Friday, June 24, 2011

Can't bake? Make a cake using microwave - soooooooo easy, trust me!

I was first reluctant to try this recipe because baking a cake using microwave? Kinda weird, no? At least for a new baking-mom like me. But it turned out to be really moist and sponge-like not to mention a nice treat to the palate. 

So without further ado, here's the recipe and the how-to:

4 eggs
20 Biscuits (like Marie) -
1 cup of Nesquik (I used colacao - local brand here in Spain)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
¾ cup of sunflower oil (perhaps any vegetable oil is ok too)
1 pack of powdered yeast (about 15g)

In a big bowl, put the eggs and the sugar and using an electric hand mixer, beat until the volume doubles.

Add the milk and then continue beating. Add the oil and beat some more.

Mix the yeast with chocolate powder (Nesquick) then slowly add until everything is well blended.

Once everything is well mixed, add the biscuits. I previously pounded the bisuits with mortar and pestle. The original recipe I found says to just break the biscuits in small bits but after putting the batter in the microwave, there were still some big chunks of biscuits left. So the next time I did this, I pounded the biscuits. Turned out better.

Once the batter becomes homogenous, place it in a rounded cake molder (previously buttered if not using a silicon one). Pop it in the microwave and use the max power. Our microwave only has 750W and it took 10.5 minutes for the cake to bake perfectly!  For a 900W, 8 minutes should be enough.

After 10.5 minutes, I did the toothpick test and it came out clean so I took it out from the microwave. I used a 23cm molder so the cake turned out a bit thin but it still looked good.  It turned out really nice.  It took me 30minute for everything - preparation and baking.  

Let the cake cool down for at least 15minutes before serving or removing from the molder.  And of course why not put a simple design to make it even more appetizing.  I have these cookie cutters in different shapes.  I placed them on top of the cake and then sprinkled sugar confectioner on top.

So, ladies (and gents) go ahead and try it out. Trust me, this is really easy to do. Kids (and adults) will really love this :-)

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  1. Nice! Hubby bought me an oven just so I can bake. I should have thought of using a microwave. Haha

    Chic Manila Mom

  2. yum! cake in the micro... never even thought to do that! thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG, that's looks good! And perfect for me who doesn't know how to cook and bake. What's cool is that you used my BFF-the microwave. Thanks for sharing sis. I'll try that one as soon as I got the ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks really nice. Will try this out next week. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this easy to bake or no bake at all sweet. I do not have a microwave din pero i will make it a point to bear this recipe in mind.

  6. voila! i will try this over the weekend.
    thanks sissy =)

  7. looks yummy. i really wanna learn how to bake. :)

  8. I will try this! I promise! =)

  9. oh wow! this is really good especially for busy mommies :) Thanks for sharing sis... hope to learn more easy recipes from you :)

  10. wow! i never thought that we could bake a cake using microwave, i just use it to reheat our food and pop the popcorn. will try this but i have too buy yeast. =)

  11. sis, what is powdered yeast? is this the same like baking powder? looks so easy to make. ill see if i can do this on sunday. awaits for ur response.

  12. wow..this is exciting! thanks for sharing I should try this one on my free weekend:)

  13. @kim - haha sis, that's ok! there are so many other possibilities with oven ;-)

    girls, yes, try this. You won't regret it :-)

    @Isha - sis, yeast is different from baking powder. Check it out on baking sections of the supermarkets, sigurado you'll find one. Next time I do this (I'm pretty sure soon) I will try to use baking powder to see the effect ;-). Alam mo naman I'm no expert so kailangan subukan para malaman haha!

  14. Sis, pede kaya confectionary sugar? instead of table sugar? cuz may stock pako nun hehe thanks :0 just wondering..

  15. @Isha - mare ko, I'm sure pwede naman just take note na less sweet ang confectionery sugar pero mas mahal yan kesa table sugar diba? At least dito halos 4 times ang price nya compared to table sugar so kung tatanungin mo ako, tago mo na lang yan for something else. Magagamit mo sya for making cream cheese toppings, etc. or sya mismo toppings mo to simple cakes or cookies. Katulad nung ginawa ko sa cake dito. :-)

  16. That makes me miss biscuits. I can't eat any sugary this time as I'm on a strict diet but hopefully soon my digestion gets better.

  17. @Avatarlady - I do hope your digestion gets better soon!


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