Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Broken crown and my broken ear

A comedy that was tragic... or is it a tragedy that was comedic.

I was on the phone talking to a friend while taking care of Little Spanish Pinay.  She was on my lap playing with a plastic crown a friend brought her for her first birthday.  She was trying to put it on my head and I was gladly obeying by putting my head so she can reach properly - while still talking on the phone.  Multitasking is my only way to be able to catch up with friends and family otherwise I'll practically lose communication with the rest of the world.

I don't know how it happend but in a split of second, Little Spanish Pinay had the crown tangled on my earing on the right ear.  She was trying to take it off but it was stuck and it's starting to hurt like hell.  I put the phone on speaker so I can help LSP take off the crown from my ear but she was getting impatient and started to pull it off quite adamantly and I started to yell in pain.  I had to cut off my friend over the phone and told her I must hang up because I'm dying with pain.  I told her briefly what's going on in between cry and laughter.

The stupid crown didn't want to let go of my earrings.  I was already screaming in pain because LSP insisted on pulling the crown while she was also screaming in a mixture of frustration and panic.  I didn't have a choice but to break the crown.  LSP took the crown she so wanted to remove from my ear and I was able to at least free my ear and my earring from being pulled down. 

The biggest earing in the whole wide world! Hurt like hell ufff!

I put LSP down, went to the bathroom and faced the mirror so I can yank off the remaining crown tangled in my earring.  I was yelping in pain and LSP went to see me in the bathroom with her worried face.  When she saw me cyring in pain, she started screaming and crying I had to stop trying to remove the crown.  I never saw LSP got so scared and worried for me.  Worst is that hubby wasn't at home.  He had to go back to my inlaws' house because thanks to me, I left my work mobile phone there and the next day was Monday - you know, work day.

So I was in that fashion per photo above until hubby came.  I can't even move my head well because every time I do, it hurts like another hole is being punched on my ear but slowly.  LSP and I watched her favorite videos to take our minds off from what has just happened while waiting for her papi.  When hubby came and found out the whole story, he couldn't resist laughing and feeling sorry for me at the same time.

After taking photo of my tragic comedy / comedic tragedy, hubby took LSP away so I can concentrate on removing the crown and the stucked earing from my ear.  This happened last Sunday and until now, my ear is a bit swollen from the whole shebang!

Guilty and broken


  1. Ouch!!! It hurts bad enough when my little guy pulls on my earring studs without any crowns!

  2. Oh my gooossshh!!! and yet, you still managed to take a photo and blog about it -- super blogger mom!!!

  3. aray ko po ang sakit..

    hmmm.. crown earring that's cute too.. hehehe

  4. ouch! the picture says it all. good thing it's off your ear now :)


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