Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remembering My Mom

I always remember my mom.  Always.  I always miss her.  More than ever.  I hate distance but life is how it is and we can just make do with what we have.  I think about my mom more than ever.  I long for her presence.  I'd love her to see me as a mom myself now and be proud of the way I am handling motherhood - inspired by the way she is as a mother to us.  Although I don't think I can ever be at par with how she is.

I've recently saw a photo of PLDT's ::telephone company in the Philippines:: advertisement in time for Mother's day period.

It gave me warm feelings but at the same time a little pang in my heart.  Made me miss my mom even more and at the same time, highlighted our physical distance.  The slogan in Tagalog has more impact than the one in English above.  If I were to translate the phrases in Tagalog, it will be:  "You were this close before. May it still be so this Mother's day"  then I would add "... and forever" :)

Happy mother's day to the most wonderful mama in the whole wide world and beyond.  I love you so much!

If God willing, I will see you soon!! :)


  1. I share with your sentiment, I miss mama too. Thanks for the visit sis and for following.. followed you back..

  2. Oh my Gosh those ads are gonna break my heart haha! Thanks for posting. I do hope you get to see her soon. My mom is 3,500 miles away as well.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower. This was a beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day! :)

  4. Thanks for following, chubskuit! :)

    Monika, it's really hard to be away from family, right? But what's important is that inspite of the distance, the bond never weakens :)

  5. This is soooo moving...!
    We will see her very very soon! :)

  6. Lovely post! Moms are so special! Thanks for joining our Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! Be sure to join in the fun next Thursday! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  7. Beautiful post! Love the last pic.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I miss my mama too. Happy mother's day!

  9. what a tribute to your mom!

    by the way, hope you can help me by commenting on my post at Memorable Moment

    many thanks!


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