Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On The Floor

... is where my mood is right now.   Little Spanish Pinay is already recovering from the stomach virus she got but still having discomforts with diarrhea.  It may take a few more days.  So she's still fussy sometimes and all needy for mami.  She's all the more clingy and complains for something even if she's already in my arms.  I feel like I failed on something for allowing her to get sick and not able to give her what she wants and needs right now.  She'd ask to be nursed but then all of a sudden would fuss because of something I can't understand. She's clearly telling me something but sometimes I just don't know what to do.  And that's where the feeling of failure comes in and drops my mood down to our hardwood floor. 

See, motherhood is not just all about ribbons and shiny hair, rainbows and butterflies, tickles and giggles.  I completely know this but still, I am left stumped during those sad times.

And I get my poor husband worry about this mood going south.  He sees me with a long serious face going around the house.  And worst is that I don't feel like talking... I'm kind of tired to talk and have a dirty hair for not showering my hair for two days now since I don't want to spend more time in the shower with LSP crying for mami.  I know, I know dirty hair doesn't have anything to do with this but hey, can't blame a girl for getting even sadder for having a dirty hair, can ya?  And blogging is not talking... it's just like thinking while letting your fingers move like when you're feeling uneasy or bored and you tap your fingers in an unconscious rhythmical way, yeah?

But we are still able to talk... we always talk and that is what I love about us.  He knows my worries and he has been giving me his words of encouragement.  With the little mood I have to talk plus the messages we exchange through phone ::while I nurse and put LSP to sleep:: (again, typing on the phone is not talking so it makes me able to let him know what's going on in my mind),  he at least understands why the long face and not worry about not being able to help me or me not opening up to him.

This is also one of those days that I'd wish all the more that I could be just a full-time mom to not mind about work stress and still have enough money to pay off the bills and to send back home. Then again, I just can't complain... really, I have no face to complain and don't want God to get tired of me complaining and asking for more.  ::I'm saying that out loud, my Lord, ok?  So please don't tag me as an ungrateful daughter of Yours ::

Then the weather today didn't help at all.. it was cloudy and was drizzling the whole day.  Sigh.

Oh, and just when I am about to be ready to print LSP's birthday invites and bought two sets of generic cartridges, the printer seemed to have stopped working and couldn't recognized by both our laptops.  Drat. Laptops couldn't recognize the device no matter how many times I have re-installed the driver.  It really was about to complete my gloomy day and send my heart to tears but then it suddenly worked again after I unplugged all the wires and changed the USB cable.  Fate took pity on me.  This could be a good sign.

Now I have to excuse myself to get some sleep and hopefully get more energy to pick up my mood that's been lying down the floor.  I'm off tomorrow so yay for that!

I'm leaving a photo of sunrise at Manila Bay here to balance the sad tone of this blog entry.  It's like looking ahead for a better and sunnier tomorrow which for sure, will be.  Plus the thought of Manila brightens me up... I just have so many happy memories back home and knowing that soon, the three of us will  be visiting Manila... puts a smile on me that somehow breaks the long face.

Ok, ta-ta for now.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Makes Me Feel LIke a Jel-O (with update)

Here goes the big drama queen.  Everytime Little Spanish Pinay gets sick, I feel like a Jel-O.  I feel like something's scraping the inside of my stomach and my mind goes wild fearing that her symptoms might that of a more serious illness.  Then all the feelings and worry inside makes me breathe hard with the knot in my throat that seems to get bigger and bigger.  Makes me want to yell and throw myself out the window.  This part of motherhood sucks.  When you know that you can only do so less to help your sick baby make the pain go away.

And all that drama with just a simple health issue.  What more if it's really something serious.  Heaven forbid.  I will definitely lose my head.

Fortunately, in Little Spanish Pinay's almost a year of life, we've just been to the pediatrician for a health problem 3 times (3rd time will be this afternoon because of the vomiting issue we had last night.  details, later).  First is when she got colds, second when she cracked the inside of her lower lips because she was crazy dancing, bobbing her head like a rocks star with an upbeat song from MTVDance and suddenly lost her balance and hit her chin on the center table.  I saw blood in her mouth and I almost punch myself in the stomach for not being fast enough to prevent all these from happening.  In the end, the cut was nothing and it just healed itself in a couple of days.  Her pediatrician checked her teeth and they were all ok, thank God.  So, as I've said, the third time will be this afternoon and I am positive there's really nothing much to worry about it.

So here's the vomitting issue.

Around quarter to 4am early morning, I woke hearing her suddenly cry.. she was on her tummy with a pool of puke in front of her.  I immediately took her in my arms, cleaned her up, cleaned the bed sheet and tried to nurse her to calm her down.   She easily went back to sleep but I was uneasy.  Then after an hour or less she woke up crying again arching her back seemed to be in pain... then she showered me with puke.  She vomitted 4 times in total until past 7am.  I was ready to cry.  And then she started to seem to have slight fever.  My worries are rolling like a snow ball.  I couldn't sleep.  Good thing that from 8am, she hasn't vomitted again since then.  It seems like she has some indigestion and it's not starting to calm down.  I  really hope so.  She's currently sleeping and my heart is welling up in tears seeing her in pain before. 

I know I'm a big OA.  First time mami, ok? 

You might ask why LSP is having an indigestion and thus the vomiting issue?  All my fault.  I gave her potato snacks yesterday coz she loves them and I love to see her happy and that we were in a grocery store and she was already sleepy but we're not yet done so I gave her something to get herself busy with and I didn't realize she might have eaten too much.  Before I get a lot of bad parenting hate emails/comments, I must say that... I have no excuse, OK?  and that now I know better.  Sigh.

Update:  It wasn't because of the potato snacks I gave LSP! Now I feel less guilty.  Seems like there's some kind of stomach virus going on in the air lately and there are a number of people affected and LSP caught that stomach virus.  Her abuelos and abuelas were also infected last Wednesday and we visited their house on the same day for a very short period of time and most probably that's when LSP also caught the virus.  Darn.  Anyways, she's doing a little better... as of today, she has vomited just once and she's has started dancing again.  Her mood is better so she's probably feeling a little better too.  I do hope she gets completely better soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So She's Turning One

Little Spanish Pinay is turning one pronto! Barely a month to go.  Can you believe how time flies? I can't. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was blogging about our pregnancy and how much I can't wait to see Little Spanish Pinay out in the flesh...and here she is now, just one step away from toddlerhood.  But funny how those hard-moments seem to be like lightyears away from me now... I can barely remember them already.  I do remember them but my heart doesn't seem to remember them much now.  And what's even funnier? My uterus aches seeing this:

Like yelling I want one of that now! Duh.

No, I am not yet ready for another one... not physically.  But my mother hormones (yes, I invented that phrase) seems to go in a manic state everytime I see pictures of new born babies.  My heart explodes with so much emotions wanting to just grab those babies, put my arms around them and protect them from unknown danger in this tough, tough world. 

Anyways, going back... I got side tracked there.  It's just that I am really amused by these sudden strong emotions I get with anything that has to do with motherhood.  I was never a big fan of barbie dolls, or playing mommy make-believes with baby dolls when I was young but when I entered mid-twenties, I think that's when my mother hormones and uterus suddenly woke up and has been pounding me from time to time.  And now that I've really paid attention to them, they just became even more intense.  It's crazy but it gives me a different high.

Side tracked again!  Ok, focus.  I'm talking about Little Spanish Pinay turning one. 

She's turning one, y'all! Can you believe how time flies? I can't.  WAIT.  I've already said that and no, I won't get side tracked again.  First birthday celebration.  That's what I wanted to talk about.  Yes, she's turning one so we want to do something special mark this very important milestones.  It's not gonna be a big party with lots of balloons, kids, parlor games, clowns or mascots, etc.  But it will be a very special celebration with the presence of la familia española and the spirit of la familia filipina plus special participation of some important friends.

Some say it doesn't have to be celebrated big since babies won't even remember them later on.  It doesn't have to be grandous yes but there's also nothing wrong about having grandous celebration for something parents consider to be grandous especially when budget and everything else permits, no? And yes, babies won't remember them later on but there will be pictures and all to later talk about that wonderful and happy celebration when they're older.  In the end, what's really important is not how big and expensive and glamorous the celebration is.  I believe what's important is to have a celebration and make the baby feel very important and be the center of attention of the event.  This can be also one special event where the bond between the baby and the family can be strengthened. The baby becomes more aware of the family around her - the family that would give her protection, love, care, guidance and sense of belongingness.

Bottomline is that whether parents decide to celebrate the first birthday or not, it would be good to at least mark the day as something special in one way or another.  In our case, we'd like to celebrate it with just the family and a couple of special friends.  We're planning to have a simple lunch in a restaurant where Little Spanish Pinay can have a chance to blow her first birthday candle then for her to be able to interact more with friends and relatives and just be the center of attention.  Little Spanish Pinay is a very sensitive and easy to stimulate baby ever since she was teeny tiny so we don't want a lot of activiites that might just overwhelm her too much.

And while this planned celebration is just very simple, quiet and intimate, mami still wanted to make it sound like a partey :-D 

So I am trying to prepare an invitation and a souvenir for the guests.  Both are still work in progress but becasue I'm such a tease, here is the final version of each at the moment.

the invite
I got the idea design from tinyprints  website.  Because I am a frugal mami, I redesigned it myself to fit the celebration we plan.

The souvenir
The souvenir is an espresso cup with an interesting shape from a local store.  I am planning on printing a pop art face of Tala as well on the other side of the espresso cup... still need to pick the ideal photo.

One of hubby's favorites is this:
Of course, just one face is going to be printed per cup...

Thanks to my very bright bestfriend Ayin's idea on how to personalize it myself.   My first time to do this craft and I'm having fun!  Now I just have to think how to wrap the cup and the saucer.  Any idea?

The Earth Hour 2011

Thanks to Jared's mum I got reminded about Earth's hour.  Here's another chance for us to be able to do something and show mother earth that we care and that we are willing to help her heal.  Earth Hour is organized by WWF whose mission is stop the degradation of the Earth's natural environment and build the future where people live in harmony with nature.  Now, just how cool doest that sound? 

At 8:30pm, Saturday March 26, 2011, let's turn off our lights for one hour and more to show our support to Mother Earth who needs help more than ever.  Our future depends on it.  This could be just one tiny step to start with... but it can go a long way.

Here's Earth Hour home page.  There is a link from there that can take to the local earth hour website.

And Pocoyo is also supporting Earth Hour.  Bravo, Pocoyo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The World Now

.... is alarming. As a mother, I am worried about what kind of future the world holds for Little Spanish Pinay.  With all these things that are happening - Sept 11 bombing, hurricane, haiti, north pole melting away, now Japan then the national crisis in different countires in middle east that seems to be springing up international war... these things tell me something is coming up and I don't know what it is.  It frightens me.  I don't know how many times I've shed tears seeing what happened to Japan, seeing how the family of the victims suffer.  But we can't lose hope and just surrender to all these unfortunates.  We have to believe that all these will stop and things will be better.  We have to keep our faith and strengthen it even more. 

And in the meantime,  we must do something.  There's not much we can do about the war and the bombings that bad people do but we can pray.  We can pray for these people to find peace in their heart and stop causing damage to others.  But what we can do even better is to do something to help mother nature heal.  She's definitely hurting and we are paying for it.  We've caused her to almost fall in coma.  We have to do something.  Evern in our little own way.  There are so many things we can do help mother nature.  Recycle.  Reuse. Separate biodegrables and non-biodegradables.  Throw glass bottles to the right container.  NOT throw our trash in the river or sea or lake.  Check cars regularly to avoid too much CO emition.  Avoid using plastic bags or reuse plastic bags for grocery shopping.  There are tons of ways to help mother nature and we MUST act now

This is a strong plea of a mother that cares for the future of her child and the rest of the children in the world. 

Please, let us do our part.

There's No Stopping It Now

She turned 11 months yesterday.  There's just no stopping it now... Little Spanish Pinay is well on her way to toddlerhood.  And it just dawned on me... she's not a baby anymore! With the way she communicates with us, the way she makes her own conversation with her toys and the way she pretends to read a book in her own baby toddler language while she bobs her head, the way she nods her head and says her own version of "yes" with whatever we ask her, with the way she stands on her own without support and with such confidence, with the way she folds her knees while picking up something on the floor and then balancing her way back to standing again, with the way she hides behind a chair and suddenly appears to startle us, with the way she gets the remote control, press the button and point it on the tv, with the way she loves picking up the phone and put it on her ear and pretend to talking to someone, with the way she gets excited when she recognizes people in the photo and pointing them out one by one.... with all these and more, tells me she's not a baby anymore. 

Excuse me while I blow my nose.

Ok.  I'm back.  See, I'm such a big drama.  Ever since I've converted to a mom, I've also converted to an even bigger wuss.  What motherhood can do...

Anyways, it's almost official, Little Spanish Pinay is already a toddler.  She's actually toddling now... doing a couple of steps on her own - when she's not aware that she's walking on her own.  See, she's a big fraidy-cat very cautious.  So the moment she becomes aware that she's on her own, she'd rush into finding something to hold on to or would suddenly sit down.  But she's almost there.  We don't rush her in any way though and much less, we don't force her to walk.  We do encourage her whenever she makes little effort to walk on her own and she gets really happy and proud seeing us clap our hands and do our little ra-ra-ra cheer.

Seems like all of these happened just over night.  She's changing in just a blink of an eye.  I can't really believe it and I don't think I am ready for a toddler that runs away from mami just yet.  Ok, I'm exagerating.  I am actually excited to see every changes in her and every new thing she learns everyday... but I'm already getting nostalgic about the times when she was still sooo tiny.  I feel like it's been light years away.  Crazy things a mami says, right?

Then again, whenever she gets clingy to mami (I tell you she has a lot of those moments... she never seem to get over her separation anxieties), I must admit there are times that it gets a little overwhelming especially when I have a lot of other things to do but many times,  it makes me feel so wanted by my baby-fast-approaching-toddlerhood.  And that feeling? Is heaven.  Then she'd ask to be nursed and would open her eyes wide and would squeal and make that mad-baby-half-smile at the sight of her most precious source of milk and then would make that ohhhmm sound as if her hunger would finally be quenched after a whole day of not feeding and then she'd half-close her eyes and the pupil would hide upward and then the eyes will become all white like she's in a euphoric state... That moment? I'm in a euphoric state too.

I guess while I can still nurse her, I'd still have some moment where I can feel that she's still a little baby.  Everytime she surrenders her whole body like that in my bossom to be carried and be nursed, she's like a newborn all over again to me (but without that part of umbilical cord that hasn't fallen off yet so that's good hehe).  So tiny, so fragile, so in-need of mami's warmth. 

And whatever happens, even after she turns one, seven, or 18 or gets married (ahhhh, noooo!)... she'd forever be my liittle baby.  I have to emphasize little baby coz I have a big baby - ehem the hubby.  He gets all what-about-me-I'm-not-your-baby-anymore? If I don't clarify that ;-)

Look at all that seriousness in her face.  It spells big girl sigh.

She loves flowers!.... and weeds and soil and everything else she can pull
And that smile? I drool at the sight of it.
Sometimes she has this attitude of I'm-ok-mami-I-want-to-be-on-my-own... it cracks me up but then makes me feel sad like it's a big omen that soon she won't need me anymore.  I'm crazy like that.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Official First Father's Day

Today we celebrated father's day here in Spain.  The day is celebrated on March 19 - St. Joseph's Day.  This year is officially hubby's first father's day.  Last year, we also celebrated father's day for hubby but I was still pregnant with LSP back then.  Here's the post I created for that.  So this time with Little Spanish Pinay being physically here with us now,  it's even more special than special itself.  We went out to have lunch with the two other fathers in the family - my father-in-law and my sister-in-law's father-in-law :)

Happy-father's-day hug for papi

Checking out the ducks - both with open mouth hee hee

Father love in its purest state

The two other fathers - all busy watching soccer

admiring supermoon
To my hubby: you've been nothing but a wonderful papi to our Little Spanish Pinay.  Thank you for being who you are.  LSP's not able to tell you how much she loves you but the way her eyes search for you and looks at you says it all.

Happy father's day mi amor!

My Odd Egg

Our neighbor (next door) gave birth to their first son 2 days before I gave birth to LSP. One day we bumped into each other by the elevator so we said the normal hi, hello, how's life, etc. I playfully talked to LSP telling her look how ::let's call the little boy James to protect his identity:: James loves his pacifier. His mom laughed at the comment and asked me "Why, your daughter doesn't like pacifiers?" I told her she never liked it. We did try for her to like it but no avail. Then she said "Well, my sister in law has a daughter too and doesn't like pacifiers either. So now, the problem is that she sucks her thumb too much". Then I said "LSP is an odd egg...she's not into sucking her thumb either." To which, I got a surprised face and a follow up question of "Then how does she calm herself?"

I was a bit stumped with the question.  I didn't exactly know what to say.  In the end, before the elevator door closed, I just joked and said "The boobs calm her, I guess" with a shrug and a shy smile in my face.  Then we said our see-you-laters.

So I was left with the question in my mind and I felt like I should have given my neighbor a better answer. And because I have a blog, I can say whatever I want can get a chance to answer the question better though it's just for my own peace of mind.

How does LSP calm herself? I guess she almost never have to. Mami and/or papi were always there to take her and soothe her and make her feel comfortable.  And mami almost always results to offering Las Boobies to make her feel better.

Is that good or bad?

Neither. It's just simply what works for us now.  Some might say it's spoiling her or making her too dependent on us. Or worse, that's converting me to a human pacifier.  Honestly? I don't mind to be her human pacifier.  I am her mom and I feel really good being able to pacify her.  Time will come that she won't need me that much anymore so I am taking advantage while all she knows is to run to mami when something seems not right for her.

I actually had a lot of pressure at the beginning when I didn't want to give her a pacifier when we were in the hospital.  I wanted us to be able to at least establish breastfeeding first before "maybe" trying pacifier.  I'm not against pacifiers as I am also aware of its benefits but my personal choice about it for my daughter is no-paci-thank-you.  Some tried to convince me and "helped" me get LSP used to pacifiers but LSP is smarter than they think.  She said thanks-but-no-thanks to all well-meaning "help".

It's granted. There are babies that just wouldn't conform to pacifiers. LSP is one of them. I'm actually happy she didn't like it from the beginning. I must admit that there were frustrating times that we simply didn't know how to calm her fussiness. But I guess it's just how it is. It's part of babie's growing up. She's one baby that needs constant attention from us and wouldn't settle to be calmed down by an object. Not a paci nor a lovey.  She only asks for mami or papi and Las Boobies.  It can be draining sometimes but really, I prefer that, than her, running to an object to calm herself.  

Going back to the question, it made me relaize that there are many parents (just talking about the ones I have personal interaction with) who might be using pacis too extensively. As in too much in a bad way. Like everytime a baby cries, they'd just pop in a paci without looking if there's something that is actually making the baby uncomfortable. The thing is, like any other thing in the world, too much, can be bad. And when pacis are being used everytime to replace the constant human touch and care that babies need, then that makes pacis bad.

I remember a woman in the park where LSP and I used to go to. She was seated in a bench and in front of her is a stroller with a baby in it about less than a year. The baby was happily sucking his pacifier looking at the woman (probably her mom) while the woman was with her phone - prolly texting or playing. A man with a dog passed by and the dog sniffed the stroller, the baby reached his hand to the dog, the dog got startled and barked. The baby was startled too and started crying. The woman just looked at the baby and popped the paci back at the baby's mouth. The baby sucked the paci but cried again after a couple of seconds. He was really stressed reaching his hands to the woman. The woman popped it in again. This continued for I don't know how long. The woman just kept on popping the paci back in the baby's mouth everytime he cries. I shook my head. The baby was scared and needed to be held - by human. Something went wrong and he needed an adult to correct it and make him feel safe and comfortable again. He needed human touch and not an object to make him feel safe again.  

Anywho my neighbor's question just rang on me over and over again. I thought the question is off.  But I guess it's just me and my oddity.  Now I know why LSP is an odd egg.  But she's my odd egg and I like her just like that.  Oh, that's a lie. I adore her for being odd and for being everything that she is.

can this odd egg can get even cuter?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Is About To Ring!

We can already feel spring! The day is getting longer and temperature is slowly rising.  The leaves in the trees are slowly reappearing.  What's best is that after Spring comes Summer.  Excuse me, while I do my cartwheel.

::uhm, no cartwheel I forgot I don't know how to so I just jumped and twirled::

So Last Friday I had my day free from office work so I went out with Little Spanish Pinay to take advantage of the spring-like weather.  We went to the park nearby where she can play around and meet children.  She was pointing and shrieking at the site of the swing.  That's her favorite.  But both swings were occupied so we went and tried some other areas.

I do not know how this is called but it's like a seesaw but round with 4 seats in it.  She looks like a big girl here already.

I let her "walk" while holding on to the different play areas in the park.  She was excited and very cautious

My little princess looking like a full-blown toddler already.

She was thrilled to meet other kids and wanted to touch them except for this uber cute little guy.  This guy is soo hyper, jumping up and down and yelling like he's the king of the jungle.  He cracked me up.  But not the case for Little Spanish Pinay. She was scared of him.  Silly.

We saw the little boy next door with her nanny.  This little rounded guy was born 2 days before LSP.   LSP liked him and was touching his hand.  Talk about girls making the first move. Hmmm we need to have some mother-daughter serious talk.

Finally she got her chance to fly with the swing. She squeeled, laughed and was utterly happy. 

going back home

We went home both happy and tired.  To my surprise and contentment, LSP didn't asked to be carried. Whenever we go out with her stroller, I always bring my babasling because I already expect her to ask to be carried on the way home - or sometimes even half-way going out.  But this time, my little star just stayed in her stroller reading an advertising pamphlet of Bóboli - store for kids' clothes.  Boy, she loves this pamphlet.  Everytime we go out, she looks for it and holds it like one of her precious property.  She's really cute like that.

We're so ready for Spring to Ring!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Best of the Breast: Burning 500 Calories A Day

Remember the drama post I did way back July last year about my skinny jeans?  It was an open letter to my skinny jeans lamenting about not being able to wear them and not knowing when I could ever wear them again.  Yeah, I wasn't too happy about my post-pregnancy body back then and with the baby blues kicking back then, everything was a drama.  

I actually lost the extra weight pregnancy has blessed me with.  I never did exercise.  No, I am not a disciplined person when it comes to doing exercise inspite of the knowledge that exercise is good for everybody and that is a part of healthy way of living.  I guess I am too lazy for that... I get bored and um, tired. Duh.  But then again, just after 4 months of giving birth, I was already back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  The only secret is breastfeeding.  I read somewhere that breastfeeding can help one burn 500 calories a day average.  500 calories to burn is a lot! It's like running at 6 mph or 9.6 kph for 40 minutes!  

No wonder why I've lost all those pre-pregnancy weight in a jiffy, effortlessly.  Almost.  And also, no wonder why I feel hungry every so often.  And I crave for so much sweets especially chocolate.  So while I am still breastfeeding Little Spanish Pinay, I take advantage of its calories burning power and I eat all the junk whatever I want.  I know for sure that once we stop breastfeeding, I would need to be more disciplined and conscious with what I stuff in my mouth.  Not getting any younger, y'all.  With age, comes the slow metabolism.  Drat.

Anyways, so there's another benefit of breastfeeding dedicated to moms.  Burning 500 calories a day (then translates to eating what I want to my heart's content), and all I ever have to do is sit or lie down in bed and cuddle with Little Spanish Pinay.  Life can be sweet and fair, sometimes :-D

No this is not me... just almost. In. my. dreams.

Friday, March 4, 2011

So Mobile

"... I'm all out of control, I'm a mobile..." - that could very well be Little Spnish Pinay singing Avril Lavigne's mobile song.

Ever since she learned how to crawl and pull herself up with the support of furnitures or "our legs", she's unstoppable. She's so eager to go to different places and break explore things. I swear sometimes I can't keep up with her. Now that she has started cruising, she's even more happily mobile. She'd pull herself up with the help of anything and then cruise around. She'd pull herself up with a table, her walker, bouncer, sofa, her big toys and even a box that is her knee-high. And when she knows I'm going to go near where she is or if she sees that I'm following her? She'd go crazy-excited-laughing-squealing and would hurry up even more and she'd look like she'd stumble down and my heart would miss a beat.

She can already stand without support for a few seconds.  I'd let her stand and then slowly let her go.  At the beginning she'd immediately sit down the moment she realizes she's on her own but lately, she would try to balance herself for a few seconds before sitting down to safety.  Then her face would be painted with a proud smile.  Sometimes she would even let go of herself from holding into a support and stand on her own, specially when she needs both of her hands to hold a toy or whatever trinket she'd like to explore.  Then after a few seconds she'd realize she's on her own and would lose her balance or just want to play safe so he would sit down.  My little girl.... she's getting nearer and nearer to toddling.  I get so emotional.  I knowm I know... I'm such a woose.

here's a photo of her standing alone.  the photo has a very bad lighting, I know but I was too much in a hurry to take the photo scared that she'd fall and I'd throw my phone so I can catch her and she won't get hurt :-D  But do you see her satisfied-I'm-such-a-big-girl-now smile? I do! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Mornings

Mornings with this smile are without a doubt good mornings.  I wish this would stay forever.  I never would want to miss moments like this everyday seeing her wake up in his own time and smiling so sweetly upon seeing me near her.  On weekends? Her smile is double happy waking up with both mami and papi beside her.  Bliss.
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