Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We love summer, beach!

Summer has really landed and it's here to stay, at least for 3 months hah!  We couldn't pass the chance of really enjoying the beach over the weekend as it was 35ºC and we've been really crazy for Little Spanish Pinay to play in the beach not only in the sand but also in the water.  So we packed our beachy things on our beachy bags and off we went!

This is Little Spanish Pinay's official beach experience - ya know, beach bumming on swim suits, getting wet and spending hours and hours in the beach.  

tongue out is part of the concentration


 if you can just hear the squeals!

She loves the sand so much she didn't mind getting half-buried in it

I'd love to put more pictures but I'll stop here :)

I hate it when I leave the house and no matter how much I try to think about the things I need to bring, I'd always, always forget at least one thing.  I've always been like that and lately, it's even getting worse. This time, I was able to pack all the important things to bring to the beach especially for a baby and protection against the harmful rays of the sun is a must.  But the most basic of them all was left behind.  Wipes! How can it even left LSP's diaper bag.  Beats me.

And since this is our first time to go to the beach with a baby, I'd like to share some tips on things to take note (taught by Prof. Experience :-D)
  • Bring sun protection especially for babies/toddlers.  High SPF is a must.  Consider 50+ and consider the one that is in spray form.  Toddlers would normally hate having someone smear them with lotion or anything in that form so they'd wiggle or run away.  If you have a spray sun protection, it's easier to run after them and just spray it on them... it can even be a fun game!
  • Have a special cream protection for the face of the toddler.  There are creams special for the face and they are also SPF 50.  The face, especially the nose, the cheekbones and the forehead are very sensitive and can easily get irritated with the sun's harmful rays.  Applying cream on the face of a toddler can be a challenge. I don't have a special trick to this except give the toddler something to get busy with or have someone do a silly dance in front of the toddler.
  • Thermal water spray.  It's really a thirst quencher for drying skin due to the sea and the sun.  I love this.
  • Beach umbrella can be handy.  Sometimes the sun can be really unforgiving and sitting down under a shade is a good breather.  It's also nice to sit down under the shade with a tired toddler from all the running, squealing and running and throwing water to people.
  • Snack.  I learned not to give LSP`something to eat on her own while we are in the beach.  She can never have clean hands because she wouldn't stop touching the sand and she would even dip her snack on the sand and eat it! Ack.  So don't forget the snack but watch out for those sandy hands.
  • When the toddler doesn't stop running around and you're already tired, consider burying the toddler in the sand. Just make sure the toddler can still breath!

 That's all for now.  I'm sure I'm gonna learn some more as we frequent the beach this summer and I'll be sure to share 'em.  I love summer!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Are All Habiba

We are all habiba

Habiba is a Moroccan young mother how lives in Madrid and had her then-15month baby taken away from her without her consent.  The reason? Because she breastfeeds on demand and refuses to stop breastfeeding after 15months of doing so.  Habiba is one of the those less-fortunate immigrants here in Spain and due to this sitation, she lives with her baby in a women's shelter in Madrid.  The shelter is called Instituto Madrileño del Menor y la Familia - IMMF (Madrid Institute of Children and the Family). Habiba had the surprise of her life when she was told that she can no longer stay in the shelter because she no longer has a child.  Her child was taken away from her right after she left the child in a daycare!

Now, anyone in her rightful mind would say this is totally wrong!  This has happened May 31 and I've been reading and following the news about this case.  The moment I read about it, I was enraged.  I felt pain for the mother.  I can't imagine how Habiba is going through, but I know she's hurting tremendously.  I am in utter disbelief with what IMMF has done.  They even try to justify their act by declaring that Habiba is a violent person and refused to undergo psychotherapy and maternal abilities program in the shelter.  Records of her being violent? Zero.  Habiba is not only a breastfeeding mom but an extended-breastfeeding mom.  I can't imagine a mom tenderly chosing to breastfeed her 15month old baby being violent.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can't bake? Make a cake using microwave - soooooooo easy, trust me!

I was first reluctant to try this recipe because baking a cake using microwave? Kinda weird, no? At least for a new baking-mom like me. But it turned out to be really moist and sponge-like not to mention a nice treat to the palate. 

So without further ado, here's the recipe and the how-to:

4 eggs
20 Biscuits (like Marie) -
1 cup of Nesquik (I used colacao - local brand here in Spain)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
¾ cup of sunflower oil (perhaps any vegetable oil is ok too)
1 pack of powdered yeast (about 15g)

In a big bowl, put the eggs and the sugar and using an electric hand mixer, beat until the volume doubles.

Add the milk and then continue beating. Add the oil and beat some more.

Mix the yeast with chocolate powder (Nesquick) then slowly add until everything is well blended.

Once everything is well mixed, add the biscuits. I previously pounded the bisuits with mortar and pestle. The original recipe I found says to just break the biscuits in small bits but after putting the batter in the microwave, there were still some big chunks of biscuits left. So the next time I did this, I pounded the biscuits. Turned out better.

Once the batter becomes homogenous, place it in a rounded cake molder (previously buttered if not using a silicon one). Pop it in the microwave and use the max power. Our microwave only has 750W and it took 10.5 minutes for the cake to bake perfectly!  For a 900W, 8 minutes should be enough.

After 10.5 minutes, I did the toothpick test and it came out clean so I took it out from the microwave. I used a 23cm molder so the cake turned out a bit thin but it still looked good.  It turned out really nice.  It took me 30minute for everything - preparation and baking.  

Let the cake cool down for at least 15minutes before serving or removing from the molder.  And of course why not put a simple design to make it even more appetizing.  I have these cookie cutters in different shapes.  I placed them on top of the cake and then sprinkled sugar confectioner on top.

So, ladies (and gents) go ahead and try it out. Trust me, this is really easy to do. Kids (and adults) will really love this :-)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's officially summer, beach!

There is no doubt she loves the sand.  The first time she ever got to touch the sand, the amusement was uncontainable.  She couldn't believe this amazing thing that slips through her fingers and falls down artistically when she let them go from above her head.  She has also tried to eat them of course.  Although mami didn't let her, she'd would see if mami can be distracted and then try to have a taste of this thing they call sand.

So last weekend, the weather allowed us to go to the beach again.  It was already early in the evening so the sun has started to set and there was a significant wind that can get a little bit chilly but Little Spanish Pinay still enjoyed the short time she was able to play in the sand with he abuelos (grandparents).

Photos below.  Warning:  There are too many of 'em.

This is how happy she'd get when told she'd be going to the beach.

The sand...

Touch, touch...

Fly sand, fly!

The sun...

The water...

Cold, cold water

Let me stay some moooorreeee.....

Little Spanish Pinay wiggles widly because she didn't want to leave the water just yet.

International Plastic-Free Day in the Philippines

Michi from michiphotostory posted this entry in her blog and I thought I should do my part and share the good word.

Another mother like us is shouting for help.  And it's really high time we do our duty.  Yay for some municipalities in the Philippines as they start to implement a no-plastic-bag campaign.  Let's hope that this will be spread in the whole country and to other countries as well.   

Our university organization received an invitation from Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives or GAIA to join an event, 2011 International Plastic Bag-free Day on July 3, 2011. It is being organized by a GAIA member in Spain. If you need more information or you want to join this event, just click this link. --> Michi

Let's hear Mother Earth's cry for help.  It's not too hard.  And it's not too late.  Let's choose to reuse.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She eats, I watch, she's happy, I clean all over

Little Spanish Pinay is in a phase now that she's exploring more and more of doing tings her own... especially in the eating department.  Everytime I'd give something to her to eat, she'd open her mouth then would suddenly swing her head sideways, closing her mouth saying no and then would take the food from my hand with her hand.  She'd want to put whatever food in her mouth on her own.  Although the case is different when she's watching her favorite videos... her eyes would be glued to the tv, if there's music, her head would be swinging from one side to the and/or she'd be dancing bending her upper body from one side to the other or bending her knees up and down and she would just open her mouth to the food I offer.

But during lunch or dinner, she sits with us in the table on her high chair or on my lap depending on her mood.  Lately though, she's been enjoying her high chair because there she can play eat on her own to her heart's content.

Anyone who has a toddler that's still learning to eat on his own would know how messy this can get.  So we moved our dining sessions to the kitchen.  There in the kitchen, I wouldn't mind if she throws food on the floor, on the table and even on the wall! 

Letting them eat on their own inspite of all the mess and the food that might end up everywhere else other than inside their mouth helps them develop their motor skills and most importantly their confidence.  I believe by giving them your confidence and trust that they can do it on their own sooner or later despite of the hits and misses, gives them confidence on themselves to try and try and be better with whatever they are trying to learn and do.  Not only during toddlerhood but all through out a child's life.  I remember how many times I cried to my mama with the fear I would fail a subject, an exam or I won't make it finding me a good job.  But my mama would always tell me that I can do it and would even excel on it.  She would always tell me she believes in me and there's nothing I won't be able to do if I believe I can. 

Who said that moms are always right?  That person must be really wise!

And so here are a lot some of the photos that shows the fruit of our confidence to our Little Spanish Pinay.

and this is how my floor would normally end up - many times, it's even worse than this.

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace. --Kofi Annan

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best of the Breast: The truth about my PPD and the role of breastfeeding on it

I've had this post as a draft for quite a long time now.  I started writing this because I needed an outlet.  I didn't plan on really publishing it because I was afraid.  I was afraid to admit something was not going right. That I was failing.  As a mom.  And it wasn't acceptable for me.  I can accept failing on so many things, career, love, money, baking, cooking, but not as a mom.   But now, I am already way passed this nasty phase in my life and I have moved forward.  Reading back the draft, it made me relive those difficult moments but this time I am not sad but grateful.  Grateful that I survived.  Grateful that with God's faith in me, my hubby's unwavering support, and my Little Spanish Pinay's unconditional love, everything is now just a thing of the past.

Now that I understand and accepted why things happened in a different way I hoped for and imagined, I believe I am now ready to share the truth about my postpartum depression.  Hoping that somehow, I may be able to help a mom understand why this happens and that it can be conquered or even to just let them feel they are not alone... others are going through and have gone through the same situation.

PPD can be won over.  First step is to recognize it and do not feel ashame about it because it is something normal and many, many women suffer from it - in different intensity.  Second step is to find someone to talk about it.  Having someone to hear your worries and pains helps a lot.  Most often than not your partner is the best person that can give you all the support you'd need.

Below is a draft I found from my blogs.  I wrote it when Little Spanish Pinay was around 2 weeks old.  I believe that's when PPD has started creeping in me.  Days prior to that I was in pure bliss.  I never wanted to be separated from her but stupid hormones and some body chemicals went berzerk and made me suffer.

Undergoing a c-section worsen thigns out.  I was healing slowly and it made my moves very limited.  It also didn't help that my mom was oceans away from me.  I have never felt I needed her more than those times.  And I felt angry at her for not being here beside me. I felt angry about the situation.

Finally motherhood is here.  Didn't I long for this for seems to be like forever?  Didn't I believe ever since that I am made to be a mother? That I will be wonderful and be all that my little one needs me to be?  Didn't I feel so connected to her ever since those two lines appear in our pregnancy test?  We were one.  Our hearts beat in the same rythym.  I knew exactly what she was feeling everytime I feel her movements insde my tummy.  Didn't I wait for her with so much anticipation and impatience to finally hold her in my arms, smell her breath and sweet skin, curl my finger in her hand, touch her nose and hear her cry?  Why this fear then?  I am afraid.  Afraid of this failure.  I am failing her as a mom.  Why does it feel that I am not enough for her?  Why does it feel that she's completely different from the one that was inside my tummy?  Or was it me that has changed?  It WAS me that has changed.  And she can see right through me.
I fear the times that there's just the two of us.  Afraid that there's something she'd need and I am not capable of knowing what it is and won't be able to provide it to her and then she'll get upset and would stop loving me.  Has she realized I am not the mother that is right for her?  What is wrong with me?  I am afraid of her.  What is this guilt feeling inside me?  It's killing me.  I can't believe I can't do, everything is slipping away from my hands, going down the drain.  She'll hate me for all her life.  I can see it from her eyes.  She hates me.  Because she can see right through me and she knows I am a failure.
I have already admitted in this post that I had a case of postpartum depression.  Perhaps it was just something mild as I was able to go through it without medication.  I wasn't clinically diagnosed of postpartum depression but I knew something was terribly wrong with me back then.  But I was afraid to reveal everything to anyone even to my husband becasue if I do so, it'll be a confirmation that something was wrong with me.  As a woman.  As a mother.  And it's something I wasn't proud to admit. I would tell friends and family that I was having baby blues or maybe I came to tell people that I was having PPD but I never told anyone the real degree of it.  My husband saw how many times I cry in a day but he didn't knew what was going on when the crying stops.  When the room is dark.  When I was just alone with our little one.  PPD is not just all about the tears.  It's like a monster that eats you inside, makes you feel less of a person and makes you imagine a baby with monstrous eyes staring at you in the dark... accusing you of not doing well what you ought to do.

Yes, it started happening to me.  During bed time, when the two of us are alone in the room and I have just put her to her bassinet, her eyes closed, I'd stare at her and then it would seem to me that she'd suddenly open her eyes - they were glaring at me.  Dark eyes.  Angry eyes.  It would make my heart beat so fast with fear but I would try shake it off.  I would keep on telling myself that, that is just crazy and I am just imagining things.  I'd blink my eyes and look at her again and I'd see her sleeping soundly.  With her innocent eyes closed.  When this has happened to me several times, I knew I needed help.  But I wasn't just ready to admit everything to anyone.  I just told my husband I want to see our doctor to ask for something that might help me with the blues. 

First time in my life that I have felt I needed some medications to take away the sadness or the confusion or the fear or whatever this despicable feeling inside me that's making me suffer and not thinking straight thus, not functioning well.

Of course I didnt' tell the doctor everything that was happening to me especially when I am alone.  I just told him that lately I am feeling terribly sad and I cry multiple times every freaking days.  He said that it is normal for someone who has just given birth, especially that I am away from my own mom.  I couldn't stop it, I cried in front of him but he wasn't worried.  He kept on telling me that it's ok and it's normal especially that I am still healing, and that everything will be fine and that I'll keep up with the new phase in my life pretty soon.  His words were calming but I cried even more because I couldn't tell him what's really going on with me.  Words just couldn't come out from me and courage was way behind the back seat, unreachable from this driver losing control.

Then I finally braved to ask for a medication that might help me with the blues.  But when the doctor found out that I am breastfeeding, he announced that he can't give me anything. Otherwise, I'd have to give up breastfeeding.  I was dismayed.  After a month-battle of establishing our breastfeeding and that I am still healing cracked nipples from all the effort, I didn't think I am ready to give up breastfeeding.  At that time,  breastfeeding is the only thing I know I am doing right for my baby and if that too will be taken away from me, I was sure I'd really end up in a mental institution.  So we left the doctor empty handed.

I trembled.  I was confused.  I was lost.  I didn't know where to start.  When we came home,  I held Little Spanish Pinay and offered to nurse.  She enthusiastically obliged.  I stared at her and while milk was flowing continuously from my breast, I felt some peace, though not that strong.  Then I thought, I am not a complete failure. Yet.  I am still able to provide something for her.  Something she likes.  Something best for her.   I can start from here. Then the courage was slowly, slowly coming out again.  I tried to convince myself that what I am feeling and what is happening to me is not my fault.  Something is wrong with me but I can take over.  I can take control once again.  That was a start of a head-on battle with my PPD.   I understand what I have, but I also know that I can overcome it.

It wasn't an easy road.  I've had a lot of episodes where I would suddenly jump from my seat because I am imagining those glaring, angry, accusing eyes again from my baby.  Immeasurable amount of tears shed.  Unexplainable tremor and confusion about something I can't figure out.  And most of all, the bitter feeling of being not enough.  But having my husband's undying support and confidence in me, I took control of my PPD and overcome it.  He had made me feel all these time that whatever happens, no matter how I sink rock bottom, he'll be there and will be proud of me no matter what.

As I've said, mine was just probably a mild case of PPD.  Who knows.  After all, I wasn't clinically diagnosed with it.  But it was tough and I felt so defeated and scared that I will completely lose the battle.

I must say breastfeeding has helped a lot.  It has re-established my trust in me as a mom.  It made me feel closer and more connected to Little Spanish Pinay.  Every nursing session made me forget about those nasty fears and once again, I always feel like we are one.  Just like when she was in my tummy.  Little Spanish Pinay would always have this peaceful and satisfied look in her everytime we breastfeed and that helps me re-affirm that she does love me.  And she's happy.  I am able to make her happy even just for that moment.  Later on, I read from a book that breastfeeding does help combat PPD. Not only because of the emotional bond it provideds, but also through the production of oxytocin while breastfeeding.  This helps the woman balance out the hormones. Breastfeeding helps a woman fight PPD both physically and emotionally. 

Those eyes that reflect love and adoration were stronger than pills to help me combat PPD

The moment PPD started to just appear in my rear view mirror, I knew the battle was over.  It didn't make a come back and then soon, I waved goodbye from it. For good. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drama Anthology

If there's someone who can compete Judy Ann Santos on letting tears fall down in record time and in a tremendous amount, that would be our Little Spanish Pinay.  She has never cried "without tears".  Her tears fall down as soon as she starts crying even before a sound of cry would come out from her mouth.   You can never tag her in any moment that she's faking her cry ::like what many would accuse a baby or a child:: because I tell you, there'll be tears and they flow like water from the faucet!

And lately, when she gets really, really frustrated or emotionally hurt she goes like this:

and this:

like she's the poorest of 'em all.  Her cry is not the one of crazy loud shrieks tantrumy ::ok, I don't know if that is English, if not, let's just say I invented the word::: but the one of being so helpless and hurt and abandoned and all cinderella-like drama.  I so love her.  Even during these moments of her, I still drool over her like a wild crazy fan of George Clooney.

Mi niña....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

After searching east and west, high and low...

...we finally found the perfect car seat for Little Spanish Pinay.  Until a coupld of days, LSP was still using the rear-facing car seat and it was already too small for her.  She wasn't comfortable with it anymore (she never was actually) plus it's not safe anymore.  She's already beyond the weight limit for a rear-facing car seat.  It took as a while to finally decide on the front-facing car seat because there's such a wide range to choose from, too many points to consider and seriously? one has to take a complete course to understand all those things that needs to be considered gah!

Here are the most important points that we considered choosing LSP's car seat:

1.  Good review about safety from different authorities in car seat safety.  SAFETY, SAFETY is the priority. We've been playing between getting a car seat with latch system ::also known as isofix here in Europe and LUA (Lower Universal Anchorage System):: and the one that just uses the car seatbelt.  The latch system is said to be the safest out there in the market.  But with the big difference in price, we just opted for the car seat that uses a the car seatbelt.  Each brand though, uses the car seatbelt in different ways so we carefully chose the one that easy to set up and most of all, gives the highest safety.  We made sure that after setting up the car seat, it is snug fit in the car and doesn't move an inch.

2.  Comfortable for her.  Properly padded and smooth and breathable fabric.  Little Spanish Pinay sweats a lot especially in the head area so she fabric is better be breathable.

3.  Reclines well.  It should properly hold her head not to bounce forward when she falls asleep in the car seat.  No whipping of hair back and forth.

4.  Washable cover.  We don't want additional spenditure for dry cleaning a car seat, no, no.

5.  And one that won't ruin our life's savings.

So after trying a LOT of car seats, we took home one that fits from all the above points.  LSP was cried at the beginning.  She must have thought this is just the same as her previous car seat so she fussed and then slowly realizing this is different and yeah, comfortable.  She stopped then cried again.  I guess she got tired from all the playing in the baby store while mami and papi were sorting out the best car seat for her. 

Look at this poor, poor baby

But then papi started to sing her favorite songs..

and she calmed down.  She's a music lover!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Satisfied cravings ::somewhat::

Because Witchy Crazy Mommy showed some pictures of Jollibbee's chicken joy in her blog, I went stir crazy with my cravings.  Jollibbee is one of the most popular(very close to McDonald's in popularity if not more) fastfood chain in the Philippines.  And I am ::as gazillion other filipinos:: crazy over their chicken joy.  Unfortunately, me is away from Philippines.  Unfortunately, from where we live, there's no Jollibbee...not even a Filipino or Asian store.  But the cravings is wild.  I was tapping my fingers from one hand against the ones in the other hand; eyes wild, wide open; half-smile on my lips; and drool slowly dropping from one side of the mouth.  Enough visual?

Then I remember I still have one of those seasoning pack for fried chicken we bought from the Philippines.  I started to look for it from our kitchen cabinet while chanting in low voice chicken joy chicken joy chicken joy chicken joy.  Found one! I hugged it then kissed it then hugged it again with my shoulder swinging from one side to the other.

There it is!

It won't be exactly like Jollibbee's chicken joy but it will be close.  The closest I can get to tasting Jollibbee's chicken joy!  Dinner will be langhap-sangrap! 

Dinner time came and there goes my chicken joy slowly getting fried!

And there they are... crispy golden brown.

And the taste? Close enough! That is for someone who hasn't tasted the original for 2 years already! Verdict is a-ok and I kind of satisfied this crazy cravings for this oh-so-not-healthy food hah!  Hubby, baby and me tummy are all happy :-D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's her father's daughter, alright.

Out-toed or sakang in my language.  That is how she walks (hopefully for now).  And what can I say, that is just soooooooo her father! Although with hubby, it doesnt' matter coz he still looks so hot with the way he walks ::ehem::

But with my Little Spanish Pinay? Oh dear me.  All Saints in heaven, please hear me pray... let this be just temporary.  Let this be just part of her development and not a lifetime thing coz I am this close already in tying her legs together while she sleeps. Of course I am just kidding ;-)

Seriously now, while it's kind of difficult to determine who Little Spanish Pinay resembles, she does have certain aspects that reminds me of his father.  She's very affectionate and sweet.  Between her father and I, her father is the one mushy, hopeless romantic and affectionate kind of guy.  It's also obvious that LSP has this attitude that when she gets ticked off, she's ticked off and you better stay away for a while - she got that from me, unfornately.  But heaven bless her she's also quick to forget about - that's her father's genes working right there.

She loves music just like her father.  I do love music too but her father is a fanatic and has a good ear and sings well.  Let's not talk about my singing ability, ok?

And the best resemblance she has from her father?  She adores me just like her father! ::insert a laugh here that says I'm-so-full-of-me::

my entry for: How does your child resemble his/her father.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Reading Time

With Little Spanish Pinay on our reading session before bed time.  She normally sits on the bed beside me but at this moment she was already very sleepy and decided to multitask - read and nurse. 

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

Crowning Moments! Blogger Tag!

I'm the it.  Colleen of A Day in the Life of a Five Foot Mama tagged me.  Because I wasn't wearing my running shoes, she caught on me and so now, I'm the it.  Not that I would want to escape her tagging me.  In fact, knowing that she'd be tagging me,  I might pretend I can't run faster or even pretend I tripped over so she'd easily caught on me and tag me :-D coz, hey, this is a fun blogger-tagging game.

And after that sweet, sweet description she has for my blog?  I'd volunteer to babysit her Brennan for a day or two for free! LOL

Ok, here we go.  Being it needs to answer the following questions below and then tag 4 other bloggers.

1.  Do you think you're hot?
Oh, I am hotter than hot! Just you wait till hubby tells you all about it ;-) (rofl)

2.  Upload the picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment:
Hubby employed this app in my laptop that changes the wallpaper every certain minutes and I have no idea where the files are located > - < so I am uploading the wallpaper I have on my mobile phone:
3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Yesterday (Friday).  We had ready-to-eat roast chicken.  Hubby just popped it in the oven and after 10mins, it's ready to be chowed.  See yesterday was one of those days mami can't prepare healthy food.  Can't be perfect, ya know :-D  But hey, the chicken was yummy!

4. 4 Songs you listened to lately.
Jlo's Get on the floor - apparently, this song makes Little Spanish Pinay move her hips, her head and her legs and snap her fingers :)
House of Micky Mouse intro and ending song - like a hundred and one times!
Cucu! Cantaba la Rana - (Cocoo sings the frog) - an old old older than hubby spanish nursery rhyme that makes Little Spanish Pinay sit a while and and be quiet listening to the song.
Veo, Veo - ( I see, I see) a Spanish nursery rhyme/game. Little Spanish Pinay's favorite line is "No, no, no, eso no, no, no... eso no, no, no. No es asi" While she shakes her head and her index finger moving side to side saying no.ç

5. What were you thinking while you were doing this.
Hurry before Little Spanish Pinay wakes up from her nap!

6. Do you have nicknames, what are they?
Lhot is how many calls me.  Lotlot and Balot were used by families when I was a loooot younger. 

Tag 4 blogger friends
MommyJho of Witchy Crazy Mommy
Jenggai of Life's Simple Pleasures
Nuna of Choose Happiness

Krystyn of Really, Are You Serious?

Who's listed as #1?
Mommy Jho because she's witchy and crazy!I like crazy :) 

How did you get to know #3?
I saw one of her comments from another blogger's article and I clicked and I already liked her blog title Choose Happiness.  Then I read an article of her about how her life changed after giving birth to her lovely girl and how she well, choose happiness :)

How about #4?
I believe I got to know her from voiceboks or one of those cool blog hops.  Inspite of her intro about her name on her About Me page, I do like how her name is's unique and interesting.  I love her two princesses and their curls!

Leave a lovey-dovey message for #2
Dear Jenggai, I am glad I got to stumble upon your blog in of those blog hops or probably just seeing your comment from other bloggers (forgive my memory gap...motherhood is doing this to me!).   And you know what, you SHOULD try cooking or baking! Take out those collected recipes of yours and try them out without fear.  I'm sure you'll do just fine.  And don't worry about failing the first time because I am pretty sure your hubby and little one will still say they're yummy because they love you like that! :)

Off you go, ladies! Start tagging!
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