Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breastfeeding And Being Stylish Should Go Together

I do not consider myself as fashionista nor trendy. I don't normally go with the trend when it comes to choosing my outfit. I just put on what I feel looks good on me, highlights whatever little asset I have, and most of all, is comfortable. When choosing clothes to buy, I like those that has little details that are interesting but not loud and doesn't get attention from people a mile away from me. So to say, I do not like loud, crazy, funky designs. I like simplicity, elegance and a little umph factor.

When I got pregnant and started showing off big bump (by big bump, I mean humungous! As in belly, belly big. Ok, I know you get what I mean), I kind of struggled with my outfits. I couldn't use most of my clothes. As in 85% of 'em. Since frugal is my middle name, I didn't want to buy pre-natal clothes only to stash them away after a few months. Na-ah. When I buy clothes I want to be able to make the most out of them. So, those were like 4 months of having very few selections of clothes to wear. Very few like having a uniform to wear at school. But it didn't matter at all as I knew it doesn't have to be forever. Alas, I gave birth although Little Spanish Pinay didn't seem to want to see the outside world. At 41 weeks, I was induced twice. Twice, people! And still no contractions. In the end, I had to undergo emergency CS because the little rascal wrapped her umbilical cord around her neck and couldn't breath. We were losing her. See, she's already a rebel from the beginning.

I got distracted from my topic. Focus, Spanish Pinay, focus! I was talking about outfits. So then when I finally gave birth, I thought what a relief! I can use my other outfits again and I'd have more choices. Boy, was I wrong. Though not faced with as much difficulty as when I was pregnant, I am still having such struggle at least for blouses and dresses. Luckily, I am now able to wear all my jeans and pants. Including... wait for it... my skinny jeans! Yeah, baby! Hooray to breastfeeding, I've said goodbye to pre-natal extra pounds in no time! And hooray to Little Spanish Pinay for being high-demand baby that always want to be carried, saggy arms are so 1920 for me!

I got sidetracked again. Well no too much. I mentioned breastfeeding. I could have been totally happy getting reunited with my old clothes again and perhaps meeting new ones. But no. That's just not the case. Whenever we need to go out, I'd spend a good time staring at my closet while my hand is holding my chin and my toes are tapping the floor, thinking of what to wear. No, I'm not being vain. I simply do not have enough clothes that provide easy access to Las Boobies whenever Tala needs her dose of milk in the public. You know, I can't just always lift my blouse from the bottom and let my whole torso say hello to the world! A button-down shirt is one of my favorites for this but I do not have a lot of those. A top with wide collar or stretchy collar is also ok, only that it shows more skin...but I actually don't mind that much. I can always cover up with something or just let it all out, hah!

I tried to check for clothes that are special for breastfeeding moms but most of them are so blah and others are just horrible. Then a friend told me about Their designs actually tickles my fancy but my middle name shouted in protest when I saw the prices. Not fair. Breastfeeding is so important and beneficial not just to the baby but also to the society so breastfeeding moms should be encouraged by offering nice, elegant, stylish and cute outfits that are affordable to many. And not discourage moms by the thought that when they chose to breastfeed, they can say adios to being sassy ladies. That is not the way to support moms, people! Whew, that felt good. I really needed to let that out.

So, in the end I didn't buy any. Maybe I should consider changing my middle name? Anywho...I discovered a good technique. I wear a tube top under a blouse or another top that doesn't have any other access to La Boobies but lifting the bottom part. So that way, everytime I lift the the blouse, my whole tummy and back are still covered. At the same time, they provide easy access to Las Boobies. Neat, huh :-). And now that it's winter, the extra layer adds some warmth. You call that two birds in one stone. You also call that ingenuity and frugality. Hold on, I am doing my curtsy. Now all I need is prolly a couple more of these tube tops to have the basic colors that will go with most of my blouses. Tube tops shouldn't cost much. I can buy the simplest in the market since they'll just be used as undershirt.

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  1. Sooo funny! siempre fuiste muy lista, esa técnica deberías patentarla, and if we ever get the money of the tdt refunded i think we can invest it on those vogue mummy clothes, mmwuah!


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