Monday, November 29, 2010

Cloth Diaper

When I was still pregnant at around 7months, I wrote this entry about disposable diapers.  When Little Spanish Pinay was born, hubby and I decided to really get serious about using cloth diaper. We still use disaposable diaper though from time to time (like if we need to go out the house for a long period of time and there'll be no comfortable place to wash the cloth diaper or if suddenly I ran out of clean cloth diaper). But I can say that the use of disposable diapers that takes 500 years to decompose is very minimal. I know we're not being completely green but let's say using 10 - 15 disposable diapers in a month is A LOT greener than a 200++.  I do what I can to help mother nature though I know I can still do more. Like totally ditching off the use of disposable diapers.  For now, the target is to only use disposable diapers in the event that cloth diaper is not available and/or whenever outside the house for a long period of time.

Now we're on to 7th moth of friendship with cloth diapers and I would say I am really pleased. Little Spanish Pinay never had rashes. No leaks at night and most of all, mother nature is happy! Just a small gesture to give back to our planet and at the same time, provide something good and beneficial to Little Spanish Pinay.

Beneficial it is because her butt stays away from contaminating chemicals of disposable diapers like polyacrylate that is being used to increase absorbency and trap liquid and convert it into gel-like substance. Even those ecological disposable diapers that recently came out in the market contain this toxic chemical among others. What ecological diapers differ from the regular ones is that they may not contain traces of an extremely toxic by-product of paper bleaching process and that the materials used are organic, but not completely free of toxic chemicals like polyacrylate. What's more is that according to study, children who uses cloth diapers can be potty trained earlier. I do not know about that for sure. Then again, my siblings and I never used disposable diapers... but I always remember my mom telling us that none of us had problems wetting our beds.  So it could be true.  We'll see with Little Spanish Pinay... sometimes it is also how parents train the baby.  It's always hard to kiss up to my mom's level when it comes to mothering :)

Some people say that cloth diaper spends lots of water and detergent so it's not totally green.  Personally, I'd say spending certain amount of water - a resource that is mostly renewable resource (not completely but still renewable) to wash is far greener than the waste material brought by disposable diaper that takes 500 years to decompose... there's just no comparison.

What's challenging at the beginning is to find the right type, system and number of cloth diapers that would suit our needs and budget.  We currently have 3 different types of cloth diapers and a number enough to last 3-4 days before loading them off to the washer.

pop-in bamboo cloth diaper
Cheaper diapers I found from ebay.  Not bad.
by cotton babies - same makers of bum genius but these ones are cheaper.  This is by far my favorite!

All of the cloth diapers we chose are one-size.  It can be used from newborn until potty trained.  There's an adjustment for the size for each growth phase.   I do hope that there'll be more and more moms that would opt to use cloth diapers.  It doesn't have to be 100% cloth diaper use all the time but just minimizing the use of these highly contaminating products can be a big help to our dear mother nature.

LSP happy with her flip cloth diaper


I love babywearing. The baby sling was one of those things we bought for baby when we were still pregnant. One of those things we bought without much contemplation. One of thos things we bought because it was 50% off ::I know, not a smart move::

I am just glad that in the end it was one of the smartest buy we've made. I didn't realize there's a whole lot of choices of baby carriers out there and we didn't took some time to check out the different types of baby carriers to know what would work best for us. But heaven just kind of brought us to the right one. Although at the beginning, we thought it was just a waste of money. Little Spanish Pinay wasn't comfortable and It seemed to be too complicated for me to manage. Then again, babywearing is a learned skill. Certain time and practice is needed before one can really enjoy the benefit of it. Frustrated about the fact that I couldn't use well the baby carrier we have, I checked on the internet about baby carriers and some video to see how it is actually used. The video instructions helped a lot. I practiced and put my heart to it coz the idea really fits my needs and LSP's own needs. She is a high-demand baby and needs to be constantly carried. Soon enough, I got the hang of it and I started wearing LSP practically everywhere. It is almost more convenient than having her in the stroller. I can go up stairs of establishments easily. I can go through crowded places swiftly.  I can easily navigate shops and supermarkets without the bulk of a stroller moving around the aisles.  I can do chores around the house. Most of all, she's always near me, I can smell her, give her kisses anytime I want and she's happy!

She sees what I see, she hears what I hear and she moves like I move.  My rhythm and hers are in tune.
Later on, I found out that there actually more benefits from babywearing. There're even different groups that advocate babywearing - basically same advocates of baby wearing. Dr. Sears, a well-known pediatrician and great advocate of attachement parenting puts babywearing as one of the principles of attachement parenting. Below is a snippet from wikipedia:

Benefits of babywearing include:
  • Infants are more organized. Parental rhythms (walking, heartbeat, etc.) have balancing and soothing effects on infants.
  • Independence is established earlier.[3]
  • Attachment between child and caregiver is more secure.[5]
  • Decreases risk of positional plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome") caused by extended time spent in a car seat and by sleeping on the back. Sleeping on the back is recommended to decrease the risk of SIDS. Cranial distortion resulting from non-vehicular time in car seats has shown to be more severe than in children who develop plagiocephaly from back-lying on a mattress. [6] Concern over plagiocephaly has also led the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend that infants “should spend minimal time in car seats (when not a passenger in a vehicle) or other seating that maintains supine positioning." [7] None of the babywearing positions require infants to lie supine while being carried. Infants can even be worn while they sleep, also decreasing sleeping time spent in a supine position.
Sometimes I get different looks in the street while I carry LSP using the baby carrier.  Some try to be discreet while some would give a smile when I caught them looking.  Some would go beyond looking and would stop me to say a few comments.  One time an old woman stopped me and said that it is very interesting to see how LSP looks so comfortable where she is. Then later on with a preoccupied eyes, she asked me if my back isn't hurting from all the carrying.  I just smiled and said not really.  I don't particularly like attention but I kind of like the looks I get from people while I carry LSP in the street.  It makes me feel confident and proud as a mom.  Like making a big statement that I am one with my daughter.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 Months and Sick with Mamitis

She's turned 7 months last Monday. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was still caressing my big tummy imagining what she'd look like, wondering how her voice would sound. And yet, it feels like she has been with us forever.
say what???? 7 months already? I'm that old?
Yesterday, while I prepared chicken macaroni for her papi's packed lunch the following day, she was in her jumperoo playing while she watches me move around the kitchen. I talked to her and sang to her. She'd look at me, throw a satisfied smile and then go back tinkering with her toys. She'd babble from time to time like telling me something. I'd respond as if I understood what she was telling me. She loves to communicate. She loves attention. She loves that I look at her and talk to her. And I like that. Very much. I can't wait till she uses real words and tell me what she thinks about anything and everything. I'm excited to hear her nonstop whys. Though I am already enjoying her little ways of communication and it's really cute. She demonstrates clearly what she wants and where she wants to go. Sometimes it is amazing how she does it. Babies ARE amazing. I am now secretly wishing that I've studied child psychology or any profession that has something to do with babies instead of computer science. Wait, did I just say that out loud?

She has developed a great fondness with my mother-in-law now. Everytime we go to have lunch with my in-laws, she'd immediately throw her hands to her abuela so she can take her in her arms. They have these hanging lamps at home and Little Spanish Pinay loves to look at them and touch them. Her abuela raised her up once so she can look closer and kind of touch the lamp. Ever since then, she has learned that her abuela is the person that would raise her up to the hanging lamps. One time we were in their living room seated in the sofa. Her abuela came and talked to me. Suddenly, LSP made uhm uhm sounds, raised her hands towards her abuela, looked at the hanging lamp, looked back to her abuela, then the hanging lamp again - she repeated that over and over again. Her message couldn't be any clearer. Poor abuela, LSP is already too heavy for her.
With her abuela who'd give her anything she wants... look at that gigantic chunk of bread.. almost bigger than her head!
She moves a lot when she sleeps. She rolls over, she raises her head, she raises her hand then slams it down her side or her tummy or the bed, she raises her legs and slams them down, she wriggles out of the comforter, she crawls - ye, ya hear that right...she crawls. In her sleep. She's hyper even in her sleep.

Horizonal in the bed... so small yet she occupies the majority of the space in our bed!
First thing she'd normally do upon waking up: Roll over and smile when she sees me.
Magandang Umaga, Tala! (that's mami's daily morning greeting for Little Spanish Pinay)
While she loves to eat, she is not very fond of baby food (cereals and those that come in small jars, like gerber products - those are called potitos here in Spain). She would eat them but just a few. She prefers what we eat. Everytime she sees us eating something, she'd ask for it with her uhm uhm sounds and mouth gestures and clasped raised hands. She loves bread. She loves biscuits. She loves fruits that she can eat with her anti-choke feeder. She loves carrots and potatoes. She loves olives! Oh my Lord, I am not even sure if that is alright. I do not give her whole olive for her to eat alone, ok? I know that it's a choking hazard ;-) So, no reason to sue me and remove my child custody, puhleeze. In general I think she loves finger foods. She likes it if she can feed herself. She has also tried her first chicken meat - guess what, she loves it! I have to make some more time making baby recipes. Any one has good recipes? Share please!

She looooves playing hide and seek. She'd squeal and wiggle and bite as she gets too excited. She also loves that someone runs after her. She is very playful. She likes to scoot around the house, she loves to be carried and thrown up high in the air. She loves opening and closing the door, the cupboard, the drawers, the oven, anything that she can pull open and slam shut close! She's a human energizer - keeps going, and going, and going... I can't keep up with her! At the end of the day I am just super exhausted. Limp limbs are what I have before hitting the bed.
playtime with papi
She loves to play with the phone, with the remote control, with the laptop... she goes crazy... insanely crazy when she see those things.  And she loves to drop her toys... she'd wait till someone picks them up an then ZAS! throw them again on the floor.  Couldn't she be any naughtier?

It's getting more and more difficult to have a good photo session with LSP too. One second she'd do a funny gesture but another split of second, she has bowed her down down ot twisted her head away from the camera, etc. Too fast for my poor phone camera to capture. Even with a good camera, I couldn't get a good angle as she goes on her own or would want to crawl away from the camera. I need help from hubby to distract her and make her sit still. I feel like I already have a toddler LOL

She'd twist and turn her head away from camera

She'd sway her arms joyously and bang her head and bounce her body... result? blurred foto

But sometimes, I can get lucky and capture a contagiously happy face like this.
She's even more social now. She'd smile, she'd want to touch stranger's face, she'd seem to want to be taken by raising her hands towards the person but when taken, she'd look for me and after a minute, she'd cry. She is definitley sick-stricken with mamitis - that is an invented word here in Spain that describes the behavior of a baby that is "too attached" to moms. Considered like a sickness in a funny way.

But I am enjoying her mamitis... I love the way her eyes search for me. I love the way she yearns for my arms, my warmth, my being.  I love the way her eyes glow every time she sees me back after a few minutes of being away.  I love the way she cups my face with her two hands and stare at my face for a few seconds with her big expressive eyes and sweet smile. I love the way she calls for my attention.  I love the way I am an exception for her from everybody else. If that is really some sort of sickness, then I hope she won't get cured :-)
One of her mamitis attack
Happy 7 months my mamitis-stricken Little Spanish Pinay!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An A+ Customer Service

Our telephone-internet company made my day, that I thought I have to blog about it. How they made my day, I'll tell more about it later. Rarely I'd rave about a company this much as nowadays, good customer service has suddenly become a rare gem. But this one, really deserves a blog entry. We've been pleased with their customer service from the beginning. Phone inquiries were promptly attended with patient, amiable and respectful operators. Troubles (which are seldom) were resolved in the shortest time possible. We've chosen this company as they were the only ones offering fiber optics internet connection in the area. Also at the time of our subscription, when we moved in to our own place, there was a very good promotion saving us a good amount of dough for a year (remember: frugal is the middle name, savings is the game), so we took advantage.

After more than a year, and as our expenses grow like a weed, we thought we should revisit some of the expenses we'd like to cut down. The internet connection was one of the those that hit the list. We thought maybe we can use the normal ADSL connection that would give us a bit of a savings monthly. So we started looking for other internet provider. Just by imagining we'd be saying goodbye to fiber optics and to this provider giving us good service, we already started missing them. Boohoo, right? Then again, thinking and rethinking about it over and over, in the end, we decided to stick with fiber optics. Going back to ADSL is like a step backward. What's more, I work from home and I do need a very good internet connection so we better cross out internet connection as one of the expenses we'd cut back on. The internet then was crossed out from the list we'd be cutting back.

So, going back to why this provider made my day today. Well, I started getting into twitter and I started to follow this provider yesterday - to get recent news and offers. I sent them a tweet to ask a question. They promptly replied. And then right after, they sent a tweet to everybody announcing that they have reached 1000 followers. I immediately tweet back: "@quecheparece no me digas que soy la numero 1000??? :-)" "don't tell me I'm the 1000th??? :-)". I didn't actually expect a reply from them but what do you know, they did and told me "no, la 1001. Pero es un numero mas bonito. Quieres una camiseta?" "No, you're 1001st. But it's a prettier number. You want a shirt?". Isn't that sweet? It's just a shirt but small details like this makes the difference. Of course I said yes and they immediately sent me a privy asking for my address.

I am glad that in the end we stayed with them. Viva la pura fibra!

Ear Piercing = Piercing Cry

Yesterday, we had Little Spanish Pinay's ears pierced. It's probably a little late already as normally baby girls would already have their ears pierced before they leave the hospital. With LSP's case, this service was not offered to us in the hospital where she was born. Also, during our first visit to the pedia, we were told that it would be better to wait till her six months so she'd already have enough anti-tetanus vaccine. Obedient as we are, we nod our head, convinced with the reasoning given to us.

So after almost 7 months now... time to get this over and done. We went to the nearest pharmacy for LSP's first initiation as belonging to female group. The pharmascist used a marking pen to mark the spot where the piercing gun (my made up name) would put the earings. Little Spanish Pinay didn't have a clue what was about to happen. Tsug! Fired the piercing gun and it took LSP 2 seconds before letting out her piercing cry. Poor her. That first piercing went by smooth. But after that, since LSP already know what these are about, she was all protest. She fought hard to stay away from the mean man in white robe. She twisted, cried 10,000 decibels, moved her arm frantically... I wanted to calm her down first but the mean man in white robe didn't seem to be willing to wait so off we go again for the second try. It took the mean man in white robe a good while to finally hit the right spot. LSP was fierce! When the gun shot its final blow, LSP almost lost her breath. I panicked a bit. She suddenly stopped crying. It was too sudden that it seemed like she had lost her breath. And then all she was doing was short hard sobs. She was soooo scared. Then after a few seconds she started crying again but this time in a faint sound. Still with short quick sobs-like. That thing that happens to children when they cried too much. Like gasping for air and moving their heads sideways in a reflex-like movement. I do not have a clue if there's a term for that in Englsh. I almost broke down to tears too. I know, I'm such a softie. She stopped crying when we left the pharmacy. But she wasn't happy. I kissed her, hugged her nonstop, sang to her, danced her - all I got was just one itsy bitsy tiny smile.

She cried like this.... but 10 times worse!
Isn't your heart breaking too at the sight of this poor thing?
When we came home, papi was waiting for us since he was working from home (papi has flu). Upon seeing her papi and hearing papi's joyful voice, she happily smiled and jumped and wriggled in my arms. Papi never fail to make her smile. Mami, is one and only but Papi, is super papi!

Another super is that we've finally got our ears pierced!! I know when she's older she'll thank me for this :)

Spoke Too Soon

Little Spanish Pinay with sniffles
Little Spanish Pinay continues with her colds as of this writing :-( Though she didn't have fever anymore after last Friday, she continue to have sniffles. We decided to go to her pedia yesterday just to check that it's just simple colds and sure enough, it is just that. She was given cough syrup to take and saline solution to help her expel the nasal congestion. She was such a sport taking her medicine! So proud of her! Although last Monday she already seemed like she was almost back to normal, her runny nose made a come back. Good thing it wasn't too bad as she is still able to sleep at night.

The other night though, she had her nose too clogged and we do not have a nasal aspirator so in desperation, I sucked it directly... with my mouth. I know. Yuck. But I'd do anything to help my Little Spanish Pinay get relieved from any type of suffering. Anything. And everything. Even if it's just temporary or just a little relief, it's worth it. And I'd do it again as necessary. I guess that comes with being a mom.

What's bad is that she passed down the virus to her papi. Hubby is now under house arrest due to his flu. Our family doctor wanted to give her sick leave for a week so he can completely rest but since hubby's very responsible at work, he just asked to work from home instead. They don't have much people now within their team so if he'd be on sick leave, it'll cripple the whole team.

So, now I am taking care of two patients at home. I hope my immune system would stay loyal to me as it'll be more difficult if the three of us would become sick at the same time. 

Boo to cold weather and too much rain!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Really Special Christmas to Look Forward To and a Christmas Tree Nowhere to be Placed

Did you get the memo? I didn't! I am shocked with the realization that it's only 5 weeks before C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S! How could time fly sooo fast? Really, hours and days and weeks and months are passing by me like a bullet train. I'm hardly able to keep up. It'll be Little Spanish Pinay's first Christmas and I really want it to be something special but I don't know what to plan or where to take time. Heck, I don't even have time to cook an elaborate dinner these days. Panic is what I feel, I tell you.

But then, really, what is it to prepare? Christmas will come and will be special no matter what. Just by celebrating Christmas with the newest addition to the family is already making everything extremely special. We've already got the brightest star to top off the Christmas tree - could there be any more special than that?

Could anything else make our Christmas day and every day more special than those to-die-for smile? 

So let me repeat these words to myself to help me calm down. I think more than panic, I am feeling really, really excited and palpitated (I know palpitated is used incorrectly but I want it to rhyme excited, ok? So just let it pass you grammar freaks).  She'll go crazy seeing all the Christmas decors and lights everywhere.  And the gifts! Not like she'd already understand the concept of gifts but for sure she'll enjoy looking and touching and playing with new things :)

Erhm, speaking of Christmas tree, I do not have a place in our living room to put it!! The place where we put it last year is now being occupied by Little Spanish Pinay's playpen.  And I just couldn't find any other place in the living room to put it. Really, with Little Spanish Pinay, our living room looks even smaller... she got all her things all around the room!

Would it be totally weird if I put it in the kitchen? Hmmmmm

 p.s. I used the word really 8 times!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Fell in Love

...with this French store for children's clothes. Luuuuuv their style, their selections and the variety of colors which are beyond what's traditional for children (you know, the pink and blue). Here in Spain, or at least where we live, many parents dress their children with what I call snooty, classical 19-so-old style. My husband describes them as ripipi. Ripipi is shorter so I'd use ripipi. We don't want ripipi.

no, not our style

They're not bad, only that they are so not our style. They're very stiff and too snooty. Children dressed in those style seems to belong high-class families with helpers in uniform. You get the idea. And we are not so that. We are wash-and-wear kind of dressers. And for kids, I like fun, colorful and stylish-cute. I like it to be actual but doesn't look like clothes for adults. No, I don't want a mini-me but a Little Spanish Pinay dressed for her age. With clothes that can be stained or would allow her to roll over the floor or the grass or hop non-stop, etc. Most especially clothes that wouldn't dent our budget and yet has a very good quality.

Just how cute are they!

All those describes my new found love. Orchestra. What's more, with the Club 50% membership, you get 50% off on all of the items in the store. ALL. ALL items. For a whole year. You just need to pay 30 euros membership and you got 50% off on ANY item you buy for whatever amount for a whole year. Not. Bad. At. All. No more waiting for sale season. As true as my middle name is frugal. And when they're on sale and an item is already on sale at 50%? You get 70% instead! Yeah, baby!

I fell in love with this store so deeply, now I am dreaming about opening a franchised store. Shut up. I know it's a big dream on but hey, dreaming is free so, let the girl be with her dream.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There's Always A First

Little Spanish Pinay had experienced having fever for the first time.  Friday night, she was waking up every now and then having a hard time breathing.  So we were up half the time struggling to find a good position while nursing so that she can breathe better.  Around 7am, I knew she was already having fever. I let her sleep some more but around 9am, she decided she's done trying to get some more sleep.  She's still warm (37.5 ºC) so I decided to give her some paracetamol (Apiretal - the tempra version here in Spain).  After a while, her fever subsided.  Runny nose she got all through out Saturday.  Sneezes here and there that sends her nose firing off tons of fluid. I have her another dose of paracetamol in the afternoon and then at night before going to bed.  She was such a sport taking her medicine.  She didn't like the taste of course but still she didn't give me a hard time.  My poor baby.  My hubby was too worried about her he wanted s to go the hospital but I told him there's nothing to worry about it.  Her fever has already subsided and she's doing good.  Although she was complaining from time to time, she never lost her smile and light-heartedness.  She played with her padrinos and abuelos like she wasn't sick.

After almost 7months of her life, she finally fell victim of fever and colds.  But she's strong... the following night, she was already doing much better.  Although she's still having runny nose, she slept well and didn't get fever the whole night.  The next day, no fever, just runny nose and sneezes from time to time.  Today, almost zero colds, almost back to normal.  Such a winner.  I am so glad the fever and the colds didn't last. 

So last Friday, we have recorded another of her firsts... only that it's not something we were looking forward to.  

Taken Saturday.  Her runny nose obviously couldn't stop her appetite and her smile.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breastfeeding And Being Stylish Should Go Together

I do not consider myself as fashionista nor trendy. I don't normally go with the trend when it comes to choosing my outfit. I just put on what I feel looks good on me, highlights whatever little asset I have, and most of all, is comfortable. When choosing clothes to buy, I like those that has little details that are interesting but not loud and doesn't get attention from people a mile away from me. So to say, I do not like loud, crazy, funky designs. I like simplicity, elegance and a little umph factor.

When I got pregnant and started showing off big bump (by big bump, I mean humungous! As in belly, belly big. Ok, I know you get what I mean), I kind of struggled with my outfits. I couldn't use most of my clothes. As in 85% of 'em. Since frugal is my middle name, I didn't want to buy pre-natal clothes only to stash them away after a few months. Na-ah. When I buy clothes I want to be able to make the most out of them. So, those were like 4 months of having very few selections of clothes to wear. Very few like having a uniform to wear at school. But it didn't matter at all as I knew it doesn't have to be forever. Alas, I gave birth although Little Spanish Pinay didn't seem to want to see the outside world. At 41 weeks, I was induced twice. Twice, people! And still no contractions. In the end, I had to undergo emergency CS because the little rascal wrapped her umbilical cord around her neck and couldn't breath. We were losing her. See, she's already a rebel from the beginning.

I got distracted from my topic. Focus, Spanish Pinay, focus! I was talking about outfits. So then when I finally gave birth, I thought what a relief! I can use my other outfits again and I'd have more choices. Boy, was I wrong. Though not faced with as much difficulty as when I was pregnant, I am still having such struggle at least for blouses and dresses. Luckily, I am now able to wear all my jeans and pants. Including... wait for it... my skinny jeans! Yeah, baby! Hooray to breastfeeding, I've said goodbye to pre-natal extra pounds in no time! And hooray to Little Spanish Pinay for being high-demand baby that always want to be carried, saggy arms are so 1920 for me!

I got sidetracked again. Well no too much. I mentioned breastfeeding. I could have been totally happy getting reunited with my old clothes again and perhaps meeting new ones. But no. That's just not the case. Whenever we need to go out, I'd spend a good time staring at my closet while my hand is holding my chin and my toes are tapping the floor, thinking of what to wear. No, I'm not being vain. I simply do not have enough clothes that provide easy access to Las Boobies whenever Tala needs her dose of milk in the public. You know, I can't just always lift my blouse from the bottom and let my whole torso say hello to the world! A button-down shirt is one of my favorites for this but I do not have a lot of those. A top with wide collar or stretchy collar is also ok, only that it shows more skin...but I actually don't mind that much. I can always cover up with something or just let it all out, hah!

I tried to check for clothes that are special for breastfeeding moms but most of them are so blah and others are just horrible. Then a friend told me about Their designs actually tickles my fancy but my middle name shouted in protest when I saw the prices. Not fair. Breastfeeding is so important and beneficial not just to the baby but also to the society so breastfeeding moms should be encouraged by offering nice, elegant, stylish and cute outfits that are affordable to many. And not discourage moms by the thought that when they chose to breastfeed, they can say adios to being sassy ladies. That is not the way to support moms, people! Whew, that felt good. I really needed to let that out.

So, in the end I didn't buy any. Maybe I should consider changing my middle name? Anywho...I discovered a good technique. I wear a tube top under a blouse or another top that doesn't have any other access to La Boobies but lifting the bottom part. So that way, everytime I lift the the blouse, my whole tummy and back are still covered. At the same time, they provide easy access to Las Boobies. Neat, huh :-). And now that it's winter, the extra layer adds some warmth. You call that two birds in one stone. You also call that ingenuity and frugality. Hold on, I am doing my curtsy. Now all I need is prolly a couple more of these tube tops to have the basic colors that will go with most of my blouses. Tube tops shouldn't cost much. I can buy the simplest in the market since they'll just be used as undershirt.

Friday, November 12, 2010


When we were still pregnant with Little Spanish Pinay, we started planning and checking on the essential things that we need to buy for her at the start of our third trimester. On the top of the list were the crib and the stroller. Didn't we have our heads spin in all directions with all the things that needs to be considered and checked at! My golly, one needs a whole master's degree about strollers to be able to pick the right one. And then browsing through all the other things that a baby needs, I swear, sent me running to the bathroom and embrace the throne. Too many for my brain to understand and assimilate. Some of them are even words I just heard for the first time. A changing table? What? A table that transforms? Into what? Swaddle? Anti-rollover sleep positioner? Huh? Is this greek? You get the gist. Just so many things! Are they all really needed? I have 4 younger siblings and I've never seen my mom bought not even a quarter of what is out there in the market being offered for baby care. Time's a changin' huh. In the end, we only bought what is like really, really the essential and thought we'll just buy these things as we deem needed.  

So we have passed that phase of getting confused on what baby things to buy...what to consider in buying these things, etc. And now entering another similar phase as Little Spanish Pinay is now learning to scoot around the house. Childproofing! Oh, my head is spinning again on the options out there and the areas to childproof, the brands, types...that many, really? We were six in the family and never did my parents childproof our house as far as I can remember but we never had accidents at home that I can remember. Oh, there's one. When a big can of powdered milk fell on my head - right above my right eye. I still have the scar from it. And oh, another one - one that sent my youngest brother to the emergency room because he put a seed of tamarind inside his nose and it was just impossible for us to take it off of his nose. My fault that was! I was eating sweet tamarind while watching him over and let him play with the seeds. Hmmm can a person be childproofed too? Other than those two? I can't remember any other accidents that occurred in our house when we were young. Like fingers getting caught on the door, intoxications, burns, heads hitting the corners of the furnitures, etc.

Don't get me wrong, child safety is VERY VERY important to me and I have nothing against childproofing. In fact we are actually on to it. I just wonder about how parents of before survived without all these. Time's really a changin'  

So anyways, we're back in that phase again. Getting our head spin with all the options out there. Not to mention that our pockets are starting to tremble now.  FIN.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday Morning - Every Mornings Should Be Like This

Hubby and I had a work-free day last Friday so we took advantage of the spring-like morning. We went to a nearby park and had Little Spanish Pinay try the swing. She totally loves it. At the beginning, she seemed like she doesn't give a tiny rat's a$$ with what's going on. She was busy looking at the other little girl (about a yr old) enjoying her own swing. After a short while, LSP was already screaming and swinging her legs with sheer happiness. I could die of her cuteness. 
Too darn cute.  I can eat her up in one big ñom.
She would be staying in that swing for as long as who-knows-when but we decided to take her as there was another cute baby waiting for her turn.  LSP should learn the value of sharing as early as now.  We tried another type of swing in the park. It's like a modern version of the hanging-tire-swing with net in the middle so one or two kids can share the swing. It was fun coz mami was able to swing with Little Spanish Pinay.

After a good 1++ hour of swinging, taking videos and pictures, we went off and had a walk just before we went to have lunch with my inlaws. LSP got really tired from all the screaming and laughing and kicking. She fell asleep in the baby carrier. ::I died again of sheer cuteness::
I adore this baby carrier!
It was a really, really nice morning to spend with an uber handsome hubby and a to-die-for happy mini-us.
Made me think and wish for the dear life of me that every child should spend everyday of their first years with their parents having morning walks, playtime and being cuddled to sleep. That's how things should be. That's where babies should rightfully be placed - with their parents, especially with their moms. In a perfect world. Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect world. Parents have to work. Even moms have to work and be away from their babies at least a third part of the day.

Sigh. I would love the chance that I can have all my time 24x7 for LSP. Thinking about just her, looking at her, talking to her, playing with her, laughing with her, singing to her, seeing the world with her. No office work. Just being a mom to her and a wife to hubby. Unfortunately, the consequences of life wouldn't allow me that luxury. It's OK. We still have a lot of time after work to weave memories, share kodak moments, be silly on the floor and just be. Every second spent is precious, magical. The most special time of the day we have for the three of us? At night. When our bodies have surrendered to the day's rush and our souls seek for peace in the warmth of our blanket and each other's embraces.

Pequeño Pero Maton (Small but terrible)

The products to be reviewed came in to my doorstep this morning. Hubby and I were both excited to try it out so I took one bottle and prepared for our drinks for dinner. It tastes like the old times Sunny orange...brought me back childhood memories :-)

Verdict? Definitely worth the try. I'm sure kids will love it. The good part is that it can be prepared according to one's own taste - lesser or stronger taste or just what is recommended by the manufacturers. We still have to try the other flavors. Fun!

Pequeño Pero Maton was written on the inside box of each pack which I find funny but fitting to the product

Then I still have 8 packs to be distributed to friends and families...and have them interviewed about their opinion and comments. Time to work.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Less is More

I came across a blog that talks about reviewing products at home a long time ago.  I thought it was interesting but never really had the time to know more about it until I came across it again and took time to go the actual site and inspect.  It is a community where the members can have opportunity to review new products and services combining it with diversion, innovation and participation.  The members choose and apply for the products they want to participate with.  One project took my attention and thought I should give it a shot.  They are accepting just a certain number of applicants. The member has to fill up a form and submit an essay to convince the organizers why the member is fit to do the product review.  I didn't expect I would be chosen but I was.

So the product I applied to review is called Menos es Más (less is more).  It is a concentrated refreshing drink that is mixed with water to make up to 2L.  The advantage of the concept is that it doesn't have to be used all at once.  It can be prepared per glass (much like a powdered drink).  Once the bottle is opened, it can be kept in the fridge for a month.  The prepared drink is low in calories (about 18 kcal/100ml).  Plastic bottle and cap are both 100% recyclable - that, I like. 

That was the main thing that caught my interest to review this product.  It is environment friendly. Win.  With the current economic situation all over the world, consumers are looking more and more on how to save.  With this idea, you see savings everywhere; less space in the fridge, less weight on grocery items, less items for delivery trucks - thus saving CO2 contamination, less plastic bottles to throw and sit in the garbage pit to take hundreds of years to decompose (zero actually at they are 100% recyclable, remember?), and less drinks to buy since they are diluted to make a 2L drinks.

They will be sending me the following:

1 pack or orange flavor, 1 pack lemon flavor and 1 pack leman ice tea flavor - these are for my household to consume.  They will be sending another 3 packs of orange and lemon ice tea flavor and 2 packs of lemon flavor to be distributed to other families and friends for review and testing.  It's a way to introduce the product to more people and see how they think about the product.  They will be sending 20 mailing postals and marketing investigation manual to participate in what they call scientific investigation.  

Seems like I will be up for some work... didn't expect that but I guess it'll be a good experience.  And if this product is actually good and supports the environment, it'll be worth this little effort.  Gotta start thinking about the environment for our children's better future... wink!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Poop That Was

So Little Spanish Pinay has officially started with solid food. "Officially" because she has started tasting solid food just a little even before ::I'm saying this in a hush hush tone. Don't let our pedia hear this:: She's still 95% being breastfed, though. Her solid food routine is to merely introduce her to different food texture and taste little by little. And for her tummy to start adopting to solid food. She eats 2 teaspoon of cereals mixed with breastmilk about twice a day, a little bit of fruits (banana, apple, pear)here and there, potatoes and bread to keep her entertained while adults eat. She loves bread and I believe what she loves the most about it is that she is able to munch on it on her own. Little Ms. Independent we have it seems. She can also eat banana on her own with the help of Nikidom baby safe feeder. It is actually a brilliant idea. But the cleaning part? Not much fun especially with bananas. An unused toothbrush to clean the mesh bag where food goes does help, though. And I repeat an unused toothbrush. No need to explain that, eh?
Nikidom baby-safe feeder.  Here in Spain it is called anti-ahogo alimentador literally means anti-choke baby feeder.
Happily eating banana with her baby safe feeder

I love that LSP loves food. She loves to sit with us in the dining table while hubby and I eat our meal. I make sure that she gets to participate as well. Everytime she sees me putting something in my mouth? She beeeggs to get some too! She wouldn't stop making uhhhrrmm uhhrrmm uhhhrrm noises, stretching her two arms, fists tight closed. Such demands!

And so, stepping up onto this new stage of solid food adventure, LSP has entered onto another stage of solid poop adventure. Yesterday, while we were having dinner, Tala suddenly made some weird gestures - arms raised mid-high, fists closed, lips twitching, head suddenly slightly but quickly shaking. We laughed with her gestures but wondered what was that all about. When I checked her diapers, lo and behold - there was THE poop. There goes the answer to the twitching and fists closing. My poor LSP, she was having a hard time expelling her poop. Before we started giving her solid food, her poop is normally soft and watery. That's the normal consisteny of the poop for breastfed babies. She never had a hard time letting her poop go but this time, it was different. So my dear LSP, that's the price of introducing yourself to the wonderful world of tastes. Don't worry you'll get used to it...

And that's the story of the poop that was.

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