Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mami Melting Morning Moments

Rarer than a once in a blue moon... that I have to wake up Little Spanish Pinay in the morning... because what normally happens is me avoiding the slightest noise I can possibly make because she might wake up any moment.  Ever since she was a baby, she's been a slight sleeper althought it's slowly changing now.

Saturday morning, 11:30am still sleeping soundly. We needed to leave at 12nn for her swimming lesson. I opened the window and the sun bathe her with too much light but she didn't even squint her eyes. I started saying good morning in our language enthusiastically but not even a finger moved.   I jumped on the bed to lie down beside her and started kissing her hand and legs and I got a soft murmur and she gave me her back.  A gentle sign of telling me leave me alone mami, I still want to sleep.  Little did she know that mami wouldn't give up that easily.  I rolled over to the other side so I'm facing her and started giving her kisses on her lips, on her cheeks, on her nape, on her neck telling her good morning! It's time to wake up, you have a class today
I finally got her to bat her eyes and then she started rubbing her poor big eyes with her hands.... she was still sleepy.   Seeing her sleepy never fail to melt my heart.  She's too cute.  She still tried to go back to sleep though but mami didn't allow her... we're soooo late! And we still have a lot to do.  But of course, this Little Spanish Pinay doesn't have any sense of time in her own little world. And so she received tickles everywhere.

There she goes fighting off sleepiness with a smile... for a minute there,  I was ready to ditch her swimming class and just stay with her in bed so we can have more time singing, tickling, giggling and rolling over the bed.  But she already missed her last week's class and I didn't think it'd be a  good idea to skip the class for two consecutive weekends. 

After a couple more seconds of tickling, singing and kissing, she's finally wide awake with her sweetest smile.  It melted my heart over and over again.  I'll never get tired seeing this smile every second of my every minute, every hour and every day for my entire life.

I have never imagined this kind of feeling in my entire life.  I've read many books, heard of many poets, listened to many moms speak of this kind of love and emotions but I've never imagined how it is to really feel it and get filled with highness of this so-called pure, unconditional mother-child love until I had my own.


  1. Look at those big beautiful brown eyes. I also love waking up my babies, on the rare occasions when they don't wake me up first.

  2. Well said! You can never imagine such joy. Isn't it a beautiful thing to watch them sleep. Their chubby little features all snuggled in their cribs. Thanks for the smile!

  3. Hello.. coming by for the first time..

  4. i have to agree on ur last line sis "I've never imagined how it is to really feel it and get filled with highness of this so-called pure, unconditional mother-child love until I had my own". well said!

  5. well said... i couldn't agree with you more!

  6. i love it when my baby rubs his sleepy eyes whenever i wake him up. such a cute scene :)


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