Friday, June 17, 2011

Satisfied cravings ::somewhat::

Because Witchy Crazy Mommy showed some pictures of Jollibbee's chicken joy in her blog, I went stir crazy with my cravings.  Jollibbee is one of the most popular(very close to McDonald's in popularity if not more) fastfood chain in the Philippines.  And I am ::as gazillion other filipinos:: crazy over their chicken joy.  Unfortunately, me is away from Philippines.  Unfortunately, from where we live, there's no Jollibbee...not even a Filipino or Asian store.  But the cravings is wild.  I was tapping my fingers from one hand against the ones in the other hand; eyes wild, wide open; half-smile on my lips; and drool slowly dropping from one side of the mouth.  Enough visual?

Then I remember I still have one of those seasoning pack for fried chicken we bought from the Philippines.  I started to look for it from our kitchen cabinet while chanting in low voice chicken joy chicken joy chicken joy chicken joy.  Found one! I hugged it then kissed it then hugged it again with my shoulder swinging from one side to the other.

There it is!

It won't be exactly like Jollibbee's chicken joy but it will be close.  The closest I can get to tasting Jollibbee's chicken joy!  Dinner will be langhap-sangrap! 

Dinner time came and there goes my chicken joy slowly getting fried!

And there they are... crispy golden brown.

And the taste? Close enough! That is for someone who hasn't tasted the original for 2 years already! Verdict is a-ok and I kind of satisfied this crazy cravings for this oh-so-not-healthy food hah!  Hubby, baby and me tummy are all happy :-D


  1. naku sis, for our small gathering here sa office like kanina adv fathers day celeb, we had jollibee. and jollibee is like 5mins away from our office. Anyway im glad to see the delmonte product! good choice!

  2. Cool blog!
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  3. Buti na lang meron kang del monte fried chicken mixes at least na satisfy ka din sa cravings mo kahit papano. Fried chicken ang dinner namin kanina. Yung niece ko tinanong ko kung ano yung kinakain nya. Sabi nya " chicken joy!" hehehe! Pinirito lang din namin yung chicken na nilagyan ng breading.

  4. Chicken Joy was named after me! ;) I love chicken and my middle name is Joy. Your chicken looks good, I think it might even be better than Jollibees1

  5. Lols! Chicken joy, bida ang saya!It's the best.. You must go home just to eat at jollibee..remember their regular fries?they have double cheese and sour & cream ads on tv right now..yummy!=)


  6. yummy -- is the mix from the pouch some type of flour that gives it the crunchy texture -- any other seasoning in there?!

  7. Max's nalang, o Chowking malayo ang Jollibee kasi

  8. ...kung pwede lang kita padalhan ng Chicken Joy, I will! my sons love it, too! Very sinful, but it's one of the reasons we keep going back to Jollibee-hosted Saturday Workshops for kids :)

  9. @Isha - buti pa kayo! :) 6 more months at makakatikim na rin kami ng jollibee LOL

    @anney - naku, last na yun! so malamang kailangan ko matutunan ang homemade style hehe... recipe suggestion? :-D

    @Rachel Joy - haha I'm sure chiken joy was named after you! ;-)

    @WordsAndPen - naku, sigurado matutuwa si hubby sa bagong fries ng jollibee!

    @Steph - From the ingredients list at the back, it's wheat flour and some other ingredients. Apart from the flour, there's also marinade mix and another mix to prepare the batter. You have to dip it to the batter then to the flour before frying. The marinade is really tasty.

    @Leah - kung pwede nga lang!! 6 more months at makakatikim na rin kami ng original chicken joy hehe. The Saturday Workshops sound fun for kids!

  10. wow.. never knew that existed!! def will get one now! i love jollibee, i wish they have it here in toronto.

  11. hahaha.. yes, I agree with you. Chicken joy's the best~!!!! :)

  12. we always have that at home. it's my kids favorite. they were the ones picking that up in the grocery when we shop hahaha..thanks for stopping by my blog.


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