Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's her father's daughter, alright.

Out-toed or sakang in my language.  That is how she walks (hopefully for now).  And what can I say, that is just soooooooo her father! Although with hubby, it doesnt' matter coz he still looks so hot with the way he walks ::ehem::

But with my Little Spanish Pinay? Oh dear me.  All Saints in heaven, please hear me pray... let this be just temporary.  Let this be just part of her development and not a lifetime thing coz I am this close already in tying her legs together while she sleeps. Of course I am just kidding ;-)

Seriously now, while it's kind of difficult to determine who Little Spanish Pinay resembles, she does have certain aspects that reminds me of his father.  She's very affectionate and sweet.  Between her father and I, her father is the one mushy, hopeless romantic and affectionate kind of guy.  It's also obvious that LSP has this attitude that when she gets ticked off, she's ticked off and you better stay away for a while - she got that from me, unfornately.  But heaven bless her she's also quick to forget about - that's her father's genes working right there.

She loves music just like her father.  I do love music too but her father is a fanatic and has a good ear and sings well.  Let's not talk about my singing ability, ok?

And the best resemblance she has from her father?  She adores me just like her father! ::insert a laugh here that says I'm-so-full-of-me::

my entry for: How does your child resemble his/her father.


  1. Very sweet post! My oldest is me and my youngest is my husband... I'm happy we have at least one of each...lol... I don't think I could handle two of one of us.. that would be very scary..
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  2. My kids resemble their father in their humor. You girl is beautiful!

  3. Aweeee....my twins walk toe out too , it must be a toddler learning to walk thing. I am looking foward to when everything doesn't go in their mouths.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. don't worry sis, bow-legged is still normal if the baby is below 3 years old. =). it will straighten out in time.

  5. very cute! don't know about the walk thing if it's a phase or not - i don't see anything out of the ordinary - but who am i? not a doctor!
    i love your comparisons. i just hope my children are more like their dad than me! i am easily angered, have little patience, never forget, and scream a lot! lol!!!

  6. @Kelly - lol! for me, i don't think I can handle two of ME!

    @Mamas Todoterreno - muchas gracias :)

    @Greenacremama - oh, tell me about putting everything in their mouth! I am so looking forward for that phase to be over too!

    @michi - I do hope you are right!! Magdilang-anghel ka sana :-D

    @Steph - Me too, I do hope that mine will get her dad's temperament...coz if she got mine, we'll always collide LOL

  7. Visiting from VoiceBoks! Mabuhay! :)

    Out toeing is acceptable in toddlers who are learning to walk and usually gets better with age. So not too worry too much, ok? ;)

  8. She is so cute,don't worry about the legs, hopefully she'll grow out of it. My kid has the same ears as her father, they're not even, one is pointy and the other is round;-)

  9. @Janie - sana nga! :) Thanks for dropping by!

    @Witchy Crazy Mommy - sana she's grow out of it. Now isn't your kid really cute ;-) That's one peculiarity that can make someone all the more special!

  10. I definitely think that part of learning to walk and most kids do it.

    We saw an orthopedic surgeon for foot related issues, and they really didn't want to see her until she was 2.


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