Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drama Anthology

If there's someone who can compete Judy Ann Santos on letting tears fall down in record time and in a tremendous amount, that would be our Little Spanish Pinay.  She has never cried "without tears".  Her tears fall down as soon as she starts crying even before a sound of cry would come out from her mouth.   You can never tag her in any moment that she's faking her cry ::like what many would accuse a baby or a child:: because I tell you, there'll be tears and they flow like water from the faucet!

And lately, when she gets really, really frustrated or emotionally hurt she goes like this:

and this:

like she's the poorest of 'em all.  Her cry is not the one of crazy loud shrieks tantrumy ::ok, I don't know if that is English, if not, let's just say I invented the word::: but the one of being so helpless and hurt and abandoned and all cinderella-like drama.  I so love her.  Even during these moments of her, I still drool over her like a wild crazy fan of George Clooney.

Mi niña....


  1. Tee hee,,, "like a wild crazy fan of George Clooney".... Love it...
    These pics are too cute! She reminds me of my little one.. I always say that she needs to be put in drama lessons because she can "play" the role so well!!
    Good thing they're cute!!

  2. the first picture reminds me of my son, that's the way he cries.

  3. @Sarah and @michi - we should let them audition... their future might be in the acting arena LOL

  4. Aaaww, I have to say, she's very cute even if she cries. I know what you mean when my girl cries, she doesn't make a sound at first, but lets a single tear fall, "iyak artista" like Vilma. Kids are just adorable.

  5. The pictures are priceless. :)

    Sharon at Voiceboks

  6. @Witchy Crazy Mommy - I LOLed with iyak artista!

    @mrsmomx6 - thanks! :)

  7. Good morning! I'm a new follower via Follow Us Monday Morning. What a darling little one. Aww, how can your heart not melt when tears flow like that!

  8. Good morning, Terra H! Thanks for following. I'm heading to your blog now :)

  9. Some of my kids had such big tears when they would cry and it would melt my heart...being a mom can be a series of meltdowns...


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