Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Come back, everyone! pretty please?

I was saddened by the news from 3 different bloggers that my site gives a warning from google that my site contains contents from another site that is known to distribute malware.  Good thing I have concerned bloggers that took time to inform me about this as I am totall unaware of it.  I have tried different computers but I was getting the message so I don't know what to look at.  I haven't done any change on my blog either... so I was totally blocked out. 

I also noticed that I have lesser visits yesterday.. lesser comments than normal as well :( 

Good thing, Andy and Juls told me the exact message they are getting so I was able to at least determine what to remove from my site.  It seems like a link to another blogger on my blog is causing this - and I don't know why because I've had this link up on my site for a long time now.  I had no choice but to remove it though coz I can't risk having my readers get bugged by this - and in return, shoo them away completely from my site.

And google? what if google would list my site as one of those to run away from? At least, the last time I checked (like a couple of minutes ago), I still have a page rank of 1.

I think I really have to start over with my list of blogs I have.  I do have a lot of new found blogger friends that I have to add anyways.  Some, I might need to remove with all the pain in my heart.

I'd like to thank jplbarbara, Andy and Juls  for putting this to my radar so I was able to act quickly.  I also would like to say sorry to all who were hassled by this.

Come back, everyone, please?


  1. buti nafigure out mo agad yung link. =)

  2. Good thing you were able to fix the problem right away. One way to protect your blog is to moderate your comments and links :)

  3. glad it's all sorted na sis. & hope dika masyadong na-stress =)

  4. Yey, i'm here now so i assume wala nang problem, i hope.

    i googled it, and found out that there are really some sites on the disguise para makapagkalat ng mga viruses. isa sa mga favorite nilang victims eh mga blogs kung san may mga advertisement that lead to malware sites.

    nwei, i hope ok na talaga. so far wala nman nag appear na kahit ano so yehey! ^_^

  5. Aww..how could I resist those lovely eyes?of course I'll keep coming back! This is one of my top 5 blogs ever since i joined blogger, so ill keep coming back, definitely!

    I'm really glad the blog's ok now..=)


  6. I never got that message..but I'm back from my sick leave =( sorta...

  7. I never got anything but glad you fixed whatever was wrong.

  8. Di ko alam yon. didn't get any message pero buti okay na! Love ko tong blog na to eh! =)

  9. you girls are SWEET! yesterday, every time I read each of your comments I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.

    @michi - honga eh.. buti may mga concerned citizens hehe

    @march on - I do moderate my comments... as well as links to the blogs I read... it was really weird because the link that supposedly caused this message has been in my list for as long as I can remember so I was really surprised.

    @Juls - thanks talaga! :)

    @kristeta - sorta sorta lang hehe

    @Andy - you light up my day! hehe obits?

    @Joy - ya feeling better now?

    @Daisy - enjoy your mission trip and take care!

    @Nuna - thanks sis. the feeling is mutual ;-)

  10. Ay nakakaloka yang ganyan. Nangyari din yan sa blog ng sister ko ang dahilan namn e yung link ng advertiser.

  11. I'm glad to see that you resolve the issue. Hope that didn't cause too much headache for you. Yeah, I'm finally able to come on over and say 'hi' again. I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  12. i just learned from kristeta that i'm having the same problem. i had to unfollow the blog that's been causing the issue too, hope it resolved it.


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