Saturday, June 18, 2011

After searching east and west, high and low...

...we finally found the perfect car seat for Little Spanish Pinay.  Until a coupld of days, LSP was still using the rear-facing car seat and it was already too small for her.  She wasn't comfortable with it anymore (she never was actually) plus it's not safe anymore.  She's already beyond the weight limit for a rear-facing car seat.  It took as a while to finally decide on the front-facing car seat because there's such a wide range to choose from, too many points to consider and seriously? one has to take a complete course to understand all those things that needs to be considered gah!

Here are the most important points that we considered choosing LSP's car seat:

1.  Good review about safety from different authorities in car seat safety.  SAFETY, SAFETY is the priority. We've been playing between getting a car seat with latch system ::also known as isofix here in Europe and LUA (Lower Universal Anchorage System):: and the one that just uses the car seatbelt.  The latch system is said to be the safest out there in the market.  But with the big difference in price, we just opted for the car seat that uses a the car seatbelt.  Each brand though, uses the car seatbelt in different ways so we carefully chose the one that easy to set up and most of all, gives the highest safety.  We made sure that after setting up the car seat, it is snug fit in the car and doesn't move an inch.

2.  Comfortable for her.  Properly padded and smooth and breathable fabric.  Little Spanish Pinay sweats a lot especially in the head area so she fabric is better be breathable.

3.  Reclines well.  It should properly hold her head not to bounce forward when she falls asleep in the car seat.  No whipping of hair back and forth.

4.  Washable cover.  We don't want additional spenditure for dry cleaning a car seat, no, no.

5.  And one that won't ruin our life's savings.

So after trying a LOT of car seats, we took home one that fits from all the above points.  LSP was cried at the beginning.  She must have thought this is just the same as her previous car seat so she fussed and then slowly realizing this is different and yeah, comfortable.  She stopped then cried again.  I guess she got tired from all the playing in the baby store while mami and papi were sorting out the best car seat for her. 

Look at this poor, poor baby

But then papi started to sing her favorite songs..

and she calmed down.  She's a music lover!


  1. That's so funny... and cute! Our children were so excited to be in the bigger car seats since it meant they could be turned around and facing the same way everyone else was! :) I hope yours will enjoy the new views and scenery from a different perspective now. :)have a great weekend!

  2. my son's carseat is also a combination of red and black. =).

  3. my son's carseat is also a combination of red and black.

  4. @Steph - I do hope she'd get used to it soon too :)

    @michi - looks like we got the same taste ;-)

  5. Well at least you have car seats. I was surprised when we first arrived here, no one knew what they were. Well I guess, what's the need for a car seat when you have mommy arm restraints...

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