Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She eats, I watch, she's happy, I clean all over

Little Spanish Pinay is in a phase now that she's exploring more and more of doing tings her own... especially in the eating department.  Everytime I'd give something to her to eat, she'd open her mouth then would suddenly swing her head sideways, closing her mouth saying no and then would take the food from my hand with her hand.  She'd want to put whatever food in her mouth on her own.  Although the case is different when she's watching her favorite videos... her eyes would be glued to the tv, if there's music, her head would be swinging from one side to the and/or she'd be dancing bending her upper body from one side to the other or bending her knees up and down and she would just open her mouth to the food I offer.

But during lunch or dinner, she sits with us in the table on her high chair or on my lap depending on her mood.  Lately though, she's been enjoying her high chair because there she can play eat on her own to her heart's content.

Anyone who has a toddler that's still learning to eat on his own would know how messy this can get.  So we moved our dining sessions to the kitchen.  There in the kitchen, I wouldn't mind if she throws food on the floor, on the table and even on the wall! 

Letting them eat on their own inspite of all the mess and the food that might end up everywhere else other than inside their mouth helps them develop their motor skills and most importantly their confidence.  I believe by giving them your confidence and trust that they can do it on their own sooner or later despite of the hits and misses, gives them confidence on themselves to try and try and be better with whatever they are trying to learn and do.  Not only during toddlerhood but all through out a child's life.  I remember how many times I cried to my mama with the fear I would fail a subject, an exam or I won't make it finding me a good job.  But my mama would always tell me that I can do it and would even excel on it.  She would always tell me she believes in me and there's nothing I won't be able to do if I believe I can. 

Who said that moms are always right?  That person must be really wise!

And so here are a lot some of the photos that shows the fruit of our confidence to our Little Spanish Pinay.

and this is how my floor would normally end up - many times, it's even worse than this.

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace. --Kofi Annan


  1. i like the bib. she is so happy! =)how i wish my son will also enjoy eating meals. he only eats breakfast and merienda meals. most of the time, no lunch and dinner, milk only. =(

  2. Your little is one is so adorable and I agree with you to let your child eat on their own. It would build their confidence and the feeling of being free makes them happy and the smiles/giddy that you see while they eat are priceless:)

  3. @michi - More than eating, she's playing! Most of the times more than half of her food end up on the floor but I have to let her do that so she'd enjoy eating. Don't worry about your son, give him time and just let him enjoy mealtime. One thing we've always done every since is to let our little one sit with us in the table (on her high chair or on my lap) every mealtime even if she's not eating. So she'd see us eating and get used to the idea - and in the process, wake up her interest about eating. Try that, let your son sit with you guys by the table every meal time kahit nde sya nakain.. he'll just watch you guys at first pero later on, malamang makigaya na sya :)

    @SunnyToast - Thanks! those smiles are indeed priceless :)

  4. How I wish my little girl would eat like Little Spanish Pinay. LSP looks so happy and enjoying her meal. My baby doesn't like solid foods that much, she would only eat a little. She likes milk lang talaga. Very picky. :'(

  5. This is a very endearing toddler trait,I tried to line the floor with newspapers but my kid manages to throw more outside the perimeter. I don't worry about her nutrition though, food doesn't really go into the mouth but absorbed by the pores of the face ;-)

    It's great that she is enjoying her meals, LSP is such a cutie!

  6. Cute baby! I can't wait until my Kelly reaches that phase. :D

    Chic Manila Mom

  7. She's really happy doing things on her own :) and someone to clean up after her :)

  8. Talagang ni lick nya ang bowl! hehehe! Kitang kita sa mukha nya na tuwang tuwa sya.

  9. Looks like she's really enjoying her meal! So cute!

  10. Now that's how it's done! Lick it clean baby girl and save mommy the hassle of doing dishes...=)

  11. Just looking at the pictures makes me smile. CUTE!! But no so fun for mom. Hehehe


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