Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We love summer, beach!

Summer has really landed and it's here to stay, at least for 3 months hah!  We couldn't pass the chance of really enjoying the beach over the weekend as it was 35ºC and we've been really crazy for Little Spanish Pinay to play in the beach not only in the sand but also in the water.  So we packed our beachy things on our beachy bags and off we went!

This is Little Spanish Pinay's official beach experience - ya know, beach bumming on swim suits, getting wet and spending hours and hours in the beach.  

tongue out is part of the concentration


 if you can just hear the squeals!

She loves the sand so much she didn't mind getting half-buried in it

I'd love to put more pictures but I'll stop here :)

I hate it when I leave the house and no matter how much I try to think about the things I need to bring, I'd always, always forget at least one thing.  I've always been like that and lately, it's even getting worse. This time, I was able to pack all the important things to bring to the beach especially for a baby and protection against the harmful rays of the sun is a must.  But the most basic of them all was left behind.  Wipes! How can it even left LSP's diaper bag.  Beats me.

And since this is our first time to go to the beach with a baby, I'd like to share some tips on things to take note (taught by Prof. Experience :-D)
  • Bring sun protection especially for babies/toddlers.  High SPF is a must.  Consider 50+ and consider the one that is in spray form.  Toddlers would normally hate having someone smear them with lotion or anything in that form so they'd wiggle or run away.  If you have a spray sun protection, it's easier to run after them and just spray it on them... it can even be a fun game!
  • Have a special cream protection for the face of the toddler.  There are creams special for the face and they are also SPF 50.  The face, especially the nose, the cheekbones and the forehead are very sensitive and can easily get irritated with the sun's harmful rays.  Applying cream on the face of a toddler can be a challenge. I don't have a special trick to this except give the toddler something to get busy with or have someone do a silly dance in front of the toddler.
  • Thermal water spray.  It's really a thirst quencher for drying skin due to the sea and the sun.  I love this.
  • Beach umbrella can be handy.  Sometimes the sun can be really unforgiving and sitting down under a shade is a good breather.  It's also nice to sit down under the shade with a tired toddler from all the running, squealing and running and throwing water to people.
  • Snack.  I learned not to give LSP`something to eat on her own while we are in the beach.  She can never have clean hands because she wouldn't stop touching the sand and she would even dip her snack on the sand and eat it! Ack.  So don't forget the snack but watch out for those sandy hands.
  • When the toddler doesn't stop running around and you're already tired, consider burying the toddler in the sand. Just make sure the toddler can still breath!

 That's all for now.  I'm sure I'm gonna learn some more as we frequent the beach this summer and I'll be sure to share 'em.  I love summer!


  1. Wow! She loves the sand! My little girl cried when she first stepped on sand. i don't know but she didn't like the feeling and got scared. Hihi Look at LSP, very happy! =)

  2. i always have "things to bring" list to ensure that i have everything before going out. =)

  3. wipes or no wipes, she sure had fun! bet she was "wiped out" at the end of the day!
    did you bring towels to dry off? and a holey bag to store the sand toys so that you don't take too much of the sand home with you? my daughter likes her own bag to collect shells, so she has a small bag for that. and for my son (you may experience this later if/when you have a boy... an empty water bottle so we don't have to run back and forth to the bathroom!) and a change of clothes.
    strangly, today we had rain - lots of it! but the rest of the week will be bright, sunny, and hot... odd, right?!

  4. Wow...beach trip...lovely photos! your cute little one is having a great time with the sand:)

  5. @Nuna - I've seen other kids who can't bear the sand either. I guess these kids feel the instability of the sand of the roughness of it just icks them. Don't force her I'm sure she'd get used to it overtime especially if she sees mommy and daddy enjoying in the sand :)

    @Michi - I really need to get the hang of making a list. I am really terrible with organization *shy*

    @Steph - I did bring towels to dry off! *pats me in the back* hehe. As for the other tips, that's a good idea. I am sure making note of that. Thanks for the tip from a more experienced mom! :) Yesterday we had rain too and the rest of the week will be as you said bright, sunny and hot. Weather is wacked sometimes - global warming boo!

    @SunnyToast - Thanks you! :)

  6. so cute! that little spanish pinay is getting some sun!

  7. ahh what summer?? we felt short bursts of heat here in toronto..looking for a long drive to the beach ( it's a lake , it will do :0)on friday with hubby.wish us luck it doesn't rain !

  8. Cute photos! I love her swim outfit...great idea going topless ;) now she has an even tan. I can never get away with doing that...

  9. goodthing you've had an spf cream =) i bet LSP stayed half of her day playing / swimming under the sun. my kids still misses the beach..sadly, summer ended her in manila rapidly

  10. She looks soooo happy!! That is priceless!

  11. I love these pics; your daughter is sooooo cute. It looks like the whole family is having so much fun. Keep enjoying the safe summer days.
    Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment. I love it. Me encanta tus comentarios. Gracias:)
    Nos vemos,

  12. my son loves WATER and he loves the beach too:) your daughter is sooo cute and so happy:)

  13. awww. i just saw this post now and LSP is soooo cute! :)


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