Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kiss Me

I never thought I'd ever kiss someone a thousand times a day like I do for Little Spanish Pinay. We spend hours and hours together (like 24 hours haha!) a day that not a single minute would pass that I wouldn't give her multiple kisses. I'm not a mushy person nor showy with regards to my feelings about people...not used to saying sweet words either.

But sure do people change.

If you have a husband that is ultra mushy, mega sweet, and super duper affectionate, tendency is, you'd realize how wonderful is the world of kissy, kissy, embrace, embrace, caress, caress, sweet words all day. And you'll become one of them. In my family, we are not very expressive of our feelings for each other, though we know that if any one from the family is hurt by any one from the outside, they'll soon meet their Creator. Yes, that's how we love each other. We kill for each other! Like a mafia.

Serioulsy now. With my husband, I am expressive.  He's is really contagious...not a single day would pass that I never felt like bombarding his face with kisses or putting on my puppy eyes demanding for his kisses (I know, I know, ewwww).

Now with Tala, it's just tremendous. I'm double, no triple, addicted with kisses. It's a scandal. If she can speak already, I know she wouldn't stop complaining.  Or if she's already walking, she'd run away from me the moment she sees my lips starting to form like a flower bud.  In the meantime, she is but a helpless 5-month old precious baby and couldn't even walk yet to escape from me, so I'd take advantage. And as sure as the sun rises in the East, I'd take advantage of this every single moment. As one day I know she'll be off on her own (man, I'm getting emotional now just imagining that).

If my siblings would hear me with these words, they won't stop teasing me... My siblings... That's how they show their affection. Call you with funny names, tease you until you cry... That's how we are with each other. No kissy kissy moments. Except me with my youngest and only brother. He was my baby. Was. As he is not baby anymore!!! He has his own baby now...at 15 yrs old. NO, STOP. Not baby like a child but baby like you know, sweetheart. Darn. But that's a different story.

The story now is me addicted to giving kisses to my Little Spanish Pinay. How I've converted to a mushy, clingy, oooey, goooey mami. I think for now she's enjoying all the attention and affection that mami is giving her. In fact sometimes she demands more! The best for me? Sometimes she kisses me back (on her own drooly way) and/or caresses my face with her little fingers. Those are my cure-all-tiredness-sleeplessness moments. I really do think she has learned to kiss. Would that be too early? I don't know. At least it feels like a kiss. Sometimes when I carry her facing forward, she'd scoop my face with her hands sideways and then she'd turn her head, open her mouth and pull my face towards her mouth. And she does that slowly. Not like her monster moments when she attacks me head straight with her mouth open and then bite! So it does feel like a kiss. Or other times I have her standing on my lap facing me, she'd put her two hands on each of my cheeks, smiling with her amazed eyes, she'd lean over with mouth open and there goes what feels like a kiss. Every time she does that, I melt like a woman's face full of makeup under the scorching heat of the sun. Ehrm, that is icky. I'll just use melt like an ice cream. And when the time comes she'd say in words that she loves me?

I will explode with pure bliss. Like a balloon that suddenly touched a hot bulb.

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