Monday, May 16, 2011


Sakang - is how we call this in my native language.  Little Spanish has learned to walk about 12 days before she turned one.  Here's a video of her first attempts:

After a month, she seemed to have almost mastered the art of walking.  She loves to walk and sometimes she'd run and it scares the hell out of me everytime as she would seem like she'd fall.  But amazingly, she'd keep back her balance (although there had been instances that she had lost her balance and fell flat on the floor).  Lately though, we are noticing her peculiar way of walking - that is out-toed or sakang.   We've been joking about it that she walks like her father, her abuelo (grandpa), and apparently her bisabuela (greatgrandma) - which means the style of walking runs in the blood.

But somehow, it started to worry me - and worrying is really uncommon of me (insert sarcastic tone here).  So I kind of dig a little bit about this thing.  First, I thought I'll check how other babies normally walk.  So I checked youtube for videos of 1-yr old babies walking... from a number of videos I checked, none of them walks like Little Spanish Pinay.  Ok, so red orange flag is waving on top of my head.  So I poked around some articles about walking disorders on babies and found some that talks about in-toeing and out-toeing.

According to this article:

Out-toeing is much less common than in-toeing. The most typical presentation is within the first or second year of life. Most children are born with external rotation contractures of the hips and this resolves shortly after walking begins. In those children in whom the resolution is slower, out-toeing is the result when they first start walking. This will almost always resolve within a year from the onset of walking

Within a year from the onset of walking it almost always correct itself.  Within a year... will I survive waiting for a year before knowing if LSP has some real walking disorder? Oh hello, paranoia!


  1. Look at your little one go!!! My daughter didn't walk on her own until she was 13 months. I really wouldn't worry about out-toeing, as she is just beginning. I tried to make sure my peapod was barefoot when she was learning to walk, ignoring the hard-soled "walking" shoes that I had as a toddler. They need to feel the ground beneath them!

  2. Oh, Jenner, thanks for your comment. It really helps to hear thoughts of a fellow mom. I do let my little one go around the house barefooted all the time(even if it means going against all the well-meaning advisers from the family). The video was taken at the house of my inlaws and they have a marble floor and it was kind of cold in there so I let her with her shoes. Although she was using a soft-soled shoes :)

    I will try very hard not to get paranoid about the out-toeing!

  3. Dont worry too much,that way of walking for her age is just normal but on the other hand, you can do something to prevent your worries.I learned this from the old folks back night or early dawn while your baby is still sleeping..massage her legs gently..hold both legs with your two hands and massage up and down for like 10 minutes.

  4. It's a Mom thing to worry. If possible :) try not to, though. If you did take her to the doctors, they'd say, "Well, let's wait a year and see what happens." I think that is a way they learn to balance, though, because they're just so little!!! It's hard to hold up a whole body on those cute little feet.

    My kids always grow up walking around the barnyard, out in the deep sand in the arena, and other places where they get the chance to walk on uneven ground. I think this really helps them develop better balance and maybe this would help your darling LSP. After all, practice makes perfect.

    Welcome to vB.

  5. Love, love, love your blog picture at the top!

  6. Ooohh!! moments to be remember forever!!

  7. Marelie, I'm pulling my hair to stop from worrying and getting paranoid :-D Thanks! my mom also told something about giving my little one massages. I will try that!

    Melanie, thanks for the comment. It's good that summer is really near - we can then go to the beach regularly and have her walk along the sands!

    Mama's Todoterreno, indeed it was a moment to remember... I was near tears when she dared to let go and make her first little steps :)

  8. Hi - I'm your newest follower from the VB year long blog - looking forward to reading your posts!
    Love to you
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  9. Hi! Following along from the VB blog hop. My son was out-toed as well, and now that he's 5, we don't see it anymore.


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