Friday, October 8, 2010

Much Awaited Friday, Baptism To Look Forward To, and a Raffle To Win

This week has been quite a long week for me.  Between work, house and Little Spanish Pinay, I've got my back really sore and my arms and legs feeling like they were used as punching bags.  I can't express enough how thankful I am it's Friday already.

We went to mass yesterday together with my mother-in-law.  Little Spanish Pinay was really behaved the entire mass. The only thing is that she was distracting the couple seated behind us because she doesn't stop smiling at them.  She had them crazy over her.  I kept hearing muffled laughter and whispers (talking to little Spanish Pinay) from the couple behind us while the mass is on-going.  

After the mass, as we were preparing to go out, Little Spanish Pinay in my left arm, me talking to hubby on my right, I suddenly heard squeals from old ladies in my left.  When I turned my head, there were like 4-5 old ladies crowding Little Spanish Pinay... they were all enchanted by her.  Look at her causing such a commotion. 

One old lady fascinated me when she asked me if Little Spanish Pinay is a Filipina. There are not much Filipinos where we live... I actually just know one Filipina apart from me and Little Spanish Pinay of course.  So people here are not really very oriented with how Filipinos look like.  I am often mistaken as Chinese or Japanese. (As if, in Asia there's only China and Japan... whatever).  So I was surprised when the old lady nailed down right into the spot that Little Spanish Pinay and I are Filipinas.  Of course I answered yes with a beaming smile.

After saying hasta luego (see you later) to all the new fans of Little Spanish Pinay, we went straight to talk to the priest to inquire about baptism.  We're planning to have Little Spanish Pinay's baptism on the first Sunday of December!  I'm excited :)  We were originally planning to have this last August but circumstances didn't gave us the chance.  September and October were crossed out too due to some other family matters.  I don't like the month of November either so, December, it will be.  I was baptized on the 25 of December, hence, it will be really nice if Little Spanish Pinay will be baptized on the same month... besides, December is a really nice month.  Very festive.

Finally, it's my first time to join a raffle from a blog... so let's see my luck.  I'm crossing fingers (and everything that I have in twos lol)... the prize is a pair of really cute booties from a fave store TeoYLeo.

Here's the link to the blog.  The raffle is to celebrate having 200 followers.  Yay for la mamacontracoriente!

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