Saturday, October 23, 2010

Half a Year, Twice as Dear

We're 6 months! And my Lord, she's growing up so fast. Little Spanish Pinay seems to be taking some magic growth ball. I see her bigger and bigger everyday. I literally see the difference each day. Oh and not just see but also feel. I can hear my arms yelling "#?!%!!#?!" so loud. Even my back and my legs are joining the protest. But I don't mind them. They can start a picket all they want, nobody's getting a raise! Hah!
Obviously bigger now! We have just unbuttoned her diapers to one size bigger.  

Inspite of the complains I get from my body parts, I am enjoying every bit of Little Spanish Pinay's (LSP - I better start using this acronym to save me sometime typing especially if I am just using my phone to blog...with the tiny keypad my phone has, it's quite nice to save some words to type) big and small milestones. I try to capture in photos and videos each moment but sometimes they just happen quite fast for me to get the camera or sometimes, I'm too busy clapping and yelling and opening my mouth in amazement that my brain gets stunned to order my feet and hands to go for the camera.

She is sooooo active. She loves to jump enthusiastically. She demonstrates her particular liking to a certain thing. She loves listening to opening (ending) songs of cartoons, kids shows, commercials, etc. She especially like the song from the latest commercial of Apple being shown here in Spain. The one that plays the song When You're Smiling by Neils Armstrong. She loooooves that. Once it starts playing in the TV, she stops whatever she's doing, look at the TV, and sways her arms up and down happily while smiling from ear to ear, nose to chin...yes, that big of a smile. She would jump non-stop if she's standing while doing all of the aforementioned things. After the commercial? Back to business as if nothing happened. Looks like she enjoys voices like Armstrong. But she also likes high-pitched voices like the opera or when her papi sings to her in his falseto voice :-). She likes the extremes, the contrasts.

She is in constant movement. She has recently learned how fun it is to swing her arms as though she's holding a jumping rope. While doing that, she'd hit her head and tummy but she doesn't mind.  She's really enjoying her new discovery. She is so fascinated by it, she'd do it all the time. And I mean ALL the time. Even in her sleep.  She cracks me up.  With her antics like this.  Her different facial expressions? Priceless.

One of her silly faces

It's also getting harder and harder each time to change her diaper. She'd twist and turn looking for something interesting or sometimes she'd do that in protest when she's not in the mood for a diaper changing session. What she really loathe? Changing her clothes! She gets really nervous and mad about it. She'd cry and arch her back in utter disapproval. It really requires agility and skill to change her fast to not prolong the big battle and upset her even more. My betcha-by-golly-strong-charactered LSP. Worst is that it's just getting more and more complicated since now, we have to use more clothes for the winter. Those long sleeved bodies and dresses? Big pain in the arse!

LSP in action during one of our difficult diaper changing sessions

She's also trying to crawl more and faster! Especially when she sees something really interesting, like cables, mobile phones, remote controls...yeah, things that are not for babies. But she's still crawling like an army in a battle field, though you'd see some attempts to lift her butt and move her legs to crawl. Everytime she does that? I shriek with excitement. And that sends her to stop and look at me with a confused face. So I'd clap my hands and she'd be all wiggly with happiness, moving her arms and legs like a dog swimming in a pool but in a much faster way.

Army crawl!

I have to stop the shrieks. Seriously.

What she doesn't do yet? Put her feet on her mouth like many babies at her age do - including younger ones. She finds them interesting and try to put them in her mouth but it seems to cost her much not to mention she gets too excited and would start kicking so she'd lose them. Perhaps LSP is not that flexible. And I forgot to ask about that during her 6-month check up! Darn. She's still not into pacifiers and I don't think she ever will. Better then. We wouldn't need to wean her from it later on.

Talking about her monthly check up, she did quite well. She started crying when the pedia started exploring her tummy, mouth and ears. Oooohhh, she so hated it. She was infinitely mad. But it was quite funny when the pedia made her stand on her feet.  She was crying and very upset but she was jumping.  The pedia and the nurse shook their head laughing.  And when the nurse gave her the vaccine? 10,000-decibels-shrieks and a bucket of tears. But all she needed was mami's comforting arms and kisses. She immediately stopped. A real champion.  But she'd throw a gaze at the nurse from time to time and then look at me and would start to sniffle. She's so cute I can just eat her up.

Horz, I always forget to take photos on her monthly check ups.

Anywho... she has evolved quite well. The nurse was surprised about her ability to crawl, like what I call an army crawl. She said that she moves fast and that many babies at her age do less. And I told her that she even tries to stick up her butt in an attempt to really crawl, she was quite impressed. Atta girl, my Little Spanish Pinay! ::Now, I just have to type that completely ;-) :: We have an early developer, y'all!

At the risk of sounding so cliché, I'm gonna say, I'm such a proud momma! There I said it. Inspite of all the hardwork and strength-draining effort of a hands-on mom, I feel so well-compensated. Every night I'd go to bed with an aching body but nonetheless, with a raging heart. I am overly grateful that LSP is such a healthy and happy baby. She is downright attached to her parents. Her sweetness melts me everytime. Her strong character? Flips me. Ahh, mami has a stronger character so when she gets mulish? Mami's more mulish. Heh. That's just how it'll work. Anyways, a strong character doesn't have to's just a matter of applying that on the right moment, situation and people. So we'll see how LSP will evolve in the coming years. For now, we just need to make sure that we mold that into something positive.

OH! Befor I forget, LSP is not the only one celebrating 6 months of healthy and very good development. The boobies also reached 6 months of lactation with flying colors! Yay for Las Boobies!

Las Boobies on duty

After the whole day's hullabaloo, LSP was soooo tired.  We've been out and about with errands today and she has missed her naps.  She was KO by the time we got home.  Poor LSP, errands on her month-birthday instead of having a cake... sweet dreams, my Little Spanish Pinay! Today, we love you more... tomorrow will be even more! ::Song in my head... I love you more today than yesterday...lalalala::

Weight: 7.860kg (p75)
Height: 65cm (p50)
Head Circumference: 43cm (50)
Food tried: pear, banana, apply, bread, rice, potatoes
Fave food: pear, banana, potatoes and bread

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  1. Soo good, I laughed here with the pics out loud : )

    Yesterday she was able to put both feet on her mouth and on her own for the first time. She was in bed
    without the diaper and she was feeling adventurous, so she started putting her feet on her mouth.
    Her mamá and I were all amazed. First I told Lhot, look! she is putting her foot there on the mouth.
    We could not believe it. With her diaper off things turn easier for her. She was elastic enouth at the end : )

    And btw she does not like calabaza : D , at least not Berta's one.


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