what is really needed is full and proper information.  I know that there are moms who just couldn't breastfeed due to physical or health reasons (although very, very rare) and that there are moms that don't really want to breastfeed for personal reasons.  And that doesn't make them a bad mom. They are not to be condemned for choosing one way over the other.  But for those moms who really want to breastfeed,  every correct information and support they can get is essential.  Had I not been informed of possible problemss (sore and painful nipples, mastitis, slow milk flow, baby not latching, etc.) at the start of breastfeeding and how they can be resolved, I might have resorted to formula feeding.  I would have think, this is not just for me.  And then if later on I found out that there are ways to avoid those problems, would I feel guilty that I didn't give the best for my baby? Perhaps. Because I know I should have informed myself more ::I just realized now that being a mom, you take all the blame and always feel guilty about so many things that has something to do with your baby:: But most of all, I would feel angry.  Angry because no one has informed me.  No one told me that these things can happen but they're not a reason to stop breastfeeding and that there ARE ways to correct these things.

Or knowing that in my husband's family runs a history of allergies and nobody told me that with breastfeeding, the possibility that my baby will get allergies is far lesser than using formula, would I resort to formula feeding? And if I do, I would feel guilty and angry.  Angry that this information was not given to me to help me do something to make breastfeeding possible.

And so, I am starting this blog series (hopefully in a regular basis), to be just another source of information on the benefits of breastfeeding no matter how few readers I have.  We never know where a simple blog like this can reach... and if there's even just one, just one among the gazilion moms out there who can find this useful, that will be a treasure for me to carry till life after.

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