Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's officially summer, beach!

There is no doubt she loves the sand.  The first time she ever got to touch the sand, the amusement was uncontainable.  She couldn't believe this amazing thing that slips through her fingers and falls down artistically when she let them go from above her head.  She has also tried to eat them of course.  Although mami didn't let her, she'd would see if mami can be distracted and then try to have a taste of this thing they call sand.

So last weekend, the weather allowed us to go to the beach again.  It was already early in the evening so the sun has started to set and there was a significant wind that can get a little bit chilly but Little Spanish Pinay still enjoyed the short time she was able to play in the sand with he abuelos (grandparents).

Photos below.  Warning:  There are too many of 'em.

This is how happy she'd get when told she'd be going to the beach.

The sand...

Touch, touch...

Fly sand, fly!

The sun...

The water...

Cold, cold water

Let me stay some moooorreeee.....

Little Spanish Pinay wiggles widly because she didn't want to leave the water just yet.


  1. aww.. little spanish pinay looks so cute on her outfit! Enjoy summer!

  2. same with my son, he loves to play and eat sand. =)i like her hat.

  3. The last 3 picture are lovely...father and son perfect to be picture framed:) Your cute little one looks adorable with the hat.

    Such a happy family:)

  4. Such a cutie! I'm sure she'd love Philippine beaches. :D

    Chic Manila Mom

  5. Yes... that is exactly how my one year old is. You'd think they were born in the ocean, it's like tearing mer-babies away from their natural habitat.

  6. Oh what fun! We introduced our son to the beach on our recent vacation to Hawaii and he LOVED it. I see many beach trips in our future this summer. Great pictures!

  7. little spanish pinay is soooo cute! lovely pictures ;)

  8. beach bum bebe! you're awesome!

  9. oh, so sweet! what is it with children and the sand? we can be at the park with a small amount of sand and my children will find it and stay there the rest of the day!

  10. Little Spanish Pinay is so adorable! It's rainy days here in the Philippines. If you could only see the "baha"(i have to use tagalog, baka maliitin naman tayo ng mga dayuhan)lols..Ang bayan nga naman ni Juan..*sigh*

  11. Such sweet photos! Your photos make me wish we lived near a beach!


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