Sunday, March 28, 2010

Un Regalo Para Toda La Vida

"A Gift for a Lifetime".   That's what the title of the book means.  This is the latest book hubby and I bought and I must say it's a very, very useful, practical and informative book.   It talks about breastfeeding.  I've always been fascinated about breastfeeding.  I'd often watch my mom breastfeed my siblings when they were babies.  It's a perfect picture for me - a mom breastfeeding her baby looking through the baby's eyes and the baby happily drinking his milk, eyes of pure adoration locked on his mother's eyes as well, with one hand touching the mother's breast.  There's no other image more tender than that.  Now that I'm about to be a mom as well, I am really looking forward to be able to breastfeed our little Spanish Pinay.  I know that it'll be our very, very special bond.  To this day, there are many moms that are faced with problems about breastfeeding.  Many moms complain about wanting to breastfeed their child as long as they can but for certain circumstances, they are not able to because they have stopped producing milk.  Some because of their work, and some because it is too difficult for them.  I am really hoping that I will be able to overcome the obstacle of being able to breastfeed our little one as long as she needs.

Reading this book has inspired me a lot and made me more informed about the obstacles and truth about being able to breastfeed without getting overwhelmed and to enjoy all the benefits of it.

An excerpt of what is written at the back of the book says: 
Inside mom's breast, apart from the milk that feeds the baby, the baby seeks and finds fondness, tenderness, consolation, warmth, security and attention.  It's not only about the milk that nurtures, the baby claims for the breast because he wants the warmth of his mother, the person he knows more than anyone.  For that, what's important about breastfeeding is not just counting the hours and the minutes or count the milliliters of the milk, but the bond that is established between the mother and the child, which is the chance to continue the union that binds the mother and the baby-once-inside-the-womb through the umbilical cord 
Breastfeeding is a part of a woman's sexual cycle; for many mothers, it's a moment of peace,   the depth of satisfaction, to know that she is needed and to feel adored. 
These words are just precious.   I felt so moved by these that I thought I need to buy this book.  I am so glad I did.  Once I started reading it, it has been difficult for me to put it down.  There's just so many wonderful things about breastfeeding that I do hope many more moms would exert more effort to be able to breastfeed as long as the baby demands for it.

I know my little Spanish Pinay herself will guide me well to be able to do an effective breastfeeding moments and make each moment unique and memorable for both of us.  After all, no one would know the right moment, the right amount of time and the right way for this moments of bonding, better than her.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Father's Day

March 19, 2010 - St. Joseph's day. That's when father's day is celebrated here in Spain. Hubby has been all excited for this day from the day I can't remember. He kept on chanting "I'm already a father... I'm already a father!" He'd tell his parents and his sister that they should prepare gifts for him as he is already a father... and they would tease him that children are the one that should give gifts to the father and not anyone else. And he'd fire back saying "Well, I'm going to put a new rule in this family.... from now on, everyone will give gifts to fathers.", then he'd walk away with a big smile pasted on his lips.

From time to time, he'd ask me about his gift... so I'd tell him, well, our little one can't prepare any gift yet as she's still stuck in my womb... so he better not expect anything. He'd give me his puppy eyes and would say "It's not fair... it'll be my first father's day...!".

Of course I wouldn't want to ruin any surprise I was preparing. It wasn't anything fancy but it was something really special and personalized. I was so happy it arrived on time. Manuel really thought I didn't prepare anything so he was really surprised when he got a gift at the same time we presented our gift for his father...

The proud and excited papi

Little Spanish Pinay presenting her gift to her papi

Our family

"A father like mine,
there's only ONE!
I love him very much"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Barely a Month Before the Big Deployment!

Yes, it's barely a month and the wait is getting more difficult by the second. My tummy is now too heavy for me that I am suffering from a round ligament syndrome. There are times that the pain is just excruciating that I can't lift a leg to walk. Little Spanish Pinay is still as active as ever...maybe even more. Sometimes I feel like she's crawling her way out of me and the sensation down there is just terrible. Continuous sleep at night has become a rare gem. It's difficult to find sleep many times due to difficulty in breathing and when I finally fall in the abyss of dream, I'd be awaken with either my back pain or cervical pain because of the sudden movement I made.

There seems to be no comfortable chair for me anymore... not the dining chair in our house, not the one at my in-law's house, not any chair from any cafeteria... they're all like a big pressure to my cervix. I only have my one and only refuge... our sofa in the living room. Thank God at least I have one place I can rest. This is where I sleep every night too. Although I still wake up from time to time due to back pain or cervical pain, I still prefer our sofa over the bed a hundred times. I also have this birth ball that helps me calm down my cervical pain while I do some pelvic exercise on it. I recently discovered that I do better with it instead of the dining chair. It sounds ridiculous but hey, works for me. No more additional cervical pain after each meal.

It does sound like this last trimester of pregnancy is becoming a nightmare but then again, everytime I am just lying down the couch watching my tummy wave with our little one's movements (the gentle ones and not the Pacman's jabs and pompyangs), it just feels so magical. She even seems to respond with our calls and touches especially the ones from her papi. It's becoming more and more evident that she'd be daddy's girl. Whenever she goes crazy and I couldn't stand the pain from her kicks and punches, I'd ask my hubby to touch my tummy and talk to Little Spanish Pinay. She would seem to calm down after a few seconds and would do some gentle movements. Hubby will remove his hands, back to what he's doing but then after a few minutes, Little Spanish Pinay's back on her big show. It's as if she's has learned that if she does that, she'd get papi's attention. What a little spoiled bruiser!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Baby

So she's a happy baby. That's what my midwife has confirmed me today when I asked her about what I think is an excessive activities inside my womb. She also added that active movements from baby the whole day means that the baby has full of vitality. You've got some strong heart there, little Spanish Pinay, huh!

I told my midwife that sometimes I worry because it doesn't seem like she takes some rest as her activities last to me like for the whole day... even during wee ours of the night. With a knowing look she said "Ah, descansa, descansa... es mas lista que hambre, ya veras" - "Oh, she does rest... she's smarter than hunger, you'll see" (Some Spanish saying).

I left the prenatal clinic with a big smile.
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