Friday, March 25, 2011

Makes Me Feel LIke a Jel-O (with update)

Here goes the big drama queen.  Everytime Little Spanish Pinay gets sick, I feel like a Jel-O.  I feel like something's scraping the inside of my stomach and my mind goes wild fearing that her symptoms might that of a more serious illness.  Then all the feelings and worry inside makes me breathe hard with the knot in my throat that seems to get bigger and bigger.  Makes me want to yell and throw myself out the window.  This part of motherhood sucks.  When you know that you can only do so less to help your sick baby make the pain go away.

And all that drama with just a simple health issue.  What more if it's really something serious.  Heaven forbid.  I will definitely lose my head.

Fortunately, in Little Spanish Pinay's almost a year of life, we've just been to the pediatrician for a health problem 3 times (3rd time will be this afternoon because of the vomiting issue we had last night.  details, later).  First is when she got colds, second when she cracked the inside of her lower lips because she was crazy dancing, bobbing her head like a rocks star with an upbeat song from MTVDance and suddenly lost her balance and hit her chin on the center table.  I saw blood in her mouth and I almost punch myself in the stomach for not being fast enough to prevent all these from happening.  In the end, the cut was nothing and it just healed itself in a couple of days.  Her pediatrician checked her teeth and they were all ok, thank God.  So, as I've said, the third time will be this afternoon and I am positive there's really nothing much to worry about it.

So here's the vomitting issue.

Around quarter to 4am early morning, I woke hearing her suddenly cry.. she was on her tummy with a pool of puke in front of her.  I immediately took her in my arms, cleaned her up, cleaned the bed sheet and tried to nurse her to calm her down.   She easily went back to sleep but I was uneasy.  Then after an hour or less she woke up crying again arching her back seemed to be in pain... then she showered me with puke.  She vomitted 4 times in total until past 7am.  I was ready to cry.  And then she started to seem to have slight fever.  My worries are rolling like a snow ball.  I couldn't sleep.  Good thing that from 8am, she hasn't vomitted again since then.  It seems like she has some indigestion and it's not starting to calm down.  I  really hope so.  She's currently sleeping and my heart is welling up in tears seeing her in pain before. 

I know I'm a big OA.  First time mami, ok? 

You might ask why LSP is having an indigestion and thus the vomiting issue?  All my fault.  I gave her potato snacks yesterday coz she loves them and I love to see her happy and that we were in a grocery store and she was already sleepy but we're not yet done so I gave her something to get herself busy with and I didn't realize she might have eaten too much.  Before I get a lot of bad parenting hate emails/comments, I must say that... I have no excuse, OK?  and that now I know better.  Sigh.

Update:  It wasn't because of the potato snacks I gave LSP! Now I feel less guilty.  Seems like there's some kind of stomach virus going on in the air lately and there are a number of people affected and LSP caught that stomach virus.  Her abuelos and abuelas were also infected last Wednesday and we visited their house on the same day for a very short period of time and most probably that's when LSP also caught the virus.  Darn.  Anyways, she's doing a little better... as of today, she has vomited just once and she's has started dancing again.  Her mood is better so she's probably feeling a little better too.  I do hope she gets completely better soon!

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  1. glad to know that she's feeling better.. *kisses to baby tala* =) *hugs from eidan* =)


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