Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breastfeeding and Medicines

I've always wanted to breastfeed ever since we started to get pregnant.  I just know it is the best for my baby.  When I gave birth to our Little Spanish Pinay, I experienced deep pain due to the CS operation and I just had to ask for medications to lessen the pain.  I made sure I told the doctor that I am breastfeeding and so I want a pain reliever that is compatible to breastfeeding, i.e. medicine that wouldn't harm the baby that will receive the mother's milk.  It's not a secret that I had a slight case of post-partum depression after giving birth and for the first time in my life, I asked to be prescribed with anything that may help me with this depression.  I wanted help for my own sanity and to function better for our Little Spanish Pinay.  But our family doctor told me that he can't prescribe me anything anti-depressant as I am breastfeeding - so I'd have to choose my sanity or what's best for LSP.  I suck up my depression.  I can't choose myself over our LSP so I just dealt with long crying moments and all those down-moments.  Hubby had to suck it all up too as seeing me cry all the time is not something easy for him either.  I believe breastfeeding also helped me deal with the depression.  There had been study about this certain hormone that is being produced by breastfeeding moms that helps fight depression.

Later on I found out that there are anti-depressants that are actually compatible to breastfeeding.  There's a whole bunch of 'em.   http://www.e-lactancia.org/  - has a good list of all the medicines that are compatible to breastfeeding.  This web page is in Spanish though.  I just realize that not all doctors are well informed about breastfeeding and that's sad.  There are moms who would experience deep post-partum depression and not knowing that there are medicines that are compatible to breastfeeding, may lead them to giving up breastfeeding.  I could have printed a copy of the anti-depressant from this site and present it to my doctor back then.  Anyways things weren't too bad and obviously, I was able to overcome that depression.  And I guess, better for me... lesser medicine for my liver to deal with.

Then again, I wish that doctors would be more aware and informed about breastfeeding to help avoid cases of premature weaning.


  1. I had an emergency c-section and took medicine, and my social worker was more educated on the issues of breastfeeding and medicine... Dr's don't know alot about breastfeeding and medicine. Women alwas end up doing the work or paying the price.

    I am glad you got out of your depression and that your baby is healthy.

  2. Love your header picture...so cute!

    Just stopping by from the hop. I'm your newest follower.


  3. Thanks, Chasing Rainbow for dropping by. I agree, sad to say, women always end up doing all the hardwork and so we have to be strong and fighter more than ever.

    Ginger, I just stopped by your blog and followed :)

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that about the anti-depressants! Thanks for following Helpful Daddy back, too and I just checked, I am following - the name is Sweetie1313. :-) Looking forward to visiting your blog in the future!

  5. Hola!!! recibí un comentario tuyo diciendo que tenía un premio en tu blog y ahora he querido publicarlo y no lo encuentro!!! podrías pasarme el enlace a traves de mi blog?? y ya lo publico otro día.

    Un besete!!

  6. Hola Anna. Siii tengo un premio para ti... pero con lo que ha pasado con blogger, perdi los dos ultimos posts que hice :( Dicen que lo estan recuperando pero no se cuanto tardara... intentaré escribir otro post sobre este premio y ya te avisaré en tu blog :)


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